“Reyna,” Beckham groaned and the sound did her in. She lost control as wave after wave of sweet ecstasy ravaged her body. She tilted her head back and closed her eyes. This was everything. Dear God! Her body shook with the force of her orgasm and she had to wait until her breathing steadied again before she could open her eyes.

Once she was still again and Beckham had removed his hand, she reached her own hand between her legs and slicked her finger. She pushed the wet finger up to his lips temptingly.

“Do you see what you do to me? Taste me,” she demanded. He slid the finger into his mouth and sucked her. “That’s yours.”

“Fuck,” he said as he released her.

“Yes, exactly,” she said. “That’s exactly what I want.”

Beckham and Reyna stared at each other as the couples onstage finished their performance. There was a charged minute before Beckham turned back to the stage. Reyna felt dejected at his lack of response. She knew he wanted her. He had proven it just then, and yet he still turned her aside. He still refused to choose her.

Madame Dee walked back onstage to a round of applause from the captivated audience. “Thank you, everyone,” she said, sweeping her hand to the participants. “Thank you. You are all free to use your participation cards as you see fit.”

“Well, that was the best performance I’ve ever seen,” Rowland said, turning to face them. “I’d say you two enjoyed it.”

Reyna averted her gaze and prayed she wasn’t as red as she felt. All she wanted was to disappear with Beckham and figure this out or fuck it out. At this point she didn’t even care. She was so desperate for him she was considering pushing people off of the stage bed to take him.

“Come along, darling,” Cassandra said to Felix. “I have someone I’m dying for you to meet.”

They disappeared from the crowd and then Reyna was left alone with Beckham, Rowland, and Sophie. Sophie looked impatient, but even she seemed to realize that this was a place of vampire control.

“Ah, there you are!” Rowland said, standing. “I’d wondered if you were going to come after all.”

Reyna dragged her eyes away from Beckham to look at the person Rowland was talking to, and her mouth dropped open. What the fuck?

“Penny,” Beckham said with as much surprise in his voice as Reyna felt.

And of course Penelope looked gorgeous. Her hair was draped over one shoulder, long with perfect voluminous waves. She wore a black bustier, tight black skirt, and fishnet tights. Not as revealing as most of the other humans in the room…but then, again, she wasn’t exactly like most of the other humans in the room, considering she was the mayor’s daughter.

“Sorry I missed the show,” Penelope said. Her eyes landed on Beckham, and Reyna saw concern flash into her eyes. Reyna wondered what the hell that was about, but the look was quickly replaced with malice when Penelope looked between Beckham and Reyna.

“What are you doing here?” Beckham asked.

Penelope shrugged. “Rowland said you wanted me to come,” she purred, walking around the table toward him.

Reyna felt sick to her stomach. How could she sit here and watch her do this? He had just fingered her and now he was going to hang out with Penelope…in a sex club?

Beckham gave Penelope a pointed look, but she just smiled and touched his shoulder playfully. “I am still invited, right?”

Her other hand ran along her exposed collarbone and to the soft contour of her neck. She was tempting him, teasing him. Reyna watched Penelope flit her eyes over his head to look at Reyna and then back. Penelope was winning. Reyna could feel it. Whatever had just transpired had wiped away everything that had happened the last couple days. It made perfect sense that he would want Penelope, but it broke Reyna’s heart that it always came right back to this.

“Of course you are invited,” Beckham finally said.

Reyna had had enough. She couldn’t believe this utter bullshit right now. She scrambled out of her seat. “Here, take my place,” she offered forcefully. “I’ve no use for it.”

“Reyna,” Beckham said softly, almost pleadingly. But she would hear none of it.

“No worries,” Penelope cooed. Without warning, she plopped down directly into Beckham’s lap. She looked into his eyes, draped her arm around his neck, and then giggled. “You look ravenous.” She tilted her neck toward him. “Have a taste, love.”

Reyna jarred at the near-exact phrasing she had just used with Beckham. Her heart was beating out of her chest, and she felt like she might be sick.

Beckham hesitated only a split second before sinking his fangs into her throat. Reyna felt paralyzed as she watched him drink from Penelope. She looked like she was in bliss with her head tilted back and her eyes closed.

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