Chapter Eight

Using her hand, she pulled him down toward her mouth, licking at the smooth, fleshy head and tasting his flavor before she inserted him between her lips. His rough growl seemed to vibrate from his flesh to hers, thrilling her. She pulsed her head, her rigid lips sliding onto the thick, veined shaft. When she pulled back, she moaned in excitement at the sensation of sliding her lips across the defined ridge of the head. His whole cock was beautiful to her, but the swollen cockhead was exquisite—fleshy, succulent, mouthwatering. She slid down his shaft again, pausing to pulse him back and forth an inch with firm strokes until his hands tightened on her skull and he groaned. She pulled back, slapping her tongue against the fat head playfully before she sunk down on him again.

He was a mouthful, but she was hungry. So hungry. Her jaw began to ache from clamping him so tight.

“That’s right,” he grated out from above her. “I kept thinking about your mouth, but it’s hotter and sweeter than I thought it would be. Are you trying to tell me how much you like this?” he added, his voice still rough as he watched her, but more sultry. Sexy.

She sucked him extra hard in reply, squeezing dense, delicious male flesh, letting him know without words just how much she liked this. He hissed a curse and abruptly reached down for her elbows, lifting her to her feet. She gasped when he popped out of her mouth due to their abrupt change of position. He urged her to turn and stand next to him, so that they both faced the bed. Opening his legs slightly, he firmed his stance. He lifted his glistening cock from below and held it at an upward angle, once again delving his fingers into her hair. She followed his urging, bending at the waist and immediately sucking him again into her mouth, the brief deprivation making her hungrier. He opened one hand on her back and swept it along spine, hip, and buttocks, as if he wanted to feel as much of her as he could while she gave him pleasure.

“Aw, Jesus. That’s good,” he moaned as she moved up and down on his shaft, her actions increasingly forceful and hungry. She placed her hand over his where he grasped his cock at the base. He relinquished his hold, and she wrapped her hand in his place. She’d pinned her hair onto her head for the shower with several clips, but thanks to their increasing excitement and Kam’s delving fingers, long tendrils of hair now fell around her head, some of it impinging her progress as she sucked his cock deeper into her mouth.

“Here, I’ll hold it for you,” he muttered tensely from above her, brushing the hair off her face. He grasped the mass of it in one hand at the base of her skull, restraining it. She lifted her outside hand and gripped his hip to steady herself. She twisted her face slightly, sinking her lips over him at a slightly new angle. His cockhead brushed against her throat. She gagged slightly and retreated, but was back for more in a heartbeat. “Look at you,” she heard him mutter roughly from above her.

Heat rushed through her at his words, a potent mixture of intense arousal and embarrassment, because he was looking at her as she devoured him. Look at you, sucking me like a wild, sex-starved wanton. Who would have thought it of cool, contained Lin? That was her imagination, of course. He’d never said that. She didn’t know if that’s what he truly intended, but her interpretation pleased her on some level. It also amplified her lust.

He tensed and thrust his hips forward slightly, his pose intensely virile and unashamedly male. He used his hold on her hair to guide her strokes, but he did so gently, increasing the pressure of her mouth on his cock but never forcing himself on her. She’d never performed fellatio like this—not that she’d done it more than a few times in her life. It was a very personal act, after all, and Lin had only had a couple of long-term relationships in which to practice it. On those other occasions, she’d been in bed with the man or kneeling before him. Kam was too tall for her to kneel, however. It was surprisingly comfortable, given their respective heights. With them both standing and her next to him, bent at the waist, the angle of penetration was ideal.

It was also shockingly arousing, and she loved the lascivious way he was rubbing her back, hips, and ass with his large hand.

She popped the fleshy round cockhead out of her mouth and bent farther, shifting her hand up the shaft and running her tongue over the root, wetting him. He grunted softly and she sensed his focused attention. When she reinserted his cock, she began to stroke the lubricated staff with her hand, pounding her fist forcefully in tandem with the movements of her sucking mouth. He groaned. She closed her eyes and lost herself in the primal rhythm, the feeling of desire infusing his flesh, engorging it, the clutching of his fingers in her hair as his excitement mounted . . .

She wanted nothing more in that moment than to feel him quiver in release, to squeeze his essence from his flesh, and blend his male strength with her own.

He cursed, piercing her tight focus. Then he was pulling his now-huge erection from her mouth and lifting her. He laid her on the bed and crawled on top of her. She lifted her lust-weighted eyelids with effort, watching as he straddled her hips with his knees and rose over her. He shifted his swollen penis until it thumped, heavy and moist, against her belly.

“I wanted to finish,” she whispered.

“You think I don’t know that?” he asked, his mouth quirking in amusement. “That was a definite one-way ticket, the way you were going at it.” He reached with both hands and caressed her neck and then her shoulders. His cock seemed to burn the skin where it rested on it. She reached for it, but he halted her with a hand on her wrist. He pushed her arm against the pillow above her head. Her cheeks flushed hot.