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Her eyes shot wide, fingers restless at the tops of his thighs. “I-I don’t know…”

Yes. “Someone to care for you. Someone to tuck you in and stroke your hair.”

One breath. Two. She nodded.

Rixen dropped down on top of Morgan, careful to keep most of his weight poised on an elbow. Their mouths met and breathed as one. “Your daddy didn’t give you cock.”

“No,” she whispered.

His erection bobbed at her entrance, begging to be let in, spewing stickiness onto her slit as if to lubricate his path. “Would you like one who does?”

He could sense the struggle taking place in Morgan and admired her all the more for it. A more spirited mate he could never have hoped for. Slowly, her thighs fell open and she whispered a magical word against his lips, freeing a rush of relief and thankfulness inside of him. “Yes. I want that.” She settled her small hands on his lower back, showing no outward reaction to the perspiration there. “I want you inside me.”

Unable to swallow his guttural groan, Rixen fisted his dick and crammed the first couple inches inside of Morgan, kissing her mouth when she whimpered, struggling a little underneath him. “Shhh. Daddy is going to take the best care of you.” He braced himself with forearms on either side of her beautiful head and started to roll his hips, inching into her untested pussy. Oh fuck. Fuck. He’d fantasized of this moment, but he’d been ignorant to the actual feel of his female. Nothing was so warm and welcoming. Tight and his. “You’re so perfect for me,” he ground out, lust thickening his voice. “You’re making me a very lucky man.”

“It’s so big,” she gasped, trembling, pushing at his hips with desperate hands.

Don’t get lost in your own hunger. She needs you. “What will make it better, my gift?”

“Kiss me,” she blurted, clinging to his shoulders. “Probably.”

Rixen didn’t kiss Morgan. He devoured. His books had said nothing of this. Nothing of the magnetic connection between them, the healing properties of their tongues meeting and stroking. She gentled in moments, purring noises rising in her throat. The sweet thighs wrapped around his hips melted like butter, opening for him. Allowing him to drive those final inches and seat himself fully inside his mate, her virgin barrier giving way. Moisture trickled down, surrounding their joined sexes, and Morgan stared up at him in awe, her breath pelting his lips. “It hurts. It hurts.”

Even as Rixen wished to roar in victory over possessing his mate, remorse grabbed him at the jugular. No. No, his female was hurting. He hated it. “Daddy is sorry,” he murmured against her mouth. “It had to happen this way. Just the first time.”

She gave a brave nod. “Next time it’ll be easier?”

“I promise.” The tether on Rixen’s control began to fray and he could no more stop himself from rearing back and sinking into her hot, tender cunt than he could change the patterns of the stars. “Good girl. Brave girl.”

Beneath him, her back rose in an arch, his name lingering on her lips. “Th-that felt good. It hurts and it feels good. Is that normal?”

“Better than normal, my gift. It’s further proof you were built for me,” he rasped into her neck, pinning her hips down and preparing to fuck his piping-hot seed into her. Christ, he’d been waiting so long. Now that Morgan’s pain was ebbing, he couldn’t see himself hanging on to his composure much longer. Not with this brave, beautiful female clinging to him, trusting him, letting him fill her body with his cock. In his most fevered dreams, he’d never thought mating could be this intimate, this fulfilling. And more than that, he’d never imagined it would have the power to break him in half. It was his gift. It was Morgan doing this to him. She was the world. His world. “Oh fuck,” he growled, sinking deeper into her than ever before. “I’ve been as gentle as possible…but I can’t hold on anymore. You feel those big balls resting on your pretty little ass, Morgan? They’re full to the brim. You have to help Daddy empty them.”

Her sweet lips brushed his chin. “How do I do that?”

“Bite your lip and remember I’d never hurt you.” The final circle of his lust opened and heat, hunger, need broke free, wrapping him in its spell. Taking over. Breed my female. Make her mine forever. “Tell me you can do that.”

“I can do that.”

“Good girl.” The beast took over, making Rixen bare his teeth, trapping her little body beneath his so completely, she couldn’t break free if she tried. Mine. Mine. Mine. “Keep your bloodied virgin thighs open, too, or I’ll rope your fucking ankles to the bed posts.”

Her gasp of shock at the change taking him over was the final thing Rixen remembered. No, it was all tight, wet pussy from that moment forward. In the distance, he heard snarling, teeth snapping, the smack of flesh. Heard Morgan’s cries and had no choice but to interpret them as encouragement. He couldn’t have stopped under any circumstances. He delivered brutal thrusts and she received them with her little hole, her fingernails turning his back and ass to shreds. The bed didn’t just creak, it screamed beneath them, threatening to come apart.