“What’s going on?”

“I need some help on a case.”

“Have you talked to Jax?” I ask, and he shakes his head then drops his voice.

“Can’t have too many people in on this, and he doesn’t have the connection I need.”

“What’s that?” I prompt, taking a pull from my beer then sitting back down.

“The Broken Eagles,” he says.

I growl, “Fuck no,” jerking my head back.

His body moves closer to mine and his voice dips. “It’s one of their new recruits. I can’t go to Wes with this. He will lose his fucking mind and blow my case.”

“Ask someone else.” I shake my head and pull my eyes from him. No way am I going to go behind the backs of men who have taken my back at every turn.

“You know there’s no one else to ask,” he replies easily, and I let out a breath, because I know he’s right. “I can’t risk anyone knowing about this until I have a solid case, and in order to build that case, I need to keep this guy right where he is.”

“You know you’re putting me in a really fucked-up spot with my brothers, right?” I clarify, and his eyes go to where June and her parents are standing.

“Two of my nieces are involved with men connected to this guy. That shit doesn’t sit well with me.”

“Who is it?”

“Are you in or not?” he asks, and I close my eyes in frustration.

“If shit starts to go south, I’m filling the brothers in, and we’ll handle if from the inside.”

“I’m gonna ignore that statement,” he mutters, then grins a wicked-looking scary grin. “Told Asher my niece is safe with your crazy ass.” He sounds proud as he pats my shoulder.

“Who is it?” I repeat, and his eyes hold mine.


“Why doesn’t that shit surprise me?” I mutter. I didn’t like the prick, even before he cornered June. There always seemed to be something off about him, something I noticed from the first moment he came into our circle, something I couldn’t put my finger on.

“What’s he into?”

“He’s connected with a club in Nashville, the Southern Stars. They have their fingers in just about everything—pussy, guns, drugs. You name it, they deal in it. From what I’ve found out so far, he was sent to town to look for a club to take over so they could expand their business.”

“Jesus,” I hiss, feeling rage course through me. Unlike some of the other clubs in the area, the Broken Eagles are clean. They don’t deal in drugs, pussy, or guns, and would flip if they knew that shit was touching the club in any way.

“We’ll meet after the weekend and discuss the details,” he says looking over my shoulder with a smile. I turn my head and watch June strut toward us.

“Is everything okay?” she asks, looking between her uncle and me.

Reaching out, I take her hand, pulling her down into my lap, ignoring the tightness in her body. “It’s all good,” I assure her, giving her middle a squeeze.

“We’re at my parents’ house,” she says, scolding me over her shoulder.

“Yep,” I agree, kissing her shoulder.

“Seriously, my—”

“Relax.” I give her another squeeze and hold her gaze as her eyes narrow.

“You’re so bossy,” she grumbles, relaxing back into me and making me grin.

“I gotta head out,” Nico says, standing and clasping my shoulder. He leans over, kissing June’s head, and mutters, “Be good, kid,” before wandering off.

“What was my dad saying?” she asks, tipping her head back to look at me once her uncle is gone.


“Hm,” she murmurs. “And my uncle, what did he say?”

“Nothing, baby.”

“So you’re not going to tell me?” she surmises, and I put my fingers to her chin, pulling her gaze to mine.

“There’s nothing to tell. It’s all good.”

Her eyes search my face before she nods once then leans back farther into me. A few minutes later, July and Wes come over, taking the seat Nico vacated, and not long after that, we call it a night and head home.


“Ev,” June whimpers, pushing her pussy into my mouth as I slide my hands up her thighs, holding her legs open.

“Come for me, beautiful,” I growl, sliding my thumb inside of her. Her back arches off the bed and the heels of her feet press into my back as she comes loud. The white dress she wore to her parents’ had tormented me since the moment she walked out of the bedroom wearing it. On the way home, she didn’t help any when her hand wandered continuously over the bulge in my jeans. As soon as we pulled up to the house, I went around to her side of my truck, threw her over my shoulder, listening to her giggle herself stupid, and carried her into the house. Straight to the bedroom. I tossed her on the bed, dropped to my knees, and shoved my face between her legs to pay her back for teasing me by not letting her come. Until now.

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