She moaned against the feel of him. The taste of him. When he next withdrew, she licked a drop of pre-cum off the tip and he jerked in her mouth. A smile spread on her face. Oh yes, he wanted this. He wanted her.

“More,” she moaned around his cock

His hand tightened on her hair nearly to the point of pain before he leaned deeper into her throat. Just when she thought she might not be able to breathe, he withdrew. But he did it again and again. Pushing her boundaries. Testing her limits. And all the while trying to hold on to that control she felt slipping around the edges.

He fucked her face and she enjoyed it. Maybe she should have felt shame at the task but she felt intensely erotic. She didn’t have to fumble to pleasure him and his dominance only made her body ache for more.

Once buried nearly all the way into her, he shuddered and then removed himself.

“Wait, no…”

“I want you to finish twice before me,” he insisted, helping her to her feet.

She was wobbly and her body betrayed her. If it weren’t for Beckham catching her and carrying her to the bed, she would have sunk right back down to her knees.

Beckham spread her before him. He pulled her T-shirt over her head and then reached for her own jeans. He pulled them halfway down her legs before inhaling deeply.

“Fuck,” he said, stripping her out of her jeans at an inhuman speed. “Your desire is nearly as intoxicating as your blood.”

He reached for the silky bra and unhooked it, letting her breasts spill out before him. He caressed one, kneading it in his hand and rolling the nipple across the pad of his finger. He brought the other one into his mouth. She was not half as controlled as he was. Her body writhed as his expert tongue assaulted her nipple until she could barely function. When he dragged a fang across the sensitive nub, she thought she might come right then and there. She’d never had such intense pleasure before. He played her body like a musical virtuoso. Raw technical prowess met unbridled emotion and dazzling stage presence.

“Beckham, please. Please.”

“I want all of your pleasure, Reyna. It belongs to me now. Do you understand?”

“Yes,” she said breathlessly.

“Your tits are mine.”

He bit down on the other nipple. He didn’t release her until her legs were locked around his back and her body was shaking.

“All of this is mine.”

Then he kissed his way across to the space between her breasts and down, down, down slowly to her navel. His tongue dipped into her belly button.

“This ass is mine,” he growled.

His hands slipped under her body, taking each cheek in his big hands. Then he lifted her lower half up off the bed and pressed her core into his face. He dragged his nose up her soaked underwear, drawing in a deep breath.

“This pussy is all mine.”

“Yes. Dear God, fucking yes.”

He tore the thin material off of her body and buried his face in between her legs. His tongue teased her clit while his hands forced her legs wider apart. Then he slicked a finger through the wetness already coating her opening and inserted a finger into her. With her already primed, he pushed a second finger into her. But it wasn’t enough. She wanted more. She was already on the verge of orgasm and she wanted to feel his cock pulsing inside of her while she let loose.

“Beckham, fuck me. Just fuck me,” she said, trying to sit up to pull him toward her.

But he had other plans. He used one arm to weigh down the top of her body. “Put your hands over your head and don’t move them until I tell you.”

She eeped and lay back down with her hands over her head. Thinking about keeping them up was a lesson in control she’d never had to work at. She wanted to bury her hands in his hair as he coaxed her clit into submission until her body was vibrating with an ache she was dying to unleash.

He curled his fingers inside of her body, moving them at a slower tempo to his tongue. And suddenly as both sensations hit her with the force of a moving vehicle, stars exploded in her vision. Her body convulsed, sending a shock wave from her middle all the way to her fingers and toes.

She heard a loud noise and realized as she came back to reality that it was coming from her. She had come so hard that she didn’t even know what sounds her own body was making.

Beckham released his hold on her. She felt like a puddle lying on the bed. Her limbs were Jell-O. Her brain wasn’t functioning.

“You moved your hands,” he observed with a sly smile on his face.