“Ev,” she whispers, and my eyes focus on hers. “We can’t go back.” She shakes her head, pressing her tits harder against my chest. “If we spend all our time going back, we’ll miss the fact that for the first time in a long time, we’re both going forward and doing it together.”

“Yeah.” I drop my forehead to hers.

“I wish that things had been different.”

“Me too, beautiful,” I agree, leaning back to place a kiss to her forehead, nose, and then mouth. I remind her, “You need to get ready for work.”

“Are you okay?” she asks, ignoring her reminder.

“Yeah, baby.” She searches my face for a long time before whispering.

“Good.” Leaning up she kisses my jaw then pulls away and heads for the closet. Going to the room, I pull on my jeans and tee then head back to the kitchen to fix her a cup of coffee. I take it to her then grab my cell and call Jax, letting him know Lane’s been in contact before heading back to the kitchen to get my own cup of coffee, and wait for June to finish getting ready so I can take her to work.

“Do you think the person who broke into my house will come back?” June asks, and I glance over at her before turning when the light switches to green.

“I don’t think so baby,” I say softly, giving her hand a squeeze.

I spent the night of her break-in putting out feelers and talking to anyone I could get my hands on. No one knew anything. No one saw anything. No one heard anything. It was dead end after dead end. As it stands, we’re moving blind. None of us knows why someone would show up in a mask at her house, see her vulnerable, naked in a bath, and not make a move and if they were there just to rob her they could have taken so much more. It didn’t make sense…still doesn’t make sense.

“It was just so weird,” she whispers after a moment, and I give her hand another squeeze and stop in front of the school.

Putting The Beast in park, I lean over and wrap my hand around the side of her neck and tug her closer to me. “Put it out of your head, okay?” Her eyes study me for a minute, and then she nods and looks over my shoulder. Running my fingers up through her hair, I pull her even closer and her gaze comes back to mine. “I’ll be here at four to pick you up.”

“Okay,” she agrees, and I nip her bottom lip.

“Tonight, we’re going out to dinner.”

“Okay,” she repeats, this time smiling.

“See you at four, baby.” I lean forward, kissing her softly, then unhook her belt and let her go. Putting her hand to the door handle behind her, she fumbles then falls back into me, sliding her hands through my hair. Her lips hit mine and I let her lead for a second before I take over the kiss, and do it thoroughly, with tongue. When I pull my mouth from hers, I watch her eyes flutter open and she smiles.

“Have a good day at work.”

“You too.” I smile back then watch her reach for the handle again. It takes her a couple tries, but she eventually gets the door open and hops out, and I wait until she’s in the building to take off and head for the office.

“You’re still alive,” Sage states as I push through the door to the office.

Ignoring him, I look at Jax and ask, “You call you’re uncle and tell him about the letter?”

“Called after I got off the phone with you. He’s sending a message to Lane’s attorney,” he informs, pouring some coffee into a cup and stirring, and then he looks at Sage and me. “I’m thinking about hiring someone to run the office. I don’t have time to do callbacks and run checks. You guys cool with that?”

“’Bout time,” Sage mutters, taking a seat in one of the chairs. “You have someone in mind?”

“Not yet, and do not mention it to my mom. The last thing we need is her coming in here and taking over.”

“I love Aunt Lilly.”

“You want my mom up in your business all the time?” he asks Sage, who looks at me and grins. He mutters, “She’ll make sure we always have coffee, and I have no doubt she’ll make us cookies.”

“My mom’s out. I’m gonna put the word out and see if I can come up with someone.”

“Whatever,” Sage grumbles, leaning back. “What’s on schedule for today?”

“I need the paperwork from the purchase of June’s house,” I say, going to the fridge and grabbing a premade shake.

“Why?” Sage asks, and I look between him and Jax.

“I want to know who she bought the house from. The situation isn’t sitting right with me. I’m wondering if the intruder wasn’t looking for someone else when they came across June, were surprised, and took off.”

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