“How did you know they were lying?” she asks, when I’m out of the stall and washing my hands.

“Um… I’m not sure if you noticed, but Colton doesn’t exactly let you out of his sight. I can’t imagine that a man who’s trying to get back with his ex would be so invested in someone else,” I point out the obvious, and her cheeks darken as her face drops.

“He makes me crazy.” She shakes her head, closing her eyes before opening them back up and meeting my gaze.

“He’s hot.” I grin, and she tries to fight it, but she can’t. She tries to cover her smile by hiding her face behind her hands and laughing, but I know it’s there.

When she pulls her hands away, I see why Colton is obsessed with her. She’s fragile; something in her needs protecting. And for a guy who put his life on the line for his country, I bet her soft spot isn’t something he can resist wanting to protect.

“Thanks for taking my back.”

“Oh, please. That was fun, and seriously, I don’t know much about Colton, but my guess is he isn’t the kind of guy you let go of. Only, his ex is an idiot and did it in a big way. Now, she’s realized her stupidity, and her loss is definitely your gain, sister.”

“You should see her,” Gia whispers, and my brows draw together.


“His ex. She’s like a walking Victoria’s Secret model.”

“Have you looked in the mirror?” I question. I mean, seriously, Gia is gorgeous, and honestly, she fits Colton perfectly.

“I’m serious! She’s, like, perfect, and I’m—well…” She pauses. “Me. I don’t get it. Plus, there is all kinds of stuff going on, and I hate having Colton and his family involved in it.”

“One thing I know about men,” I start, gently grabbing her hand, “is they don’t do anything they don’t want to do. And honey, for real, you are gorgeous. You have nothing to worry about.”

“I guess,” she mutters, then looks at the door when it opens and a woman walks in. “I better get back out on the floor.”

“Wait, let me get your number. If you ever want to talk, you can call me. Anytime.”


“Of course. Us girls need to stick together.” I smile again, taking my phone out of my pocket. I add her number to my contacts, and we leave the restroom together. Once I’m back at the bar, I go directly to Evan’s side and take a seat on the barstool next to his.

“What the hell happened?” he asks, leaning closer to me, but my eyes are on Colton’s, which are filled with concern as he looks behind us, where I’m sure Gia is waiting tables like she was doing earlier.

Pulling my attention from Colton, I turn to meet Evan’s gaze. “I’ll tell you later,” I murmur, and his eyes search my face before he nods and wraps his warm hand around the back of my neck, so he can tug me closer and place his lips to my forehead.

“You okay?” he asks when he pulls back.

Grinning, I answer, “Absolutely.”

“You’re a pain in the ass.” He smiles, and I lean closer, pressing my mouth to his ignoring his statement.

“Oh, my God,” I hiss, holding on to Evan’s hair as his mouth devours me, my naked back pressed to the wall just inside the hotel room’s door, with him on his knees in front of me, still fully clothed. As soon as we got into the room, he made quick work of stripping me naked, and then made even quicker work of giving me an orgasm. Now, I was working toward the second.

“Fuck, baby, get there. I need inside of you,” he growls, thrusting two fingers deep, sending me to my toes.

“I’m close.” I moan, “So close.”

“Fuck,” he snarls, tossing my leg over his shoulder, opening me up more. My head bangs back against the wall and I cry out as another orgasm slices through me, sending me reeling. Before I’m even back to earth, my body bounces against the bed and Evan is towering over me. Ripping his shirt off over his head, my hands go to his chest then down to his abs.

“I need you in me,” I tell him, fumbling with his belt buckle, while his lips close around my nipple, sucking deep. “Oh, God,” I whimper, when his fingers pull on my neglected nipple, tugging the tip, causing my hands to lose purchase on his belt and my back to arch.

Releasing my breast, he rolls to his back. His hands finish unhooking his belt and the button of his jeans. “Mouth around my cock, baby,” he growls, sending a thrill down my spine as his hips lift, exposing everything that is him. Helping him get his boots and jeans off, his knees lift and his hand wraps around the base of his cock, stroking once. Moving between his spread thighs, I wrap my hand over his and glide down his length, holding his gaze. “Give me that mouth.”

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