“So you and Colton?” I ask, bumping her shoulder with a grin on my face, blaming the question on the five beers I’ve had since I’ve been here.

Gia’s eyes meet mine, but before she can reply, one of the girls at the sink whispers to her friend loud enough for us to hear, “Did you know Lisa and Colton had lunch yesterday?”

Turning to look at them, I blink then feel my jaw clench when the other one answers, “I know. Lisa said she’s so happy to be wearing the ring he gave her again.”

“No,” I mutter to myself. I feel completely invested in Colton’s life, like it’s a daytime TV show and he’s the leading man, and Lisa is the conniving bitch who is secretly sleeping with his brother. Not that he has a brother, or that I know him at all, but after hearing his story from Evan, I know if he gets back with his ex, I’m going to kick his ass myself.

“Who are you?” the brunette asks, sliding her eyes from her lips, which she’s applying lip-gloss to, to mine in the mirror.

“Colton did not have lunch with her,” I say, not answering her question and really having no idea if he did have lunch with her yesterday or not. For all I know, he could have, but judging by the way his eyes followed Gia all around the bar, I didn’t think that was true.

“He did. Lisa told us,” the blonde says, turning to face me.

“Well, Lisa is a liar and a dumbass,” I tell her, looking to my side and seeing Gia glaring at both girls.

“Who are you?” the blonde asks again, turning to face me and crossing her arms over her obviously fake boobs.

“Who I am doesn’t matter.”

“Yeah, if you’re calling Lisa a liar, it does matter,” the brunette states, turning to stand by her friend.

“Why are you guys even here?” Gia asks, looking between the two of them. “This isn’t your normal hangout, and last I heard, you weren’t even supposed to be in the bar.”

“I doubt Colton’s going to kick out his fiancée’s friends.” The blonde rolls her eyes.

Okay, I’m officially crazy, or maybe I had one too many beers—not that I feel even a little drunk—but these chicks are seriously pissing me off.

“He is not her fiancé,” I growl.

“He is.” The blonde leans forward, pushing me in the chest with a finger.

Um, hell to the no.

“Did you just touch me?” I ask in disbelief.

“Yeah, what are you gonna do about it?” she snaps, taking a step closer to me.

Leaning forward, I open my mouth to reply, but jump back when—“What the fuck is going on?” echoes through the room. Putting Gia behind me, my eyes fly to the door, where Colton is standing, looking pissed.

“Thank God you’re here. This crazy girl was just telling us that you and Lisa aren’t together!” the brunette cries, dramatically pointing at me.

Hearing a rumbled, “June, come here,” my eyes skate past Colton’s shoulder and meet Evan’s cold gaze.


“I told you once, and this is the last time I’m saying it. Get the fuck out and stay the fuck out. You are not welcome at my bar,” Colton grits out though his teeth, and I fight the urge to stick my tongue out at the girls and say “I told you so.”

“But—” one of the girls whispers, as Colton roars, “Now!” making them jump and move quickly through the small space Colton and Evan allow them.

“Gia, baby, are you okay?” Colton asks, and I turn to look at Gia, seeing her face is set in annoyance, but her eyes look watery.

“I’m fine.” She moves, turning her back on him, going into the stall, and shutting the door.

“June,” Evan repeats, and my eyes move to him.

“Give me five and I’ll be out.”

“You don’t come out and I have to come back in, we’re gonna have problems.”

“And where exactly am I going to go?” I ask him, which probably isn’t the right thing to say, since his jaw ticks at my question. “I’ll be out.” I sigh then look at Colton, and whisper, “I’ll make sure she’s okay,” pushing the door and effectively moving him out of the bathroom.

“Is he gone?” Gia asks after a moment from the other side of the stall door.


“God, I hate those girls,” she says, opening the door and moving to the sink.

“They’re liars,” I tell her, hoping it is something she knows herself.

“I know,” she agrees softly, washing her hands. “I shouldn’t let them get to me, but I can’t help it. Lisa is constantly showing up or calling. I have so much going on that I can’t even focus on her and Colton. Not that I want to, but…” She shrugs.

“I get it,” I say softly, giving her shoulder a squeeze as I move past her into the stall, taking care of business quickly.

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