But it was hard to concentrate on the girl on the stage with Beckham so near. He hadn’t moved from his position with his mouth hovering at her throat. And while she didn’t encourage him, she didn’t discourage him either. She knew she should push him away, but the environment…and her traitorous body…dictated otherwise.

She tried to concentrate on the stage instead.

Two men walked out of the backstage and reached for the girl. One pushed her hair off of her face, revealing that she wasn’t quite as young as Reyna had originally thought. Probably early twenties. The guy on her right had short dark hair and he pressed his lips to her mouth tentatively. But the guy on the left with shoulder-length blond hair grabbed the girl from the other guy and kissed her with vigor. Then he shoved her to her knees, pulled his enormous cock from his shorts, and pushed it against her lips.

Her whimper could be heard through the audience, but she opened her mouth and took the whole thing in. After a few seconds of her bobbing back and forth against him, he grabbed her head and started fucking her mouth until she was left gagging and short of breath. She doubled over and coughed.

The other guy seemed to take pity on her and lifted her into his arms. He carried her to the bed and lay her tenderly down with her legs toward the audience. He pulled the white thong over her hips and then tossed it onto the stage floor for dramatic effect. He fell to his knees before her and started licking her until her cries were almost violent in nature.

Reyna pressed her legs together under the table. She had never watched anything like this before, and as…degrading as it was, the girl seemed to be enjoying herself. It was quite obvious that the two men were enjoying themselves. Half of the people in the audience were already enjoying themselves. She couldn’t help but get hot at the thought of doing those things with Beckham, and the exhibition aspect only heightened her desire.

“Reyna,” Beckham groaned into her ear, “you are so turned on.”

“I…I’m not,” she whispered back.

He dropped the hand he had been holding, slid his under the table, and pushed her legs open. The table hid what he was doing, but she couldn’t help but flush from head to toe. He pushed his hand up to her black lace underwear and pressed against the material.

“I can smell you,” he insisted. “Are you sure?”

“Why don’t you find out,” she dared him.

He slid the material aside and rubbed against her slick, sensitive skin. She bit her lip to keep from groaning. Then he easily slipped two fingers inside of her and stroked in and out.

She leaned forward into the table and let her mouth pop open. Holy shit!

No one was paying them any attention, but Beckham was fingering her in a club while there were people onstage having sex.

She tried to focus back on the stage…anything to keep from crying out from an orgasm. The guy had positioned himself at the woman’s opening and started fucking her. The blond male was now seated with his cock on her face, slapping it around, and then roughly shoving it into her mouth.

Reyna shook from Beckham’s fingers and had to close her eyes. His teeth grazed her neck.

“Open your eyes,” he told her. “You won’t want to miss this.”

She peeled her eyes open as a male and a female vampire slinked gracefully onto the stage. The man wore black dress slacks and nothing else. The woman was in a black spandex leotard and thigh-high leather boots. She pushed the blond man aside easily, and he took a few steps and started pumping his hand on his cock.

The woman leaned over, smiled sweetly, and then sank her fangs into the girl’s throat without warning. At first the girl screamed, silencing everything else in the room, and then she was abruptly cut off into moans of delicious pleasure.

The first man lost it inside of her at her shrieks, and the male vampire replaced him. He lifted the girl’s legs in the air and then punctured the vein in her inner thigh that Beckham had teased Reyna about the other night.

Reyna’s own blood pumped fiercely at this point, and she knew she was close to her own climax. She could barely keep from coming undone immediately as Beckham swirled his thumb around her clit.

“Stop making this so hard,” Beckham groaned.

“What?” she asked, reaching her hand and placing it purposely on his erection.

His hand stopped moving for a second as she grasped him, but he didn’t stop her. “Staying away from you.”

“You want me, Becks. I’m yours,” she said hoarsely. “Just choose me.”

Reyna squeezed him again just as the woman onstage let loose another violent scream. The male vampire was now buried inside of her as the blood from her wounds ran across her pale skin and over the white lingerie. The vampire woman licked down the girl’s chest as the second man came up behind her and started fucking her.

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