“Is this really about Graves?”

He growled low in the back of his throat. Yeah, his name was a bit of a trigger. She knew that she shouldn’t push, but it was ridiculous that he was punishing her for something that she hadn’t even wanted.

“I’m not going to stop talking about this. Everything we did was to get information. I didn’t want to him to touch me or look at me like I was a meal or offer to spend the night with me. I didn’t ask for his attention. It’s unfair that you’re acting like this toward me then going to see Penny.”

“Reyna,” he snapped.

“What?” she yelled back.

“Shut up and get in the car.”

Reyna gnashed her teeth together. All she wanted to do was argue with him until he told her what the fuck was going on with him. But when had that ever worked with Beckham? When he put up a wall, he made sure even a wrecking ball couldn’t fucking tear it down.

So she got in the car.

Chapter 25

Asking Beckham to fill her in on the plan was about as fruitful as her stopping a bullet with her teeth. In fact, he wasn’t particularly loquacious the entire trip. Not that he ever was. But even the air felt bereft between them.

They traded out their SUV for a shiny black sports car once they got into the city. Reyna didn’t even have it in her to make a quip about it being inconspicuous before Beckham punched the pedal to the floor. Reyna quickly forgot her irritation as wonder took over. Just like the first time she’d ridden with him on his motorcycle, the sensation of flying resonated with her. The sheer power of the vehicle beneath her made her come alive.

“Where are we meeting her?” Reyna tried again.

Beckham took the next turn at top speed, the back wheels sliding across the road as if they were on ice. Reyna squeezed her seat to keep from slamming into the door. Questions seemed to be a no-go.

The sun had finally set by the time they swung into an underground parking garage. Literally swung. Beckham parked the car next to an elevator and sprinted around to her side to open the door. She stood on unsteady feet.

“Should we be worried about the cameras?” Reyna asked. “I can’t imagine that Harrington isn’t trying to track you…or her.”

“Took care of it.”

“Of course you did,” she mumbled. “You’ve already been here?”

In response, he gestured for her to head to the elevator. Of course he had already been here. He must have spent his time away scoping this place out and possibly dismantling the cameras and security system. Making sure that everything was as safe as possible. Or so she hoped.

Reyna stepped into the elevator and Beckham followed behind her, pressing the button for one of the floors near the top. He crossed his arms over his chest and faced front. She did likewise.

“So…are we going in with guns blazing?”

“Guns are pointless.”

“Uh…yeah right. I shot Penelope in the heart and not only did it put her ass on the ground, but it felt really good too.”

Beckham’s head snapped to her. “You shot her…in the heart?”

Reyna grinned like a fool. “Hell, yes, I did. And I’d do it again if I had to.”

“It won’t come to that.”

Reyna sure as hell hoped it did. Well, mostly she’d feel better if she was packing something walking into this unknown situation.

The doors opened on their floor. Reyna glanced down the hallway and saw a row of doors all marked with the floor number and a letter. Apartments. They must be going to Penelope’s place. Reyna frowned, wondering which of the insane places belonged to her. Because she was certain that someone like Penelope Sky had an swank apartment. Even before she’d become the mayor, she’d lived a privileged and entitled life that Reyna had never been able to fathom.

“Stairs,” Beckham ordered.

Reyna groaned. Her favorite.

There were five more flights of stairs to the top. Reyna didn’t even wait at any of the landings. She should have suspected from the get-go that Penelope had the penthouse.

The top floor ended with a locked door. As she was well aware with Beckham’s residence, the main way in and out was through the elevator. She wouldn’t have even known if there had been stairs out of his place.

Beckham produced a key and it turned easily in the hole. Before he opened the door, he faced her. “Do exactly as I say and don’t be seen or heard.”

“Uh, you want me to just…stand inside?”

Beckham placed a small electronic device in her hand. “Record what you can.” She looked down at the tech. “Red button.”

“Yeah, I know how it works.”


Then he slipped through the door without another word. Reyna hurried inside and let the door slip closed silently behind her. Beckham moved her down a hallway and then into an office space. He positioned her so she had a clear view of the living room, but she was in enough shadow that she wasn’t visible.

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