His lips wisp across my jaw, and my hands that I didn’t even realize were touching him turn into talons digging into his skin.

“Ev,” I breathe as his hips press into mine, and as I feel his hardness against my belly, wetness surges between my legs, and I fight the moan I feel in my throat.

“Fuck, I miss that.” His hand moves from the wall above me and his fingers thread through the hair at the back of my head. When his fist tightens against my scalp, I let the moan I was holding in loose. “Beautiful,” he mutters, and then his teeth are on my lips, nipping hard.

I gasp, and his tongue slides into my mouth, tangling with mine. His taste explodes on my taste buds and I lose myself in the kiss, giving as good as I get, nipping his bottom lip then soothing it with my tongue as my hands roam up his arms and into his hair. Forcing my head to the side, he kisses me deeper, taking more of me. That’s when I feel it happen—I feel myself crumble into a billion pieces in his hold and allow myself to do nothing, nothing but just feel him, his hands, his mouth on me.

Crying into his mouth, he yanks me away from the wall and starts moving us across the room. The backs of my knees hit the bed and I go down. His hand never leaves my hair, and his mouth never leaves mine as he shifts me higher onto the bed.

When his mouth finally does leave mine, I don’t even have a second to plea for him to come back. His warm breath trails along my neck, and I memorize the way his beard feels against my skin and the way his tongue feels against the pulse of my neck. His hand travels up and curves around my ribs, close to my breast, and then his thumb sweeps over my nipple, causing my legs to lift and wrap around his hips.

When his hand drags down the top of my dress and bra, I lift my head to watch his mouth lower over my nipple. The first tug from his mouth has me coming out of my skin. His hand in my hair tightens then moves to cup my other breast over my dress. I’m drenched as his weight presses into me, his mouth devours my breast, and his beard drags roughly against my skin. I’m close—so close I know I’m going to come from just this. Shifting to the side, his hand at my breast travels down, and I feel the cotton of my dress slide up my thigh as his fingers trail up higher until their warmth is close to my core.

“Ev,” I breathe, running my fingers through his hair as his fingers slide over my panties.

“Soaked through,” he grunts, releasing my nipple, trailing his lips back up and taking my mouth again. My hips lift, my hands moving to hold on to his biceps as he pushes my panties to the side and his fingers circle my clit. That’s all I need. My head falls back and an orgasm washes over me, lighting everything up with its intensity. I float off to outer space, completely lost in its vastness. Coming slowly back to my body, I feel my dress roughly pulled off before I’m moved again. My head hits the pillow, my panties ripped down my legs.

Watching him tear open a condom, I whisper, “Evan.”

When his eyes lock on mine, I see something familiar looking back at me, something I can’t even begin to understand, something damaged and raw, and it has my legs lifting to wrap around his hips and my arms sliding around his back, wanting to hold him. At my touch, his jaw locks and his forehead drops to mine, pushing into me. My breath leaves on a whoosh and my eyes slide closed. He’s so big—not just long, but thick—and it’s been so long that the stretch of pain I felt the first time comes rushing back.

“Beautiful,” he murmurs.

My eyes open, and I watch as he watches where we are connected. “Oh, God,” I whisper, dragging my nails up his back.

“Look at me, June,” he demands roughly, and my eyes I didn’t realize were closed slide open and lock on his as he slides in and out of me slowly, so slowly I feel every inch of him, every single centimeter, as he possesses me. “I could die right here, right fucking here, and know I felt heaven at least once,” he snarls as his nostrils flare.

Feeling tears begin to gather in my eyes, I lift my head, bury my face in the crook of his neck, and wrap myself around him. My orgasm hits me suddenly, stealing the air from my lungs and my heart from my body. Filling me one last time, he plants himself deep inside me and groans against my neck as his arms wrap around my back, holding on to me so tight it’s hard to breathe. So tight, it makes me feel as if he is trying to fuse us together.

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