He flexed his hips, his cock stretching her, carving through her slowly, melting her flesh with his power and heat. She believed completely in that moment that he’d been up a good part of the night. His cock was huge and heavy with sustained arousal.

“Oh yeah, that’s so good,” he muttered. “You’re so hot, baby. You’re squeezing me so tight.” He paused. She sensed his pitched alertness. “I can feel your heart beating inside you.”

“Kam,” she whispered, moved by the tinge of wonder in his voice. She ran her hands over his shoulders and chest, loving his hardness and strength. He began to rock her. She made a soughing sigh of surrender. He flexed his hips and seated his cock inside her completely.

“So tight but so wet,” he hissed. “You’re going to have a time of it keeping me out of this pussy.”

“You’ll have no fight from me. It feels so good,” she whispered.

He withdrew and sunk back into her, a groan tearing at his throat.


“Yes?” she asked. It was hard to catch her breath with him throbbing so high inside her, filling her to the brim.

“When we made love before,” he said gruffly. “It’s never been like that for me. I thought you deserved to know. It’s never felt like this.” He stroked her again and groaned. She gasped, overwhelmed by sensation, stunned by what he was telling her.

“No. Not for me, either,” she admitted shakily, her fingers digging into the dense muscle of his shoulders. He drove into her. Her head fell back on the pillow as she gasped.

He left her no choice. There was no guarding of her heart in this raw, honest place where he took her. She couldn’t say no to the wild, fierce ride that was Kam.

Chapter Fifteen

She awoke later alone in the bed. She blinked several times, trying to figure out what it was that had awakened her. The memory of their early morning lovemaking lapped over her like a sensual, warm surf. She’d watched Kam fall into a deep, peaceful sleep afterward, unable to look away from his face. Finally, she’d roused herself from her trance to call Ian and apologize for not being able to attend the brunch meeting with a visiting CEO of one of Noble’s subsidiaries. Then she’d finally joined Kam in a satisfied sleep.

Now he was gone. The bedroom door was closed. In the distance, she heard the sound of male voices. She sat up quickly, clutching the sheet to her breasts. The voices were similar in timbre and volume, but one was French accented, the other British. Ian was here. Her glance landed on her leather cuffs on the bedside table. Anxiety swept through her, which was ridiculous. Of course Ian wasn’t coming back here. Kam would never let him. She leapt out of bed and approached the closed door. She tilted her head, trying to make out their words over her pounding heart.

“. . . unfortunate what happened with Jason. I’d have never guessed it of him, but some men will turn into idiots around a woman as beautiful as Lin,” she thought she heard Ian say, the direction of his voice making her think he stood near the hallway in front of the foyer. “No wonder she wanted to take the day off to recover after something like that.”

Kam spoke, but it was as if his back was turned in her direction. She heard her own name several times, and then he spoke vehemently in French.

“I understand,” Ian said. “I’m only sorry I ever suggested the meeting. I would have done the same if I came upon someone holding Francesca against her will.”

Lin’s breath froze in her lungs. She pressed her ear to the door, but all she heard was silence. Ian had drawn a parallel between his protective feelings for Francesca and Kam’s for her. Had Ian been opening a door for Kam to talk about her—Lin? If he was, Kam wasn’t taking the bait. She was thankful.

“I stopped by to officially ask you to dinner on Monday night. Lucien and Elise are coming, and Mrs. Hanson is making roast beef and Yorkshire pudding. I’d ask Lin, but she’s out of town for the night.” Lin frowned. Ian certainly kept linking Kam and her together. How much did he really suspect about them? “And we’re meeting for the demonstration of your device with Gersbach on Wednesday. Lin says you two are ready for that?” Ian continued.

“We’re ready.”

“Maybe tomorrow night, you can tell us all what you’re really planning for your future,” Ian said.

Lin’s breath froze in her lungs at the unexpected comment. She pressed her ear closer to the door when Ian resumed in a more subdued tone. “Don’t give me that look, Kam. I know you’ve been planning something all along for this business trip, and it wasn’t that you ever expected to sell your patent to any of the luxury watch companies that Lin and I have arranged for you to meet.”

“I haven’t ruled anything out. I like Gersbach, and I look forward to meeting the people from Stunde,” Kam said neutrally, foiling Ian’s attempt to get him to open up. The two men continued talking, but they must have shifted positions, because their voices were more muffled and unintelligible.

By the time Kam rapped on the bathroom door five minutes later, Lin was drying off from a quick shower.

“Come in,” she called, tucking the edge of the towel between her breasts.

They stared at each other for several seconds when he opened the door and stood in the entryway, one arm extended on the frame. He really was a sight to behold first thing in the morning.

“Hi,” she said, stepping toward him and yanking her gaze off the thin trail of hair that bisected his ridged abdomen and disappeared below the low-riding waistband of his jeans. My, she had guessed his size perfectly. What Kam did to a pair of jeans would be considered illegal in some parts of the world. She yanked off the vision of him with effort. She noticed his flared nostrils and vaguely dissatisfied expression when she finally met his stare.

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