She tried to whisper “no” but another shudder of pleasure blasted through her. She swallowed the word. Why deny it, when the truth of his words quivered in every cell of her body? Apparently she was a hot, sexy risk taker.

With Kam she was, anyway.

•   •   •

When they were on the elevator, he forced himself not to look at her. Something had happened to him while he’d sat there and watched her climax in that restaurant. Whatever it was, he wasn’t sure he liked it. He felt strangely off kilter. Out of control.

Her image had been burned in his mind. He didn’t need to look directly at her now to remind himself—her cheeks and lips had grown rosy as he’d stimulated her, her lustrous eyes had turned even shinier than usual with arousal. He knew he’d never forget the vision of Lin setting her palms flat on the table and coming against his hand. It had been the most potent vision of surrender he’d ever seen. It’d driven him half-crazy with need. He’d shouted at the waiter when he saw him, startling the man, and demanded the check. He’d managed to shove some chicken in his mouth during the short wait, knowing he’d need the energy, because yet another storm was about to hit.

It made him feel uncomfortable, the magnitude of his lust, but he couldn’t seem to control it. This wasn’t something easily walked away from. Lin wasn’t.

He took her keys from her as they got off the elevator, and then grasped her hand, leading her down the hallway, neither of them speaking. He was eager, so much so that it seemed ridiculous to disguise it. The door flung inward at his urging, banging against the wall. Then he was pulling Lin over the threshold and slamming it shut behind them. She gave a surprised whimper when he swept down on her and covered her mouth with his own.

A haze overcame his consciousness as he absorbed her taste and the sensation of her tongue dueling with his. His hands made a greedy worship of her taut curves. Then he was lifting her to him and striding to the bedroom for the second time that evening. Was it just her physical beauty that drove him wild? He wondered dazedly as he set her at the edge of her bed and whipped off her shoes. Maybe. He’d already admitted to himself he’d never made love to a more beautiful woman. He peeled her out of her clinging jeans, revealing the smooth, pale harbor of her belly, round hips, and shapely thighs. He jerked down her panties. She lay back on the bed, spreading her legs slightly. He hissed a curse.

Who was he kidding, trying to figure it out? A man didn’t require logic to want that, he thought, staring hungrily at her pussy. Kam certainly didn’t.

He could tell by the arousing vision of her flushed, damp-looking outer sex that she didn’t need any preparation. He jerked down his clothing and sheathed his erection with a condom.

He rolled her hips back by pushing on her shins, keeping her pussy at the edge of the bed. Still standing, he arrowed his cock into her slit. She gave a sweet, soughing sigh as he penetrated her. Mon Dieu, it was good. He watched her with a narrow focus, knowing the tension in her face and the excitement in her eyes mirrored his own blatant arousal. When he’d pushed into her to the hilt, her muscular walls squeezing him, he paused. She was too small for him.

She was too perfect.

“You’re going to be sore tomorrow, aren’t you?” he mumbled.

“Maybe,” she whispered urgently, reaching for his shoulders. Her fingernails dug into his back muscles. “But I’m not now. It feels so good. Fuck me.”

He exhaled roughly, her harsh whisper, so not like her and yet so completely Lin-like at once. The paradox of her, the sweetness, tore through him. “Oh baby, you’re going to get it for that,” he assured roughly.

He came down over her, his weight pinning her knees to her chest, his hands digging into the mattress. It was heaven.

“God,” he grated out, withdrawing his cock and then driving back into the glory of her. Again, he pumped, and again, both of them immediately finding their rhythm, the slap of their skin coming faster and faster a driving drumbeat neither could deny. The mattress began to hop up and down beneath them, the bedsprings making a squeaky protest. It filled his ears along with the sound of their smacking skin and Lin’s surprised gasps and whimpers of pleasure.

He was doing it again, taking her like she was a damn rodeo ride. He gritted his teeth at the thought, but he couldn’t stop. Her pussy rode his cock, not the other way around. He was big and strong and he was on top, driving into her slender, sleek body, but it was he who was helpless in the face of this relentless frenzy of need. He fucked her like he thought the answers to the questions of the universe were just a quarter of an inch higher in her tight, clasping depths and he was straining closer with every pass; hungry, searching . . .

He lost all sense of time, only feeling her holding him like he’d never been embraced.

He flexed his hips forcefully, slapping their bodies together. A cry popped out of her throat, but then he felt that telltale rush of heat and her muscles clamping him, adding fuel to his flames. He transferred his hands to the backs of her thighs and pushed, sending her knees down next to her ears. She straightened her legs as he continued to pump, her feet above both of their heads, demonstrating her flexible, strong muscles to optimal effect. His eyes sprung wide in disbelieving pleasure at the new angle she granted him. He fucked blindly, a madly racing, vibrating mass of electric nerves and flesh, striving and pushing and feeling . . .

. . . and feeling more, until he roared as pleasure crashed into him. He pressed his face against the side of Lin’s neck, burying his nose and lips in her fragrant skin.