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In between lazy conversations about their childhoods and favorite foods, books and hobbies, Rixen fucked her every time his dick got hard. Which was frequent. It didn’t help that her only tank top was now stretched out from their rough play at his brother’s home. Now it barely covered her delicious pink nipples. Her thighs, her mouth, her scent, her voice. All of these things proved too tempting over and over again. Sometimes Morgan would be mid-sentence, telling him about something called Real Housewives and Rixen would have to unzip his pants to accommodate his growing length. She was simply too beautiful, too good to be true, too tight between her thighs. One day they would make it to nightfall without Rixen having to molest her on the closest flat surface while she screamed and clawed at his shoulders, but he suspected it might take years. His sac seemed to fill twice as fast now that she’d arrived, his desire to get her pregnant fierce and undeniable.

Morgan seemed deep in thought now as she sat on his lap at the kitchen table, draped in one of his T-shirts. He simultaneously fed her bites of a cheese omelet, swallowing hard every time she moaned around the fork, already knowing it would be time for another fuck soon. She was freshly showered and soft and fragrant. The small curve of her bottom sat snug and tight on his dick, the sweet crack he’d licked just hours ago cradling his growing bulge. This time she would receive him face down, so he could spread her cheeks and watch her back entrance clench as he rode her. He’d hook his pinkie finger inside that untested place—

Enough. Lord, he was depraved. Fuck hungry for his mate. Morgan seemed to enjoy taking him often, but he shouldn’t squander his gift. He should cherish her. Not slake himself on her every chance he got. Feeling the need to thank her, worship her, Rixen cleared his throat.

“I will build you a dark room, Morgan. A place to develop your photos.” He tugged her closer and buried his nose in her still-damp hair. “The chemicals will not be easy to come by out here, but I will have someone place the order in town. I’ll make it happen.”

Excitement built in her expression. “I would love to see the shots I took yesterday on our walk.” She twisted on his lap to face him and Rixen swallowed a groan. “I guess I wouldn’t mind seeing the ones of you, too.”

A knot formed in his throat. “Every time you bring up yesterday, I think of what you said to me. How you defended me in your own way.” He wrapped her hair in a fist and tilted her head back, listening to his heartbeat grow rapid in his ears. “My brave, beautiful angel. Do you understand that I’m obsessed with you?”

Her lips parted on a breath. “Yes,” she whispered. “I also understand I could be pregnant. I was on the pill, so that first time seemed safe, but now I’ve missed two and…” Her laugh held a touch of disbelief. “I should be way more worried. Why am I not way more worried, Rixen?”

This was the first he was hearing about a pill and didn’t like knowing she’d been prevented from nurturing his seed in the beginning. It made him all the more anxious to part her legs and fill her with more. More. Again and again. “You are not worried because you know I will provide for what is mine. My family.” He tugged her face close for a kiss, their tongues meeting first, mouths sliding into a writhing dance. After a moment of the incredible torture, Rixen pulled away. “Is it possible you are becoming obsessed with me, too, my gift?”

“I don’t know what I’m beginning to feel. Scared…but alive,” she murmured. “I just know that every second that passes, the more this feels like home. The more you feel like home.”

Rixen’s chest swelled with satisfaction, but he didn’t let himself get carried away. He wouldn’t rest until Morgan’s happiness was no longer confusing to her. Until her smile was easier, less hesitant. When she’d arrived, he didn’t know if her total contentedness was possible, but now he believed. She’d made him believe, by trusting him, defending him. Believing him to be worthy. “That makes me very happy, Morgan,” he rasped. “I only want to make you happy.”

“I know,” she murmured, searching his face. “I-I’m starting to think you can.”

They fell into another winding kiss that knocked the breath out of Rixen. He grasped her around the waist and turned her in his lap to face him and—goddamn it to hell. The sweet pressure of her tight cunt rocking on the ridge of his flesh gave him life. The chair creaked beneath them as she worked him into a lather, her fingers linking behind his neck as she leaned back, giving him a view of their lower bodies grinding together. Naked pussy on denim.