“Kam.” She’d meant it to be a remonstrance—he really shouldn’t be touching her like this in public or saying such outrageous things—but instead, it came out as a shaky invitation. Wasn’t this what she’d been asking for when she kissed him? His dirty talk in tandem with his stroking of her pussy aroused her.

A lot.

He moved his mouth and nuzzled her ear, making her shiver. “Eat some of your food,” he said quietly. “Go on. I won’t have you starving.”

She glanced uneasily around the restaurant. It wasn’t crowded, but she could see a couple dining at a table fifteen or so feet away. They seemed entirely unaware of Kam and her in the booth, but if they looked over, what would they see? Not much, probably. Just Kam nuzzling her, which wasn’t the most scandalous thing on earth. The hanging tablecloth would disguise his movements between her legs.

“Eat,” he ordered again next to her ear. She picked up her fork and took a bite. She was so focused on Kam’s fingers on her pussy—rubbing and circling and pressing on her clit—that she couldn’t have said what it was she ate. He used the thicker, stiffer material on the fly to his advantage, pressing against it, applying optimal pressure to her body. She registered none of what she saw in front of her. Every fiber of her awareness was targeted on him, and him alone.

“That’s a girl,” he murmured, nipping at the shell of her ear and making her shiver as she chewed. “I didn’t get a chance to tell you how much I appreciated your mouth. Wet and sweet and so eager. You have no idea how much I wanted to come in it.”

She flexed her hips against his ruthless fingers and bit off a moan. Who knew it could feel so good, even through her clothing?

“The first time I saw you,” he continued ruthlessly, “I thought you were too delicate to like it fast and hot and furious,” he murmured, taking her earlobe between his front teeth and scraping the sensitive flesh. “Too elegant. Too sophisticated. But you have a wild side, don’t you, mon petit chaton?” he asked in that rough, deep voice in her ear. “Would you have liked it? For me to have erupted in your mouth?”

“Yes,” she admitted; for how else was there to be with Kam but honest? She felt feverish, sitting there while he rubbed her and murmured outrageous, scintillating words into her ear. No one had ever talked dirty to her before, so she hadn’t known she’d like it so much. He shifted his hand to the small of her back. She jumped slightly, glancing guiltily over at the other couple when his long forefinger burrowed beneath her low-riding jeans and underwear. He began to slide it in and out of the crack of her ass while he pushed her subtly forward with his palm, giving her more friction on her clit as he rubbed it firmly. His finger dipping between her ass cheeks struck her as intensely erotic, but also forbidden. Naughty. Electric.

Especially here, in a restaurant.

“That’s what I thought,” he said next to her ear. “You’re all cool and crisp professional on the outside, but this”—he palmed her entire outer sex with his big hand in a starkly possessive gesture—“burns white hot. Keep eating,” he instructed when she dropped her fork and her eyes sprung wide at his illicit words. She picked up her fork and slid some tender whitefish into her mouth, squeezing out the juices while her entire attention was on Kam’s moving lips and the sound of his rough, accented voice. “Next time, you will swallow it,” he assured her in a whisper that sent ripples of pleasure down her spine. “Every . . . last . . . drop.”

She shuddered in excitement.

“Eat some more, or you’ll be hungry later,” he murmured. She blinked. She’d stopped eating and just stared, becoming increasingly dazed and fevered as he rubbed her. Mechanically, she took a few more bites. He slid his long finger deeper into the crack of her ass. She jumped and went still when he skimmed it against her asshole.

“Did you like being restrained while I played with you?” he murmured before kissing the opening of her ear and applying a slight suction that made her tremble uncontrollably.

“Kam . . . let’s go. Please. This is crazy,” she whispered shakily.

“Answer me,” he murmured as he rubbed her asshole with his fingertip and pressed with his palm, amplifying the pressure on her burning clit even more. Lin glanced around nervously. The couple in viewing distance were gathering their coats in preparation to leave. She bit her lip. Her clit simmered. It was exciting, having him touch her in such an intimate way.

Oh no. She was going to come. Here.

“Lin,” he prodded darkly, his warm breath on her damp skin increasing her shivers.

“Yes. Yes, I liked it,” she said brokenly.

“Yes. And you looked so beautiful, letting me have my way with you. I think we’ll go back upstairs now,” he mused. “I want my cock in you.”

“Yes. Yes,” she chanted, relieved and excited at once. She dropped her fork on her plate, growing mindless with excitement.

“But you will come first.”

Heat flooded her cheeks. She felt dizzy. His fingers were ruthless.

“I don’t think I should—”

“But you will,” he said, his tone brooking no argument. His entire arm began to move as he stimulated her pussy more forcefully. She cried out in stunned arousal, but fortunately the other couple had just walked away. She placed her palms flat down on the table, bracing herself, and she began to shake in orgasm.

“That’s right. That’s the real Lin,” he muttered thickly in her ear as pleasure shot through her in heady waves. “Hot. Sexy. Risk taker.”

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