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“Who taught you how to talk like that?”

“Like that?” He held her flesh open and prepared for his first lick. “I speak only the truth.”

“Yeah, but—” She broke off into a gasp as his tongue glided the length of her slit, before settling over her clit for a slow, circling massage. Jesus Christ, he couldn’t have imagined the sweetness. It coated his tongue like sugar, woke his mind in areas that had been desolate lands until now. This pussy. His. Pleasing it would be his life’s mission. “R-R-Rixen. Ohhh.”

Was that wonder in her tone? Yes. His studying had paid off. Dragging the pad of his thumb side to side over her clit, he lifted his head to meet Morgan’s eyes. “Yes, my gift.”

Her taut belly shuddered up and down, her thighs trembling on either side of his head. “Did you mean it when you said…you want me to…”

“Come on my face?” Rixen rasped. “It will be my greatest honor, Morgan. I’m going to lap it up like a fucking hound.”

She twisted a little, seeming unsure. “I’ve never…oh.” He tucked a finger just inside her cunt to tease the sensitive nerve endings at her entrance. “What’s coming…it feels b-bigger than what I’m used to, you know?”

Could it be that his female was self-conscious? Did she not see him defiling the mattress? “You’re afraid to lose control with me?”

“With anyone,” she whispered, pink filling her cheeks.

God, she was extraordinary. Honest. Deeper than the river running outside his back porch. He would reward her honesty so she would continue to give it freely. Rixen slipped his middle finger into her snug cunt and semen spurted from the tip of his dick, his head spinning with the perfection of her. “Will it make you feel better to know my sanity will barely remain intact once I’m inside you?” He shook his head, sweat beginning to pool at the small of his back. “You will see my loss of control, as well, Morgan. You will not be alone. You will never be alone.”

With that, Rixen hooked his middle finger and pressed it to her G-spot, not moving right away. Letting her discover the sensation before he exploited it. His tongue stroked her clit as he watched Morgan hold her breath, let it out, suck it in again. Finally, her heels dug into the bed so she could fuck herself on his finger and Rixen started to jiggle the rough patch, his mouth covering her nub of flesh at the same time, slowly sucking. Kissing. Sawing the flat of his tongue over its swelling surface until she started to quake.

Pride rose so swiftly in Rixen’s chest, he almost broke from his task to bellow into her tightening pussy, but he focused and persevered, scraping the tip of his middle finger over her secret inner spot again and again, laving her clit until saliva dripped down his chin.

“Oh n-no. Yes yes yes. Rixen.” Morgan’s fingers speared into his hair and twisted, holding his mouth fast against her little waxed cunt. Heaven on fucking earth. And the heavens opened up seconds later when her thigh muscles locked up around his head and moisture fell from her flesh in a storm of heat. I have pleased my female. Roaring without shame, Rixen rubbed his face in her shaking pussy, leaving no inch of his face dry.

He rose up on his knees above her, snarling into the scented air, his cock long and pained, hovering above the flesh it longed to claim. Rixen stroked it, watching through a haze of lust as pre-come dripped onto her shuddering stomach. Symbolic since his children would fill that sweet belly someday soon. Tonight if she opened her thighs to him.

“Rixen has pleased you. Say it out loud.”

“Rixen has pleased me,” Morgan replied, watching him from beneath eyelids at half-mast. “Like a boss.”

“Your virgin pussy has been sated by your mate. Say it.”

“I can’t say that.”

“You will. Soon.”

She shook her head on the pillow. “Why do I believe you?”

Rixen leaned down, using his left hand to prop himself up while he continued to jack his flesh. He kept his attention on Morgan’s face, watching her go from fascinated to something more. Something that beaded her nipples, brought her tongue out again and again to wet her lips. “A-are you going to…you know.”

“I said I wouldn’t fuck you until you asked, my gift. Did I not?”

“You did.” With an audible swallow, she traced her palms over his thighs, her fingers sifting through the thick hair. “I’m not used to people keeping their word, I guess.”

He grunted, silently vowing to kill anyone who dared hurt Morgan now that she was under his protection. “Your parents.”

Morgan’s fingers stopped just shy of his groin. “Mostly my father.”

Rixen gritted a curse, biting back the urge to grab her hand and wrap it around his dripping cock. There was a new instinct humming inside of him. Loud. Undeniable. They were approaching something he hadn’t anticipated but his mind and body collided in agreement. This was right. This was a need of Morgan’s to be fulfilled and he was the man who fulfilled her every wish from this day forward. “Do you miss having a daddy, Morgan?”