She left him. He listened for a second to the bathroom door closing and pictured her peeling off her tight workout clothing. Again—he experienced that delicious ripple of sensation along the shaft of his cock. His body had never been more finely attuned to a woman, his cock never more sensitive to every nuance of her movement. He heard the shower turn on. She’d be naked now, jets of warm water beating against her smooth skin.

He removed his coat impatiently. The living room was like Lin herself: effortlessly elegant, expensive looking, and more comfortable than he would have thought at first glance, he conceded as he slouched down on a deep, soft couch. His gaze narrowed on the luxurious, raw silk, taupe-colored curtains with sheers on the windows. They were the precise ones Ian had recommended Kam buy for Aurore Manor for a majority of the downstairs windows. Removing the mildewed, heavy velvet curtains that had obliterated sunlight and replacing them with the sheer curtains and lightweight silk panes had made a world of difference. That, and the simple changes of new paint and a hard cleaning had altered the mood of the manor almost immediately. The decrepit mansion had been transformed into a home, and he had Lin’s impeccable taste, in large part, to thank for that.

Of course Ian hadn’t been the one to expertly choose those curtains or the sophisticated, yet comfortable, furnishings and bedclothes for the bedrooms. Lin had. Kam had realized that almost immediately after observing how Ian operated. She’d never even seen Aurore, she’d never even met Kam, and yet she’d clothed both his house and his body in a way that innately appealed to him.

Why can’t I stop wanting it, too?

We’ll walk back to my place.

The memory of Lin saying those words as she watched him with liquid brown eyes scored his consciousness. Was he supposed to have read them as an invitation? His body had considered it as such, but his mind continued to doubt.

He cursed quietly, stood and walked down the hallway toward her bedroom. His interpretation didn’t really matter. Staying away from her was an utter impossibility.

As he neared the closed bathroom door, he heard the water shut off and the glass door of the shower click open. He rapped softly before he put his hand on the knob.

Almost the second he opened the door and saw her standing in the shower, he knew she wasn’t surprised. She’d been waiting for him to come—or at least some part of her had. She stood very still, her beautiful body sheened with moisture, water droplets clinging on her bare breasts and thighs. He’d never seen her completely naked. His body hardened in a second, aching. He stepped toward her, vaguely realizing that the spell she’d woven as he watched her dance had fallen upon him again in full strength. How she did it was a mystery, but he was beyond wondering.

He was only feeling.

He reached for one of the towels on the rack without looking away from the vision of her. As he approached, she stepped out of the shower to meet him. He partially wrapped her in the towel, holding her stare as he lightly chafed her supple back and buttocks and thighs, drying her. She felt small in his hold, firm and feminine. His hand opened over a stretch of shower-warmed, moist back and lowered over her ass.

The towel dropped from his hands at the same moment that he palmed her bottom and hips, lifting her against him and pressing her tight.

•   •   •

It was as if they’d practiced this dance before. She saw the flash in his gray eyes, and he was lifting her to him in one fluid, muscular movement. His mouth covered hers. His tongue penetrated and stroked, wet, firm, and demanding. Lin kissed him back, every bit as greedy as he was, every bit as hot. She gripped onto his shoulders, and he turned, leaving the bathroom and taking her with him. Once he’d cleared the door, she wrapped her legs around his middle, her bottom resting below his belt. His erection was trapped against his clothing, slanting upward toward his right jeans pocket. She circled her hips, grinding against it, loving the vibration of his rough groan of appreciation into her mouth.

He set her on the edge of her bed and broke their kiss. Holding her stare, he reached for her hand and placed it on his cock. For a lung-burning few seconds, he just kept his hand pressed to hers, and then his hand dropped away. She bit her lip to stifle a moan as her fingers and palm mapped out his contours. He began to unfasten his belt as she stroked his solid length more rapidly through his clothing. It aroused her exquisitely, the weight of him, the shape. Leaning forward, she pressed her mouth to his jeans, gently biting at the hard column of his erection.

“Oh oui, encore,” he grated out. Yes, again. She gave him what he wanted, liking his rough groan. He shoved down his jeans. She grew impatient to feel him naked in her clasping hand and immediately reached for the waistband of his boxer briefs.

“Ah” popped out of her throat as she freed his tumescent cock. He felt very warm . . . hot even. Feverish. She fisted him, her thumb and fingers not quite able to meet around his pulsing shaft. She regretfully released him momentarily while Kam rapidly shucked off his pants and underwear. Then he was standing before her again, his cock standing at rigid attention, hers to touch and pleasure.

She lifted the heavy weight of it and brushed the swollen, bulbous head against her cheek experimentally. Oh, he was soft as warm silk and yet so hard. He hissed and sunk his fingers into her upswept hair, loosening some of it so that it fell down her back and shoulders. A thumb slid under her chin and he pressed up.

She looked up at his face.

“Take me in your mouth. Please.”

It was both a demand and a ragged plea. She was more than eager to comply.