Before her, I could take or leave eating pussy. I didn’t enjoy it; it was just something I did to get my partner off. But I could spend hours drinking her in—the way her body writhes, the sounds she makes, her taste, everything about it is a turn-on.

Giving her one last lick, I wipe my chin on her inner thigh then stand, pulling my shirt over my head and dropping it to the floor. I lose my boots and jeans, along with my boxers. Dragging her dress over her head, I climb between her thighs, keeping my gaze locked with hers. Her long legs wrap around my waist as my hand slides up to cup her left breast and my mouth lowers to cover her right. Cupping her breast with my hand, I pause, realizing she doesn’t have a nipple.

“What the fuck?” I frown, pulling my face away from her chest, looking at some strange flesh-colored sticker covering her tip.

“Oh, I totally forgot about those,” she whimpers, dipping her face down to look at me, her eyes dark with desire, her lips swollen, and her cheeks pinked, revealing just how turned on she is. “Just pull them off,” she hisses, pressing her hips into mine.

“But what the fuck are they?” I repeat, taking the edge of the sticker and ripping it off like a Band-Aid. I regret it, though, when she cries out, covering her chest with her hand.

“The other one now,” she says, and I look up, seeing her laugh. Doing the other one slowly, I take both stickers and attempt to flick them off my fingers, but it takes a few tries before they fly off, and by that time, her body is shaking uncontrollably under mine. “Oh, God.” She giggles. “You weren’t supposed to even see those.”

“A little late for that,” I inform her, cupping her breast. Her laughter stops immediately and her back arches, pressing her breast into my hand. Moving my mouth over the other one, I lick her nipple, pull back, and blow a breath across the surface, watching it pucker.

“No more teasing,” she moans, running her fingers through my hair.

“No more teasing, baby,” I agree, pulling her nipple into my mouth while pinching the opposite one. Her hiss of breath has my already hard cock turning to stone. Licking up her neck, I wrap my arm around her waist and use my other arm to toss her leg behind my back, while sliding into her warm, tight, wet heat. There is nothing better than her. Gritting my teeth, I fight back the urge to come immediately, like I do every time I enter her.

“Jesus Christ,” I grate out through clenched teeth, as her walls tighten. “Open your mouth.” Her eyes slide open and my fingers trace her lips before I dip my thumb into her mouth. Her lips close around it, her teeth press in, and her tongue flicks the tip, making my balls draw tight. “Release.” Her lips slide open and I push back to my knees, place my thumb against her clit, and circle slowly.

“I thought you said no more teasing,” she pants, wrapping her legs around my hips, circling hers in sync with my thumb. Ignoring her comment, I roam my free hand up her belly, keeping my eyes locked on our connection and the wetness coating my cock every time I slide out. Fuck, but every part of her is seriously fucking beautiful. Cupping her breast, I tug her nipple, and her already tight walls tighten further. “Ev…I…” Her hands move to my chest, down my abs, and then her fingers span my cock sliding into her. “You feel so good,” she breathes, and my eyes move up her body to meet hers.

“Let it go, beautiful,” I gently urge, and her teeth dig into her bottom lip as her legs tighten along with her pussy.

Dropping forward, I grind my hips into her before losing myself deep inside her. Rolling to the side to keep my weight off her, I take her with me and listen to her breathing even out, while drifting my hand down the skin of her back.

“I need to let Ninja out,” she says, sounding half-asleep, and I grin at the ceiling.

“I’ll get him in a minute.”

“I also need to clean up,” she mumbles, pressing her face into my chest.

“I’ll also take care of that in a minute,” I reply, kissing the top of her head.

“I also need to set the alarm,” she whispers, now sounding like she’s talking in her sleep.

“I’ll take care of it, baby.”

“I love you,” she mumbles, as her body goes limp against mine. My arm tightens around her instinctively as my lungs compress with the weight of those three words.

“I love you too, beautiful,” I murmur, even though I know she can’t hear me in her sleep.