Leaning over him, his hand and mine move together as I lick across his lips. His free hand tangles in the hair at the back of my head, bringing me closer so he can kiss me deeper before his hand tightens and he forces me back an inch, then more pressure as he guides my face down. The dominance in his move has wetness spreading between my legs.

Licking around the tip, I slide my mouth down, meeting our hands. His hand moves from under mine to over it as I swirl my tongue and take him deep. “Jesus, your fucking mouth,” he mutters, and my free hand moves up his thigh, cupping his balls gently as I twist my other hand up with every downward glide of my mouth. Working him over, I feel him tense, and then his hand in my hair tightens once more as he pulls me away from his cock.

“I wasn’t done,” I tell him.

“You can do it again later,” he mutters, wrapping his arm around my back.

“I was doing it now,” I complain, as he moves me to my back, tosses my legs around his hips, and slams into me hard.

“You can do it again later,” he repeats, sliding out.

“Later,” I agree, pulling his mouth down to mine. His tongue slides in as his hand moves between us, zeroing in on my clit.

God, yes.

“You’re soaked, baby,” he groans, going deeper as I lift my hips higher off the bed.

“I know,” I agree, running my hands down his back and grabbing on to his ass, feeling his muscles contract as he plows into me. “I’m going to come,” I whisper, shoving my face into his neck, while he circles my clit faster and his hips buck into mine so hard that my breath catches.

“Hold it.”

“I can’t,” I whimper, digging my nails into his skin.

“Hold it, baby.”

“Ev, I can’t!” I cry out, trying, really trying, to hold it off, but the way it’s building, I know there is no way I will be able to hold the orgasm back once it takes over.

No way at all.

“Fuck, baby, come,” he growls, and I do. I come hard as his fingers pinch my clit, tugging once. My body arches and my legs tighten as he rides me out, thrusting twice more before planting himself deep inside of me.

Breathing heavily, my arms and legs tighten around him farther and my face moves to his shoulder, pressing there as waves of pleasure course though me. My skin feels undone and my limbs feel like jelly. “You okay?” he asks, pressing a kiss to my neck, dropping his elbow to the bed, while his hand sifts through my hair.

“Yeah,” I whisper, leaning back to look at him.

“Good,” he whispers back, and his face goes soft as the next words leave his mouth. “I saw it, baby,”

“Saw what?” I question, studying him and thinking he is beautiful.

“What you’re afraid to say. What you’re afraid to admit to yourself…to me.”

“Ev…” Tears fill my eyes as my heart speeds up.

“I know it’s there already. Maybe it never left, but I saw it, and I want it.”

“I…” I close my eyes, wishing I could make him understand what I’m feeling, why I’m so afraid.

“I’m not going anywhere. I’m not letting you go anywhere either.” His fingers sift through my hair again, and my eyes open to meet his.

“I believe you.” And I do. I see it in the way he looks at me, feel it in the way he touches me. I know deep in my gut he’s telling the truth, but I’m still afraid.

“I hate that you don’t have my last name anymore. It killed me when Colton introduced you as my wife and I knew it wasn’t true.”

“I didn’t like it either,” I say, as he rolls us to our sides, effectively severing our connection, and then adjusting me so I’m draped over him.

“He didn’t know. His mom and dad knew, because I worked the bar with them, and they eventually dug it out of me. But he didn’t know.”

“It sucked, but it’s okay. He’s nice. I can see why you two are friends.”

“He’s a good guy,” he agrees, running his fingers down my spine. My eyes start to drift closed. The three orgasms I had, his touch, and the sound of his heartbeat against my ear lull me close to sleep. “Gonna marry you again, baby,” he says quietly, and with those words ringing in my ears, I fall asleep smiling.

Chapter 10


Tossing the ball for Ninja into the backyard, I pull my cell out of my back pocket when it rings, and sigh once I get a look at the caller ID. I’ve been avoiding this phone call for the last week, but I know I need to get it over with.

“Hello,” I answer, picking up the ball once more, watching Ninja take off before it is even out of my hand.

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