He extended his hand out to her, and she placed hers in his. “Um…you can call me Reyna.”

“Reyna, of course. Sorry to see your discomfort earlier. Are you feeling better?”

“Yes. Much better,” she said quickly. She drew into herself at the present company. God, where was Beckham? He might make her uneasy, but he was her vampire at least.

“Good.” Mr. Harrington gave her a toothy grin, and she could see his fangs. She tried to keep from shuddering. “How are you liking the program so far?”

His eyes were as sharp as his fangs when he asked her. She didn’t know what he was fishing for, but she wasn’t going to give him any additional information than he needed. “Good. I’m very satisfied.”

“I bet you are,” Rowland said.

She ignored that comment. “Thank you for asking, Mr. Harrington.”

“Where did Beckham get to anyway?”

Rowland shrugged. “Do you want to wait for him? I can take care of his pet until he shows up,” he said, placing his hand on Reyna’s shoulder.

Her heart kicked into overdrive. No. She wasn’t supposed to be alone with Rowland. That much had been very clear from Beckham, but where the hell was he?

Sophie reached out and took his hand. “Why, do you want her too?”

“Oh baby, don’t worry,” he said, petting her hair like a child. “I’ll take care of you both.”

“I don’t like when you talk like that,” she pouted.

His hand gripped viciously in her hair, wrenching her head backward. Sophie winced, her eyes wide with fear. “I pay a lot of money to have you here, Sophie. I’ll do as I please.”

Reyna gulped, but no one else batted an eye at the behavior. She hadn’t thought that Beckham was being serious by saying he was kind. Cold, distant, broody…those were all words she would use to describe Beckham. Not kind. But looking at how Rowland treated Sophie, she found herself feeling fortunate.

“Yes, bring Reyna along for the ride. Beckham knows where we’re going,” Harrington said.

“I’m…I’m sure he’s around here somewhere,” Reyna said nervously.

“It’ll be fine,” Cassandra said. “You can ride with us.”

She smiled, but Reyna wasn’t sure if she could trust Cassandra either. She wasn’t as creepy as Rowland. But she also had vicious eyes and a charisma that said not to fuck with her.

Reyna glanced around once more anxiously and then nodded. “Okay.”

Their group took the elevator to an underground parking garage. The walls were lined with heavily tinted black Town Cars and limos. There were a few exotic sports cars in reds and oranges and yellows at the far end of the garage. Not a single plain car in sight. She wondered if this was the level for upper management and regular employees parked elsewhere or if these all belonged to the company for business use.

Three cars backed out and rolled up in front of them. Harrington got into the first one alone. Rowland and Sophie got into the next one. He looked over his shoulder once at Reyna, but Cassandra put her hand on Reyna’s shoulder and he disappeared inside the vehicle. The next car was for Cassandra, Felix, and Reyna. She walked around to the other side and sat down next to Felix.

Cassandra brushed her red locks off her shoulders and glanced over at them. “So, Reyna, what did you do before becoming an escort?”

Reyna coughed unexpectedly. Vampires called them escorts too?

“Um…nothing really.”

Cassie raised an eyebrow. “Nothing at all? You had no life?”

“I, well, no, not really. I went through school, didn’t have the money for college, and couldn’t get a job.” It wasn’t like jobs were readily available. She’d spent two years looking. No one would hire her. At least not for anything her brothers approved of. And playing house didn’t exactly give her purpose.

“I see.” Her hand ran down Felix’s arm. “So, you’ve no experience with being an escort, then, either?”

She shook her head.

“Hmm…and what do you think of the way Beckham tastes you?”

Reyna stayed very still. She almost snapped off that he hadn’t, but for some reason that felt like the wrong answer. She didn’t want anyone to think something was wrong and move her to someone else or fire her entirely.

“It’s fine,” she whispered.

“Fine.” Cassie laughed. “Felix, do you think that when I taste you it’s just fine?”

“It’s like Heaven itself.”

Cassandra was stroking his neck temptingly. Reyna couldn’t help but be drawn to the movement. There were tiny little scars on his neck, but not healing wounds. Just tiny little imperfections Reyna wouldn’t have even noticed if she hadn’t been looking at them.

“Yes, yes it is,” she purred.

And then suddenly Felix’s neck was snapped to the side, Cassandra opened her mouth wide, baring her fangs, and plunged them down into his neck. Reyna shrieked and plastered herself against the car door. Her mouth was open wide as she stared in horror while Cassandra pierced his artery and drank the thick red blood. A rivulet escaped her mouth and ran like a river down to the collar of his shirt. The light blue material darkened as it soaked up the excess.

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