She nodded and then went back to her breakfast. She finished her omelet and sat down to eat it, shifting her skirt so that her ass wouldn’t hang out. When she sat down next to Beckham, he looked up from his phone. He seemed surprised she was still there. He appeared to be so used to being alone that having another person in his house was throwing him off.

“Yes, well then…” he said as a way of farewell and then started for the door.

“Where are you going?” she called.

He stiffened at the question. “Work.”

“When will you be back?”

“I downloaded my schedule to your phone. Access the calendar feature, and you will have the updated information.”

“Oh. Calendar feature. Right,” she said. Of course he had a schedule for all his work-related things.

Without further ado, Beckham walked out of the penthouse, leaving her all alone. And she had no better idea as to what the hell she was supposed to do in the first place. They hadn’t discussed when he was going to feed, and he hadn’t asked to drink from her once. She knew vampires needed to eat every couple days, but could go as long as a week without sustenance. Yet all of the information at Visage had made it seem like her Sponsor would wish to drink from her every day.

Isn’t that what he’s paying me for?

Chapter 6

Reyna paced the apartment.

She had finally managed to check Beckham’s schedule on her cellphone. He was supposed to be gone most of the day with work appointments. She had double-checked to see if he had scheduled time in his extremely busy calendar to eat but had no luck. She wasn’t on there at all, and as far as she could tell unless she was reading things wrong…he never took a break. He never slowed down. He didn’t seem to do anything except work.

Which was just fine by her.

With him gone for the day that meant she could go see her brothers. It would be a quick trip. No more than three or four hours. She would be back before Beckham even knew she had left the city.

Not that he had said that she couldn’t leave. In fact, he had specifically said that she could. However, it didn’t make her any less frightened about what he would do if she did something else that displeased him. Wearing her old clothes had almost set him off. He was a ticking time bomb, and she was worried that she would end up on the wrong end of his explosion.

Still she had to see her brothers. She would just make sure she didn’t break any of his rules, and she would be golden.

She jotted out a text to Beckham. The buttons were hard to manage, and she had to backtrack a dozen times before she got the message right.

Going out. Won’t be gone long. Bringing phone and card.

A message returned from him almost immediately. How the hell did he type that fast?

Call my driver, Gerard. He will take you anywhere in the city. If you go shopping for new clothes charge them on the card. I don’t want you in anything cheap. Do you understand?


Good. Don’t be late tonight. We need to talk.

She gulped. Talk. That couldn’t be good. Is he already upset with me? Or was that some kind of code for him wanting to eat? Either way she would find out tonight. He wouldn’t be back until later, which gave her plenty of time to see her brothers and get back for their talk.

Finding a black cross-body purse in her closet, she placed her cellphone and the precious black card in the bag. The only shoes in the whole closet that weren’t four to six-inch stiletto high heels were a nude wedge. They would have to do. She knew she should call Beckham’s driver, but Beckham had said that the driver would take her anywhere in the city. Where she wanted to go was out of the city. If she had enough money to buy expensive clothes, then she had enough to take a cab in and out of the city.

With that settled, she took the elevator downstairs. Judging by the looks from the people around her, it was clear that no one recognized her as the woman Beckham had brought back with him last night. Somehow in the course of an evening she managed to meet their high standards. A woman even looked envious of her ridiculous wedge heels. What she wouldn’t do for a pair of tennis shoes right now!

The valet snapped to attention when he saw her. “May I help you, ma’am?”

Ma’am. Holy shit!

“Um…I need a cab?”

The valet whistled, and a black Town Car pulled up in front of the building.

“Is that…is that a cab?” she asked him hesitantly. “I thought they were yellow.”