“Oh,” she said, a thread of wonder resonating in her voice. She pushed back experimentally with her hips and more of his shaft entered her. Kam hissed behind her. She’d bumped against his hand. Lin realized he held the stalk of his cock at midshaft while the first several inches pierced her. The realization aroused her. She pushed back again with her hips, gritting her teeth.

“Hold still, Lin,” Kam demanded sharply. She froze, holding her breath. “If you had any idea what I want do to you right now, you wouldn’t test me.”

For a tense moment, both of them remained very still. She sensed Kam gathering himself, but for her part, the excitement was unbearable. Her clit sizzled beneath the vibrator. His cock throbbed in her most intimate flesh.

“I’m going to come,” she said shakily.

“No,” he ordered, lifting the vibrator.

She keened, feeling the deprivation like a physical pain.

He began to pulse his cock in and out of her, fucking her deliberately, claiming a fraction more of her with each pass. Her keen turned into an incredulous moan. He growled in answer, and suddenly the vibrator was back on her clit. He thrust farther into her.

“Oh my god,” she shouted, her head coming off the pillow.

He groaned gutturally. “I’m sorry,” he said in a choked voice. “You’re very small.” He rocked in and out of her gently. Her lungs collapsed. She pressed her hips against the ruthless vibrator, her vision darkening.

“I can’t stop it,” she cried desperately. “I . . . can’t—”

His pelvis smacked against her buttocks. “Then don’t,” he said harshly. “Burn for me.”

Her entire body ignited. She called his name again and again helplessly. Everything evaporated under the onslaught of pleasure. There was only pounding bliss, and she gave herself to it wholly.

There was no room for regret or reluctance. Not in this.

•   •   •

Kam cursed heatedly when he felt the rush of heat around him, and then her tiny convulsions of climax vibrated into his cock, tempting a man already severely tested. Lin called his name, and he gave up. He grabbed her ass with one hand and began to plunge in and out of her, grimacing at the cruelty of the pleasure. She was so hot. Her shouts and moans amplified as he fucked her while she continued to come. He kept the vibrator pressed to her for as long as he could, but then he reached a point of no return. She was burning him from the inside out.

The vibrator fell onto the bed. He grasped her ass with both hands and crashed into her again and again. Her sharp cries penetrated his thick, fevered lust, but he couldn’t stop. His pelvis smacked against her ass faster and faster. Honesty carved away all artifice in a moment like this, revealing his true self, savage and raw.

“Who are you giving yourself to, Lin? Who?”

“You,” she cried. “Kam.”

“Don’t you ever forget it,” he snarled. He thrust, their flesh slapping together. He held her to him, his muscles going rigid. He roared as climax ripped through him, the blast of it feeling like it could have blown a hole straight through his head . . .

. . . his very spirit.

He couldn’t catch his breath. His body wasn’t calming like it usually did after climax. He groaned, rough and miserable, still clutching Lin to his body like she was a life preserver, and he a drowning man. He began to panic slightly, wondering why the riot in his flesh wouldn’t stop.

One burning breath after another, however, and it slowly began to ease. He blinked the sweat out of his eyes, staring down. The image of Lin’s delicate rib cage heaving in and out struck him as beautiful. Poignant. With a rush, he recalled how wild he’d been there at the end. How ruthless. How determined to push his way into her body. Her mind. Her heart.

He leaned back his head and gave a muffled howl of rising misery.

“Kam?” Lin asked shakily.

He looked down and saw her lift her head and try to turn to see him. He slowly withdrew from her body, wincing as he did so.

“Come here,” he said quietly. He helped turn her on the bed. She whimpered in surprise when he lifted her from the mattress, the front of her body pressed to the front of his. He carried her to the bathroom.

“Kam?” Lin repeated dazedly when he set her next to the steam shower and reached to turn on the water. He pulled her under the hot spray with him, shutting the glass door. He briskly lathered up with soap and gently washed her, avoiding her gaze.

“What is it?” she demanded tremulously. “What’s happened to you?”

He looked at her face. She stared up at him, her shattered expression stabbing at him. He shut his eyes and looked away from her when he saw a single tear skip down her cheek. “I’m sorry. I’m sorry I did that . . . tonight of all nights.”

“Why tonight of all nights? I don’t understand what you’re talking about. I can’t understand you at all ever since Ian told me that you planned to ask me to work for you.”

The water pounded on the shower floor in the silence that followed.

“I know that you’re in love with Ian.”

He met her stare. The water was starting to wet one side of her midnight hair. Water droplets clung to her neck and breasts. Her cheeks were still flushed from arousal. As he watched, her mouth fell open slowly in disbelief.

“What are you talking about?” she asked, her voice flat from shock. When he didn’t immediately respond, she searched his face wildly. “Have you spoken with Richard St. Claire? Did you go to the hospital?”

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