Before I can stop my body’s reaction to the thought, I shoot a rope of semen into the sack of my loincloth, the wet stain forming immediately, clearly visible to us both. “Ahhhhh!” I roar up at the night sky, torn between pleasure and frustration. “Not now.”

“Agreed,” she breathes, staring at my straining cock. “Not now. Definitely not now. I’ve always been a later kind of girl.”

I dig my fingers into my forehead, commanding myself to focus. “What is your name, tiny person, and why are you here?”

When she turns a little green around the gills, I curse my booming voice and vow to begin speaking in a softer tone. “I’m Diana.”

Her name creates an odd squeeze in my chest. “Diana.”

“Yes.” She closes her eyes. “Please, I’m so scared. Can we make it fast?”

“Scared of what?” My teeth bare themselves as I scan the trees, looking and listening for threats. Anyone who thinks to cause harm to this innocent female will encounter my wrath instead. The idea that anyone might want to mar her skin or make her scared makes me want to rip the surrounding trees from the earth. “Who seeks to do you harm? I will slaughter them.”

For long moments, her steady breathing is the only sound. “Are there two beasts? Do you have an evil twin?”

Beast? Evil twin? I shake my head. “Who tied you to this tree?”

Even in the muted moonlight, I witness the color that stains her cheeks. “My father. The villagers. I…they left me here as your sacrifice.” She sits up a little, turns, and the light bathes the slopes of her young breasts. My cock leaks anew and I’m ashamed to be finding any increment of pleasure while her hands are still bound to the tree. “What is your name?” she whispers.

“I am Ike.”

She licks her lips and I almost pounce on her. Almost push her down into the dirt and rub my cock on her smooth skin. Anywhere it will reach. I don’t know exactly what I am craving from her lush, little body, but there’s a vibration in my gut telling me she would provide the ultimate release. Ultimate pleasure.

“And, um…don’t you require a sacrifice, Ike? Isn’t that why you’ve been terrorizing the village?”

I rear back. “Terrorizing the village? How?”

“Killing cattle and stealing chickens. General terror stuff.”

“No, Diana. It was not me.” But I know quite well who it was. “Do you believe me?” For some reason, it’s very important she take me at my word. In order to be her protector, she must believe in me. She must rely on me.

Ah God, I like that idea. Diana depending on me for food and comfort.

What if her body needs release like mine?

Could she depend on me for that, too?

This female is mine. Every pump of my pulse tells me so.

With my cock dripping into my cloth, I watch as she chews her lower lip. “I…can’t. Everyone I know just abandoned me here, knowing I was going to die. I guess you could say I’m having some trust issues.”

Disheartened, I drop down beside her on the forest floor, the vibration nearly causing her to topple over, but I steady her with a hand on her dainty shoulder. “There must be some way to prove it to you.”

Diana is beginning to look hopeful and it makes her even prettier, but causes a strange sense of foreboding in my gut. “You can. If you’re not the beast everyone says you are and you don’t require a sacrifice, just let me go.”

I slam my fist down onto the ground, surprising even myself. “No!”

Critters scamper away in the bushes, tree branches sway.

Her chin lifts in response to my shout, but it’s trembling and I immediately regret my outburst. “Then I think you’re a chicken-stealing liar.”

My bellow is one of pure misery. “You will come home with me, Diana. I’ll make you want to stay.”

She hiccups and her eyes flood with tears. “You probably don’t even have Wi-Fi.”

Her tears make me want to lie down and die. “Is that a type of fish?” I ask, desperate to appease her. “There’s a stream near my home. We can find some.”

“Oh Lord.”

This time, I cut her bonds free before she can lose consciousness and throw her over my shoulder, stomping toward my home on the far side of the woods. “Are you going to want…sex, fire log?” Diana asks in a choppy voice. “Like, t-tonight?”

That word sex tightens my balls, but I don’t understand its meaning. “What is sex? Is that another type of fish?”

“Oh Lord.”



This guy has to be messing with me.

Yes, that’s the only explanation. I’m his prey and he’s trying to confuse me into complacency by denying that he’s been ravaging the village of its resources. And pretending not to know about sex. I mean, come on. That gigantic thing between his legs was hard for a reason, right? It knows its purpose.