“You planned for me being here?” she whispered, hope filling her.

“Something like that.”

Reyna twisted the knob and pushed the door open. She gaped at her surroundings when she entered. “Oh my God.”

“Cushy,” Jodie said. “Enough room in here for two. Don’t you think?”

“Up to Reyna,” Meghan said. “I’ve got extra space if you want to crash with me until we find something else.”

She could hear Meghan and Jodie making arrangements but her mind was lost on this room. It was nearly identical to the one that she had stayed in at Beckham’s penthouse. The bed was enormous and high off of the ground with the same comforter. Photographs lined the walls. Before it had always been Beckham’s pictures. But now she was amazed to find her own images staring back at her in frames and on canvas. Black-and-white photographs straight from the website Perspective that she had used to showcase her art. Visage had worried that it was an Elle sympathizer website. Turned out they were right.

She walked in a hazy dream to the closet and laughed. None of the silky doll outfits awaited her. Just practical jeans, fit T-shirts, and a whole rack of Converse to choose from. There was also an olive-green military-issue jacket, two ball caps, and her backpack. She pulled open the first drawer and grinned from ear to ear. Well…it seemed he hadn’t taken away all the sexy garments. Lace bras and silk thongs and satin matching sets and corsets and lingerie galore. Drawer after drawer after drawer.

“He did this,” she said, shutting the door with reddening cheeks.

“Yeah. He started to set this room up for you when he thought you were going to join us.”

“Thanks, Meghan,” Reyna said softly. “For everything.”

“Of course. I’ll just…” She gestured to the door that Jodie had already walked out of. “If you need anything, take the elevator down two floors and someone will find me.”

Reyna nodded and listened for the click of the door closing behind her. The rest of the day caught up with her in a rush and she sank into the pillow-top mattress. Adrenaline wore off and exhaustion hit her anew. Without warning, tears sprang to her eyes. She was free. She was finally free. She couldn’t believe it.

And yet, Beckham wasn’t here. After everything she’d gone through, she’d thought that he would be here waiting for her. Her eyes moved around the room that had been created for her. She saw it for what it was—a slice of a once-wonderful life. Beckham had done this for her. He’d wanted her to feel like home when he brought her here. Which meant that he’d always intended for her to show up.

But if that was the case, then where was he?

Chapter 11

The next three days passed in a blur.

Reyna slept off and on the entire time, only waking up long enough to eat. And even then sometimes she couldn’t be bothered. She could hear her brothers flit in and out of her room with Meghan and occasionally Tye on their heels. She knew they were worried about her sleeping so much. She knew that she should get up and act like a human again. But she had never been more exhausted.

It wasn’t until the fourth day when Meghan finally said enough was enough. She went about checking Reyna’s vitals. “We’re going to have to dose you with vampire saliva.”

“What?” Reyna asked groggily.

“Or we could have someone bite you if you prefer.”

“Are you out of your mind?”

“No, but I’m tired of you moping around like this.”

“So, you’d rather have me high?” Reyna sat up in bed and pushed her messy hair out of her face.

“We took a lot of blood from you that last time. He was taking more than the recommended amount each time, Reyna. Harrington was taking more. Then he was giving you extra-large doses of his saliva to make up for the blood he was taking. You didn’t get any of that this time. The first time in weeks,” Meghan said with a weighted frown. “I thought you were tired. I let you get your rest. I should have known better. Your body is trying to make up for the loss of blood and I suspect it’s going through withdrawals.”

“I’m not an addict,” Reyna countered.

“I didn’t accuse you of anything. You just went through a traumatic experience. Sleeping is perfectly normal, but I’d prefer to check you out before I let you live the rest of your life in that bed.”

“Fine,” Reyna relented. “How’s Jodie?”

“Incredibly resilient. She won’t let me check her out, but at least she’s not still sleeping.”

“And Beckham?” she whispered.

Meghan shook her head once solemnly.

“Okay.” She shucked the covers off of her. “Where to?”

“Medical center,” Meghan said.

“A hospital?” Reyna shuddered at the thought.

“It’s a safe place. I’ll be there with you the entire time.”

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