“You’re very wet,” he murmured near her ear. “Did you like me putting on your ankle restraints as much as I did?”

“Yes,” she gasped. Her muscles tightened in protest when he drew his finger out of her. Panting, she saw him pick up the vibrator and flick on the power. He put his hand beneath her heaving belly and pressed it against her skin, buzzing her. Slowly, he moved downward. Lin clamped her eyes shut, her anticipation almost painful. Her back arched. Her breasts felt heavy and achy.

“Isn’t this a nicer way to spend a Sunday than working?” he asked, and she heard the smile in his voice.

“Yes. Oh yes,” she muttered as he ran the vibrator over the sensitive patch of skin just above her labia.

“That’s right,” he growled softly. The vibrator lowered over her sex lips, but his touch was light. “Don’t move your hips an inch,” he directed sternly. He tingled and teased the flesh until she panted, her muscles coiled tight.

“Feel good?” he murmured.

“Yes.” Her eyes clamped shut. “Oh, more. Please,” she gasped.

He grunted softly and pushed the vibrator more firmly, buzzing her clit. It felt delicious. She moaned her approval, her hips flexing against his hand. He lowered his hand, depriving her of the exquisite vibrations. “Stay still,” he reminded her. She nodded, too breathless to speak, and he pressed the vibrator to her again. Lin stared down covetously at his erection and began to sweat. Kam removed the vibrator, but instantly the ridge of his finger was rubbing her clit.

“Juicy,” he murmured his approval. “But I don’t want to forget your punishment, do I?” Much to her disappointment, he withdrew his hand from under her and set the vibrator on the bedspread. He grabbed a buttock, squeezing it to his palm. She could feel that his finger was coated with moisture from her pussy. He let go of her, his hand swinging back. Smack. He left a tingling patch on the bottom curve of her right buttock. His arm swung back again. He struck her left buttock tautly, then her right again. Lin moaned in excitement. He spanked her prickling bottom again. In her position, she saw his cock jump against the clinging boxer briefs. Without telling herself to move, she instinctively began to lean into his lap, wild to feel his swollen, hard cock press against her lips and tongue.

He halted her with a hand on her shoulder.

“You want that?” he asked, his voice a dark seduction.


“Tell me, Lin.”

She licked her lower lip, her gaze never leaving the outline of his cock. “I want you. I want your cock in my mouth,” she said, excitement making her sound breathless. He used both hands to jerk at the waistband of the briefs. His cock sprung free, long and heavy. He lowered the briefs to his thighs and then fisted the thick staff at the base. He held his cock up for her. Her mouth watered as she stared at the heavy stalk and succulent, fat cockhead. He tapped her right arm. “Put this hand up on the poster to brace yourself and the other one on my thigh.” She followed his directions and lowered, her mouth hovering a bare inch over his cock. “I will have to give you a few more spankings while you suck. Then we will finish with the flogger. I have to convince you somehow that too much work makes for a dull Lin. Am I convincing you that there are better things to be done with your spare time?” he murmured gently

A shudder of excitement went through her as she watched him stroke his cock lazily. She had never craved him more. Distantly she was aware of thunder crashing, sounding closer . . . vaguely ominous. The hair on her forearms prickled, standing on end. A storm was rushing the city.

“Oh yes,” she whispered. She lowered and stretched her lips around his cockhead. Closing her eyes, she gave the crown a firm polishing with her tongue, and then sucked at it. Hard. Kam’s rough groan of appreciation emboldened her. She wet the staff above his fingers with her sliding tongue and inserted the thick head again between her lips. His hand opened at the back of her head, gently urging her down over the staff.

“C’est si bon,” he groaned as she filled her mouth with him. Her head began to bob in his lap, her intent focused and single-minded. He continued to hold his cock up for her. His other hand drifted down her naked spine onto her ass. He spanked her once, twice, the cracking sounds amplifying her excitement. She bobbed faster. Her actions were fervid and hungry, but he spanked her slowly, taking his time, pausing to rub her buttocks into his palm, seeming to enjoy the warmth he was transferring into her flesh. Lin felt his stare on her as she sucked his cock. It only excited her more. She became fevered, determinedly swallowing more and more of his length. When she ducked down and bumped her lips against his fist, he hissed in pleasure.

“Oh, you get a reward for that, mon petit chaton,” she heard him say. Then the vibrator was back on her pussy. She screamed, his cock muffling the sound. She ducked down again, taking his cock deep. Her lips tapped against his fist in a rapid rhythm as she crested. She heard Kam’s guttural groan of approval as if from a distance. She started to come.

“Oh yeah. Oh yeah, that’s so good,” she heard Kam say, an edge of wildness to his tone. She realized she was screaming and moaning as orgasm shuddered through her, and the vibrations from her vocal cords were resonating into his appreciative flesh.

He pulled her off his cock. She blinked in disorientation, gasping, staring down at his furious, glistening erection. He pushed the vibrator against her clit, wringing another shiver of pleasure out of her. Lin moaned and panted, shuddering next to his hand, undone by pleasure.

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