“That’s right. Keep very still. Focus on how it feels and tell me,” he murmured.

She closed her eyes in an attempt to shut out the eroticism of what was happening to her. The vision only made her want to squirm against Kam more. “The tails feels soft. Exciting. When you . . . lash me, it sets the nerves on fire. It makes me crave . . .” she whispered.

The flogger landed on her hip. She gasped.

“More” popped out of her throat.

“Like this?” He lightly lashed at her belly, leaving her skin tingling.

“Yes.” He brought the flogger down several more times on her hip, belly, thighs and the sides of her buttocks. It sensitized her skin, making it tingle and prickle like a dark caress, but what it did to her pussy was unprecedented. She’d never burned so greatly from an indirect touch. The experience was so much more intense than she’d ever imagined.

The tails struck with more force against her heaving rib cage. She instinctively arched her back, offering the tender flesh of her breasts to the lash. Kam made a rough noise in his throat.

“Open your eyes,” he commanded roughly.

She opened her eyes and stared at Kam with wonder. His features looked as hard and strained as the rest of his beautiful body; his gaze was fierce, scoring her even more greatly than the flogger. “Do you want me to flog your pretty breasts?”

“Yes,” she admitted. She was beginning to tremble. The anticipation was killing her. “So much.”

“Oh oui, encore, mon petit chaton,” he muttered. When Lin only blinked, made sluggish from lust, Kam interpreted. “Again, little kitten. Tell me what you want again,” he said as he ran the suede tails over the globes of her breast, and finally over a peaking nipple. She whimpered and ground her sex against him. She couldn’t stop it. The friction he was building in her was unbearable. He stilled her with a hand on her hip and a fiery glance.

“Use it on my breasts. Please.”

His nostrils flared. “For being so sweet, you will get that and more.”

Lin panted shallowly as she watched him pick up the little vibrator. “It will sting, but if you take it, I will reward you.”

“Yes,” she insisted. She arched her back as far as the restraints would allow it, thrusting her breasts up for the flogger, making her own flesh a sacrifice on the alter of desire. Beneath her ass, she felt Kam’s cock leap viciously.

“So beautiful,” he muttered. He brought down the flogger with a forceful flick, the tails stinging her breast. She moaned feverishly.

“Too much?” he asked, his sharp voice slicing through her haze. “If it isn’t, ask for another.”

“No. No. Another.”

Again, that sweet, stinging lick of the tails. Her nipples pinched tight. It hurt, but the real pain came from sharp desire, not the flogger. Her chin came up, her head fell back on the mattress and her eyes closed. Her entire body stretched tight, her hips pulsing against the arousing sensation of Kam’s erection, her spine curving as far as her restraints would allow it. She heard the tails flick in the air this time. This time, they gave her nipple a stinging kiss, and then another and another.

“Oh, God,” she gasped, stretched on a rack of taut arousal.

“Look at you, giving yourself so completely. You are such a good girl,” she heard Kam mutter in a thick accent. “So much sweeter than I ever imagined.”

Her entire body jerked like she’d been electrified. She wasn’t even sure what was happening to her. It took her vibrating brain a second to realize she was climaxing thunderously. Kam had turned on the vibrator and placed it next to her clit. For a wild moment, even her lungs seized in pleasure.

“Oh God,” she gasped, her lungs finally unfreezing. “Oh Jesus,” she keened between waves of crashing pleasure.

“Don’t fight it. Let go,” she heard Kam say.

She finally fell against the mattress, panting, still in the aftershock of searing pleasure. She moaned when she felt Kam’s large, massaging hand move along her thighs, hips and arms.

“Still so tense,” he said. “You are not finished yet.”

He was speaking English, not French, but Lin’s lust-scrambled brain was having difficulty in interpreting even that. Kam was moving, pulling his thighs out from beneath her. She gave a muffled protest at the loss of his hard muscles and throbbing cock. Then he was coming down between her spread legs again, his dark head a contrast to her pale thighs, his hands on her hips.

“Kam,” she shouted in anguish at the sensation of his tongue swiping between her labia, gathering her juices. It might have been made of fire. Her hips bobbed uncontrollably, making his head rear back.

“Stay still,” he said sharply. She moaned. What was happening to her? Just that single caress of his tongue on her clit had been almost unbearably exciting. He stilled her with his hands, holding her steady. “I know it hurts a little, baby. Try to endure it, and you will feel the pressure ease. Trust me.”

She exhaled with effort, forcing her zinging, agitated nerves to calm. Kam began to tongue her again, more gently than he had in the past, his actions so deliberate her eyes crossed. She pulled at her wrist restraints, both hating her inability not to touch him and loving the feeling of security the bonds gave her. There was nowhere to go, nothing to do but lie there and submit to pleasure. As she surrendered, Kam’s mouth became greedier. More forceful. Slowly, he built that crescendo in her flesh all over again.

Finally, he covered her with his mouth, demanding his due with his lashing tongue and an insistent suction, his head moving in a taut, firm twist between her thighs. She exploded in another powerful orgasm. This time, however, her entire body went lax as the shudders waned, all of her strain and tension melting away.

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