Page 7 of Her 2 Protectors

I hear the shower shut off, my cock turning to iron in my pants knowing Penny is behind the door, naked and wet. Innocent of men. Tasting like fucking honey between her thighs. Zeke has been on shift at the firehouse since late last night, leaving me to drive Penny to school this morning. I’m far too eager for the act. I want to carry her book bag, kiss her on the forehead as she walks into class. Not for the first time I wonder if I’m some kind of sick fuck. I’ve never wanted these familial duties with another female.

No, it’s all for Penny. She makes me want to provide, to soothe, to be the one she runs to with her problems. Fix it, Daddy.

Penny chooses that moment to emerge from the bathroom, steam clinging to her dewy skin and adding a touch of dampness to her white T-shirt, which stops way too high on her thighs. “I assume you have pants to go with that top.”

She giggles, before sobering. “Oh. You’re serious.”

Her attention drops to my stiff dick and I raise an eyebrow. “That’s exactly why you need pants, sweetheart.”

“But, Nick…”

“Don’t argue with me. You bend in any direction, everyone will see the pretty cunt I licked last night.” She jolts a little at my language, so I clear my throat hard and add, “Pants, please.”

Still, she hesitates.

God, I love the fight in her. I’m known as a grade-A asshole around the firehouse, so arguments are nothing new to me. They’re a part of my life. But I’ve never wanted an argument to end with a girl face down over my lap, my right hand jerking down her panties. Daddy, no!

When she tilts her head at me, I realize some of my thoughts must be showing on my face. “What time is your first class?”

“In about fifteen minutes,” she says, wincing. “I overslept. I was kind of…worn out last night, I guess.”

I move toward Penny, stopping just short of touching her, thanks to the rule I made last night. I hate the fucking rule, but it’s necessary. Without it, I’d be taking her on hands and knees, while her virgin blood dripped down onto the floor. “Go put on pants and I’ll get coffee and a yogurt ready for you to eat in the truck.”

A few seconds of silence pass. “You like taking care of me, don’t you?”

“Yes,” I rasp. “Do you like it?”

Thoughts race behind her green eyes. “Yes.” She turns on a heel, giving me a maddening view of her twitching backside. “But that doesn’t mean I’m always going to obey on command,” she murmurs over her shoulder.

It’s through sheer force of will that I don’t follow her to the bedroom. I’m not going to screw up this arrangement, though. If one component of it doesn’t work, the whole thing could fall apart. And in a short time, this girl has become the center of my gravity. I won’t lose her by being too greedy, too fast. There will be time for greed. I’ll make up for my suffering then. Oh yes, I will.

During the drive to school, I want her to get some food in her stomach, so I focus on the road, content to watch her fiddle with the stereo controls. I’m in a good mood because I won the pants battle and she’s got leggings clinging to her incredible legs now. Legs I want to pry apart, so I can sink into the tight hole in between. But I do my damnedest to ignore the erection pressed to the steering wheel and get her to campus. I park in the lot, turn off the ignition and cross to the passenger side, giving her a pleased grunt when she waits, letting me open the door for her.

“Such a gentleman,” she whispers, climbing out. “Are you going to walk me to class next?”

Again, her father’s words invade my thoughts. Not an accident. “Damn right, sweetheart.” I take the book bag from her hand and toss it over my shoulder. “And then I’m going to wait outside.”

Am I imagining the relief that dances across her features? “Well, if you’re going to be around anyway…” She floats backwards toward the three-story building, mischief in her eyes. “There is something you can help me with.”

Ten minutes later, I’m being assaulted by soft measuring tapes, fabric and pins. Never in my wildest dreams could I have predicted I’d be standing in the middle of a Structured Silhouettes fashion class, chiffon and silk spinning around me. At first, when Penny asks me to act as her model for a male apparel project, I keep my arms crossed and give her an unequivocal “hell no.” But I cave immediately when her eyes fill up with tears and she tries to act like she doesn’t care.