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Now, Morgan bent over to focus on something in the grass with her viewfinder. The jean shorts rode high on the backs of her thighs, revealing the bottom swell of her ass. Rixen grew hard in his pants, same as he’d been this morning. Same as he’d been last night and pretty much constantly. Getting enough of his wife’s pussy was one dream they were no closer to realizing than they’d been a year ago. He fucked her every chance they got. On the floor, in the shower, outside in the dirt, in the dark room. Every time the baby dozed off, Morgan got that look in her eye that said she needed Daddy. He was all too happy to make a visit.

As Rixen watched from the porch, his wife turned and gave him a little pout, one hand lifting to unbutton the tight flannel shirt he’d bought her on his last trip into town. No bra. She never wore a bra, his incredible angel. And her horny tits revealed themselves now in the parted material, nipples so hard he could almost feel them abrading his tongue where he stood.

Beginning to pant, Rixen returned inside and laid down the baby in her basinet, unfastening his pants as he returned to his wife. His cock pushed free and hung heavily in the vee of his zipper. Morgan was halfway up the porch when he walked outside and they both moaned, needing to come together so bad, they were shaking.

Rixen wrapped her hair in a fist, tilting her face back. “Take off the shorts and mount your daddy.”

“Yes,” she whispered, fumbling with her zipper. “I need you.”

As soon as the denim hit the floor, he lifted her and she wrapped those sweet thighs around his hips, her mouth falling open on a whimper. “You need this cock,” he gritted out, slapping her bare backside. “You need to be fucked and bred.”

“Oh my God. Please.”

Rixen turned and backed his wife up against the house, positioning his dick at her tight entrance and thrusting into her dripping heat. She screamed and buried her heels in the flesh of his ass. Damn. Every time was the first time. He never got used to how perfectly she clamped around his flesh, tempting his come to the forefront. Maybe it was the way he’d been reflecting earlier, but a punch of emotion climbed his throat. “Still can’t believe you’re mine. Still can’t believe I get to make this life with you, angel.” He buried himself deeper, his mouth seeking hers, kissing her until she ran out of breath. “Tell me again you’re staying forever.”

“Forever,” she gasped. “Forever, my gift.”



Six years later…

All the kids were helping plant vegetables in the garden with her sisters-in-law. It took a long time for Rixen’s kin to come around, but they managed to find their way. His brothers didn’t belittle him like they once did, and they learned to keep their mouth shut in order to keep Rixen and Morgan in their lives.

“Should we do an extra bed of tomatoes? They did so well last year,” Morgan asked the women, who nodded in agreement.

Morgan went around and snapped a few pictures of her children. Seeing them with their dark hair and big smiles, her heart squeezed in her chest. She never knew love like this could be possible and it was all because of Rixen.

Rixen was out early this morning to chop some wood so that she could use it to create more beds for the crops. He was always so eager and ready to do anything she wanted, and as her mind drifted back to when he came home for lunch, she recalled just how eager her man could be.

“Mama, I can’t find Sugar Britches,” her youngest said, looking around on the ground.

The teddy bear that Rixen made for their little girl was normally glued to her hand. It was unlike her to put it down, so Morgan knew it must be close by.

“We’ll find it, baby girl.” She set her camera down on the picnic table and walked around, looking on the ground for it.

The children were with her sisters next to the house as she walked farther away, thinking she probably didn’t come this far, but she should check just to be sure. Just as she thought it was time to turn around and go back, a movement out of the corner of her eye caught her off guard, and then the sound that followed gave her chills.

Suddenly it was like the first time she came to the swamp as she stared down a gator. There hadn’t been one in these parts since the day she agreed to be Rixen’s. Mostly because he made it his duty to clear the land of them and make it safe for their babies.