My eyes are fastened to the shadows beneath her dress. There’s a prodding in my gut, urging me to look beyond those shadows, to find out what Diana looks like between her thighs. An insatiable need to find out makes me pace, both hands tearing at my hair. Diana told me last night that kissing is what leads to release and she was right, but…I keep thinking about how right it felt when she wrapped her legs around my hips. We fit together like nature had intended it.

That can’t be by accident.

When she arches her back and says my name again, I stop pacing. My hand hovers over my full, aching cock, but I don’t give in to the need to stroke it until I spill my seed. No, I don’t think I’ll be satisfied ever again unless I’m touching Diana when I relieve my male ache. How can I settle for less than perfection once I’ve had it?

That shadow between her legs.

It calls to me. Taunts the animal inside me. I can scent something delicious in the air and I know it comes from a place I can’t see. I can no more stop myself from approaching her sleeping form than I could fit into her tiny, mud-caked shoes. She would be mad if she could see me pinching the edge of her dress between my fingers and lifting the skirt of her dress, but I can’t stop myself.

What I find causes the flesh between my legs to pulse madly.

Diana wears small white underthings that are so thin, I can see right through them to the slit beneath. As if my cock knows it belongs right there, right inside that valley, it grows heavy and thick inside my pants.

Diana lied to me last night. I know I’m meant to join us together with my male part inside her female one, and the impulse to do so now—NOW—is so intense, I bite down on my tongue until I taste blood. My instinct begs me to yank her panties down and ram my rod deep inside her. That’s where I’m supposed to rub. With my cock buried in her female slit. I want to let my semen out inside her there.

I hook my thumbs in the waistband of my pants, prepared to pull them down and feed every inch of my cock into my female, but then I remember. I remember her fear last night when I tried to lift her dress. I remember her words. You can’t just take what you want. I have to offer myself. Otherwise you’re hurting me, Ike.

With the memory of her trembling voice in my head, I force myself to stand and run from the cave. I will only take what she offers. I will not take what is not freely given or she will be hurt.

I would rather die than cause Diana pain.

However, I am also in excruciating pain now and as I come upon the stream, I fall to my knees and draw out my cock. I stare blindly at the waterfall ahead and beat my cock roughly, groaning at the mental image seared onto my brain. Diana’s flesh, so ripe and virginal and fragrant.

“Mine!” I bellow at the woods, clearing the trees of birds.

The seed is rising in my cock and I’m desperate to alleviate the weight in my balls. The sooner I can satisfy this male ache, the sooner I can get back to Diana. She will be awake soon and I want to spend the day trying to make her laugh. Almost there. Oh God. Goddamn. I’d spit on her slit and pound it with my cock while she moans in my ear and calls me beast. I’ll fill her with so much spend, she won’t have to eat for a week. I’ll—

“Well, well. Look what we have here,” sneers a familiar and much-loathed voice on the other side of the stream. Dru Farley. “Shit, Ike. Don’t you even have the decency to abuse yourself inside your cave?”

“Yeah,” says Dru’s brother, Kyle. “Or maybe he wanted us to see.”

Humiliation turns my neck hot and I quickly push my stiff manhood back inside my pants, my stomach cramping in protest. “I apologize,” I rasp, still not thinking quite clearly after being interrupted right on the razor’s edge of salvation.

Dru and Kyle Farley live on the opposite side of these hills. We’ve known each other since childhood, but the division between our families has always run deep. I’ve found the only way to deal with their aggressive natures is to walk away or they will only grow louder and more annoying, though I am forced to occasionally barter food for the batteries they acquire, so I can watch my tapes. I hate doing it, but the shipwrecked characters have saved me from my past loneliness. “I’ll just return to my—”