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Her touch. And crazy enough, Morgan needed Rixen’s touch as well.

She tugged his wet head down, letting their mouths hover a breath apart. Sexual intuition guiding her way, Morgan looked up at the giant through her lashes. Innocently. Questioningly. “Will you lick me now, Rixen?”

A roar of victory and starvation filled the shower. Her feet left the ground as Rixen tossed her over his shoulder, stomping out of the bathroom and ripping off her bikini bottoms in a mighty fist as he entered the bedroom. Naked from the waist down, she was dropped onto her back in the center of an enormous four-poster bed, a lustful giant wrenching her knees open.

Chapter 4


My gift asked to be licked. By my tongue.

Did that mean he’d passed the test of strength?

He’d doubted his ability to do so in the bathroom. When he’d removed her shirt to find two luscious little tits overflowing the red material of her bikini, he’d come close to snapping. To taking her against her will on the bathroom floor. Surely no man could withstand that kind of all-encompassing lust. He’d looked upon his female’s naked stomach and seen his come striped across it. His hand supporting it while he fucked her brutally from behind. He’d seen every filthy dirty fantasy he’d ever imagined, but now they had a face.

Her face.

The most beautiful one in the world.

It was awash in shy pleasure now as Rixen parted her thighs with more force than intended. No help for it. His mouth salivated at the opportunity to tongue his mate to an orgasm. “Morgan. Morgan. Fuck,” he groaned at the sight of her pussy. It was wet and compact, waiting to be parted by his fingers. Waiting to introduce him to the sensitive pink treasure inside. The coloring of her virgin cunt reminded him of succulent summer fruit, awaiting a man’s teeth to tear it apart. No. No, you’re to be gentle. Gentle with your gift.

And what a gift he’d been given. Not only was his Morgan gorgeous with her big turquoise eyes, strawberry locks and tempting body. But she was compassionate and loving, as evidenced in the shower. Until she’d touched him and told him her secrets, relating them to the shame he’d been carrying around, Rixen hadn’t realized how vastly he’d underestimated the angel God would send him. He’d assumed the angel would tolerate him, which was more than he’d ever thought to hope for. Morgan did more than that, though. She…understood him.

Morgan’s back arched on the bed and the flesh of her pussy separated just a touch, causing lust to drive like a stake into his abdomen. My treasure waits for me. Rixen’s instinct was to dive straight for the female flesh calling to him, but he remembered the books he’d read on pleasure and forced himself to wait. Not that dragging the tip of his tongue up the inside of Morgan’s right thigh was a hardship. God no, it was the greatest moment of his life, coming right behind her washing his face in the shower. He massaged her opposite leg gently, his thumb moving closer and closer to the sweet juncture he craved. And when Morgan sucked in a breath, her ass writhing on the bed, Rixen thought the books had been right. Anticipation made a woman wet. Patience. Foreplay.

He transferred his tongue to the other thigh, taking small bites of her quivering flesh, doing his best to ignore his neglected cock. He humped it against the bed futilely, but the repeated friction only made his predicament worse. Nothing would suffice but Morgan’s tight little cunt. Nothing would ever suffice again. A shot of aggression hit him hard and there went the red bikini top, ripped and ruined in his fist. Cast to the floor.

Watching her pretty tits jiggle from his vantage point below, Rixen lost himself in the licking of Morgan’s thighs. The bites. The kisses. Only when she gave a frustrated whimper and lifted her hips did Rixen deem her ready for more. Licking his lips in anticipation, he placed the flat of his index finger over her slit and rubbed up and down, carefully parting her flesh. Not too hard. But enough pressure to make her legs dance. “Where is the hair that is supposed to be here?” His voice emerged like a growl, so he attempted to soften it. And failed. How could he be anything but a beast when her wet, pink pussy opened for him like a flower after the rain? “It is beautiful beyond words, but I was led to believe…” He swallowed hard. “How young are you, Morgan?”

“I’m eighteen,” she breathed. “It’s all good. I just got waxed because I was going to be wearing a bathing suit for a week.”

Rixen grunted, her delicious aroma making his hips twice as restless. The aroma of his mate. “I suppose I will learn to live with the knowledge that men saw you in this red bikini.” He pressed his nose into her folds and inhaled deeply, lust expanding in his belly. “I will only rest knowing it’s in tatters on my floor as I fuck your virginity onto my bedspread.”