“I accept your apology,” I sigh, reaching up to toy with his hair.

Way to stay strong, girl.

He moans under my ministrations, his head tipping back and putting the strong column of his throat on display. “Ohhhh. That feels so good.”

There’s a hot twist between my legs that makes me gasp. Danger. I’m headed toward the danger zone and I need to get this kiss over with before I do something stupid and shortsighted. Like telling this giant what sex really entails so we can start practicing. “Kiss me, Ike.”

Before my eyes close, I glimpse his reverent expression. But close they do, because as soon as his mouth latches on to mine, I lose touch with reality. It’s quite appropriate that I’m not touching the ground, because suddenly I’m floating. Ike breathes into my mouth, and although I’ve never kissed a man, my tongue seeks his automatically, stroking over it, drawing a male groan from his chest. His head tilts right and mine goes left, like we planned it, and he boosts me higher, so for a fleeting few seconds, I’m kissing him from above, before we’re level again and he’s devouring me with harsh grunts, his tongue licking in and out of me, his teeth catching my lips, tugging, his snarls echoing in the cave.

He keeps one hand beneath my backside, but the other buries in my hair and pulls my head back, his open mouth racing down my throat and back up to attack my mouth. I’m there to receive him enthusiastically, whimpering when his tongue enters my mouth again and collides with mine. Mates with it in a slippery, messy way that turns my sex wet, pliant. So much so that I wrap my thighs around his hips and tug on his hair, whining in my throat for a harder kiss. More contact. More—

Ike breaks the kiss with a roar and I regard his pained expression for several beats in fascination before I realize what’s happening. He’s…ejaculating, his mammoth body shuddering, incoherent ramblings falling from his lips. Our kiss was enough to give him relief and oh Lord, when I look down at his loincloth and see it has been reduced to a dripping wet sack that leaks fluid from all sides, I can’t stave off the wave of feminine satisfaction that rolls through me.

Damn right my kisses are better than sex.

Holding me in his arms, Ike stumbles toward the pallet and lays me down oh-so-gently, like I’m the baby Jesus or something. He turns away and removes his loincloth, letting it fall to the cave floor with a squelch sound and giving me an unobstructed view of the thickest, meatiest, most spectacular butt in history.

As far as I know.

My nipples pebble at the sight and the dress I’m wearing is suddenly far too confining. I yank at the bodice, but I can’t seem to breathe correctly. Am I a butt girl?

I don’t have a chance to delve too deeply into the possibility because Ike puts out the fire with a bucket of sand, draping the cave in darkness. The pallet shifts as he climbs in beside me, pulls me into his warm, hard body and nuzzles my forehead.

“You were right about the kissing,” he yawns into my neck. “It’s a shame women cannot feel pleasure, Diana. I would give it to you constantly. I would think of nothing else but kissing and licking and rubbing—”

“I get the picture,” I croak, my panties growing damper by the second.

“Good night, tiny person.”

“Good night, fire log.”

I don’t fall asleep for a very long time.



I can do nothing but stare at my Diana.

With the sunlight streaming down on her through the cave opening, she could be an angel fallen from heaven. God knows that’s what her mouth tasted like. Something straight out of paradise. I’ve never been brought off harder in my life, not even by my own hand, and she’d done it with a kiss, not a breath of friction on my cock.

When I woke an hour ago, I didn’t even bother with the loincloth, because I was already erect and wouldn’t have been able to secure it correctly. I’ve rummaged up an old pair of pants instead that I found once in the woods. They are tight and restricting, but Diana comes from a place where men cover their nudity and I don’t want her to be alarmed when she wakes up. I want her to smile at me. I’m going to do everything I can today to make that happen. To hear her laughter again…

She stirs in her sleep and rolls over onto her back.

I bury my mouth in the crook of my elbow to capture the groan I let loose.


Her tits are spilling free of her dress, the hint of cherry red nipples peeking out of her bodice. As if that’s not enough to send me outdoors to perform my pleasure ritual, Diana’s thighs fall open and she murmurs my name. My name. With her legs open wide, as if issuing an invitation for…something.

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