“I need to talk to you.” Beckham gestured to the place he had vacated. “Have a seat.”

She plopped down, anxiety swirling through her. What the hell was Beckham going to talk to her about? From the look on his face, it couldn’t be good.

He put his hands behind his back and stood tall over her. “I want you to work with Washington regarding your blood.”

“What?” she asked, jumping to her feet. That definitely was not what she was expecting. “How can you ask me to do that? You do know what I went through at Visage, right? I don’t feel comfortable doing that. It’s too traumatizing.”

Even though she had told Meghan that she would consider working in the medical wing, she hadn’t ever thought that Beckham would push her toward it. She knew she could help the greater good but it was so soon after she had been rescued. The thought of donating blood still made her gag.

“Sit,” he instructed. Then he waited for her to return to her seat. “Your safety is my number one priority. I refuse to allow anything like what you experienced to happen again. You trust me. I trust Washington.”

“Okay,” she said uneasily.

“I can sense you. That day at the ball was not a coincidence. I knew you were standing outside of the door that day you came back from Ferrier House. I knew when you were awake just now. It is all the same feeling.” When Beckham next glanced at her, all she could see was worry on his face. Or better yet…him trying to conceal his worry. “If I can sense you and your blood, what is to stop anyone who has drunk your blood from sensing you?”

Reyna froze. “You think Harrington…”

“I don’t know. And I do not like not knowing.”

“And you think Washington can figure that out.”

“Wouldn’t you rather know if he could?”

“Yes,” she whispered.

“Then will you meet with him? I will go with you.” He reached his hand out.

“Right now?”

“I do not have much time. I would make sure nothing happens to you.”

And she saw in his fierce expression that he was telling the truth. He would destroy anyone who tried to hurt her. Though the last thing she wanted to do was work with Washington or ever give her blood again, Beckham raised a valid point. If she wanted to leave HQ, then she needed to know if she was putting herself in danger.

She reached out and placed her hand in his. “Let’s go.”

Chapter 24

Beckham directed Reyna through the network of corridors and to the back entrance of the medical wing. Reyna memorized the way in case she needed to do it again.

She was nervous. No doubt about it.

Following Beckham inside had her completely on edge. Even though she trusted Becks and, if he thought this was important, then it likely was, it didn’t make it any easier. Now here she was…

Beckham put his hand on her lower back. “Your pulse is through the roof.”


He stopped her. “Will I let harm come to you?”


“Would I willingly put you in a position where you are unsafe?”


“I would kill before letting a single person lay a hand on you. You know this?”

She nodded. “Yes.”

He reached for her hand, threading their fingers together. Then he brought it up to his lips and placed a kiss there. “You are mine, Little One.”

She breathed out a sigh of relief. She hadn’t entirely calmed down, but there was something in his eyes that told her she had nothing to fear. It was incredible to think that she had once feared him. Or that he still believed that he could ever be a threat to her.

Beckham directed her down the rest of the corridor until they reached an open office door. He knocked twice and then entered. Washington was seated behind a desk so cluttered Reyna could hardly see an inch of the surface. Just paperwork, notepads, pens, a clipboard, and various medical supplies that disappeared beneath more papers.

“Beckham,” Washington said with a genuine smile. “To what do I owe the pleasure?”

“I am here about Reyna.”

Washington’s eyes drifted to Reyna who was still standing like a scared mouse outside of the office. “Hello there, Reyna. Good to see you back in the medical wing.”

“Hi,” she said softly.

“What is this about?”

Beckham looked at Reyna as if to check that she still wanted to do this. He held his hand out and she finally stepped inside. Her heart was thudding once more, but she knew that Beckham was right. She needed to do this.

“I need to find out what’s wrong with my blood.”

“Wrong with it?” Washington asked.

“I can sense her,” Beckham said, explaining all the strange incidents. “It has happened many times.”

“Fascinating,” Washington said, standing up appreciatively.

“How do we make it stop?” Reyna asked.

“Stop?” Washington asked, perplexed. “Hmm…I doubt you can make it stop. I’d have to think on it some. Why would you want it to stop?”

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