I gasp at his ultimatum. “I love this dress,” I declare, as his mouth travels down my neck, between my breasts, and then he’s moving the lace of the dress aside and his large hands cup my breasts in each of his palms.

“I fucking hate these things. They are constantly in the way of what I want,” he growls, ripping the pasties off my nipples.

“Oh, God,” I moan, letting my head fall back and my hands slide through his hair. His fingers work my nipples, pulling and tugging as his mouth slides between my breasts, tormenting me. “Evan.”

“Go,” he says, stepping back suddenly, leaving me panting against the wall.

“What?” I blink up at him, trying to understand what happened, why he stopped touching me.

“Five,” he states, sliding his eyes over my face then chest.

“Wh… what?”

“Four.” His jaw clenches as he growls, “Three.”

“Oh, shit.” I pull myself away from the wall and stumble, still half-drunk, down the hall, listening to him countdown behind me as I run into the room, trying to tug my dress up over my head as I go. Realizing that’s not how I put it on, I pull one hand out of a sleeve and then the other.

“One,” I hear as a hand goes to my back and I’m bent over the mattress, my dress now down around my waist. Then the bottom of the garment is up and the cool air of the room meets the bare skin of my ass.


“These are not even covering my pussy, June,” he mutters, roughly running a finger along the edge of my lace thong from my outer hip, down between my ass cheeks, and lower, grazing my pussy. “You have a beautiful ass.” His hand runs over the cheek soothingly, and my hands bunch the duvet between my fingers as I slide up on my tiptoes, tilting my backside toward him, silently begging him to do whatever he wants to me.

“Give me your hands,” he commands, and my pulse speeds up as I release the duvet and put my hands behind my back. “You’re being very good right now.”

Oh, God, his tone is doing crazy things to my insides, making me feel like every inch of me has been somehow lit on fire, and only his touch can put the inferno out. Feeling smooth material wrap around first one wrist then the other, I start to pant.

“This dress is really fucking nice,” he states, as my wrists are pulled tightly together, causing my chest to arch forward and my cheek to press deeper into the bed. “Now I have you how I want you,” he mutters, as if he’s talking to himself, and my thong is dragged up higher between the cheeks of my ass, causing the material to rub roughly against my clit, making me gasp. “Stay just like that.”

Breathing deeply, I hold my position, listening closely to him moving around. The sound of fabric hitting the floor registers, then soon, after one thud then another, which I know are his boots, metal clinks and more fabric hits the floor and a drawer opens and closes before I feel his heat behind me. His hands on my hips slide around my waist and down over the material of the lace covering my pussy. “You’re wet for me. Does being tied up and at my mercy turn you on?” he asks roughly, and I nod, breathing heavily and pressing my hips forward, needing his touch. “Tell me what you want, June.”

“You! I want you,” I plea, becoming desperate.

“You have me.”

“No!” I cry, when his hands move back to my hips, holding me once more.

“Tell me.”

“I want you to touch me,” I whimper, feeling his hard length so close to where I need him.

“I am touching you.” His hands move over my ass and down the back of my thighs then up between my legs, still not close enough to where I need him to be.

“Evan, please,” I beg, feeling his fingers move the small piece of material covering my soaked core to the side, and my arms strain against the material of my dress as I try to gain more of his touch. My legs move farther apart and my ass tilts higher.

“Beautiful, all you have to do is tell me what you want, and I’ll give it to you.”

“I want you to fuck me!” I practically yell at the top of my lungs. “Please, fuck me.” I feel tears of frustration prickle the back of my eyes, but then he’s there. In me. Slamming so hard and so deep that my breath catches and my head arches back in ecstasy from the stretch and feeling of fullness.

“Goddamn.” His fingers hold me tighter around my hips. So tight, I know I will be bruised from his touch. So tight that I can’t move, can’t do anything. I’m completely at his mercy. Then, my hands are grasped in his as he fucks me hard and fast, bringing on an orgasm that didn’t even get a chance to build, one that makes my knees buckle and my teeth sink into my lower lip so hard that I taste copper.

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