I finally find my breath again, only to have it taken away when my arms are released and the feeling of pins and needles shoots down my limbs, and my body is lifted and placed onto the bed. My legs are spread wide with his hands on my ankles, holding me open, then his mouth is on me. His teeth and tongue devouring me like he’s starved for my taste, like he needs my essence to survive.

“Oh, God, don’t stop. I’m so close,” I whisper, squeezing my eyes closed as my core contracts.

“Give it to me. Rock that pussy. Get off on my tongue.” His words send me over the edge and I give him what he wants, not being able to stop myself, even if I wanted to.

“Evan,” I cry his name, as my body goes limp and my eyes slide shut, only to shoot open moments later when the sound of material ripping meets my ears. “You ripped my dress.”

“Told you I was going to. Now get on your knees and open your mouth. I want that pretty mouth of yours around my cock.” Energy from somewhere else moves through me, as the visual of me sucking him off filters through my brain. I roll to my belly then slide up on my hands and knees, moving to where he’s kneeling on the bed with his hand wrapped around his length, stroking himself. My core tightens again, and I know I want him inside me. But the need to taste him on my tongue is almost overwhelming as I crawl toward him.

“Christ, you look like a fucking wet dream. Change of plans. Sit back on your knees and cup your tits.”

The look in his eyes is one I’ve never seen before. One that makes me want to please him. So I do what he asks and rise up on my knees and slide my hands up my thighs, over my waist, and then cup both of my breasts, letting my head fall back and my eyes slide closed.

“Spread your legs wider, baby. Let me see your pussy. Let me see what belongs to me.”

Sliding my legs wide, I tilt my head back toward him and try to open my eyes, wanting to see the look on his face, wanting so badly to see that I’m pleasing him. Then a soft buzz fills the room and his hand moves toward me. My eyes drop, noticing he has my small clit stimulator in his hand. The first touch of my toy against my clit has my hips jerking back. It’s too much for me to take, too much for my over-stimulated body to deal with.

“Do not fucking move.” At his harsh tone, my body locks and my eyes meet his. It takes everything in me to keep my legs wide open for him, as the small vibrator runs against my clit. “Pull your nipples.”

Licking my lips, I cup my breasts and tug my nipples, the sensation not as pronounced as when he is touching me, but I still feel the zing from my nipples to my core, causing a strangled cry to climb up the back of my throat.

“It’s too much.”

“Come for me.”

“I can’t. It’s too much.”

“I said fucking come for me.” His free hand wraps around my hair, tugging me forward, and then his lips are on mine and his tongue is pushing into my mouth, as I moan my orgasm down his throat.

My hips buck, and the sound of the soft buzz disappears as his hand cups me over my pussy. My body is so loose and my eyes grow heavy as I’m laid back onto the bed. His hand is at my jaw, pulling down. “Open.” Forcing my eyes open, they meet his as he leans over me, running the tip of his cock against my lips. “Open, June. Don’t make me tell you again.” Shivering, I open my mouth and run my tongue around the crown of his cock. “Good girl, now take me deep.”

I do. I open my mouth farther and feel him bump the back of my throat with each thrust. My body, which I thought couldn’t take any more, primes itself back up as his hand slide over my stomach and between my legs. His feather-light touch against my clit is giving me something, yet nothing at all, as I work him with my mouth and move my hands to cup his balls. His groans and grunts egg me on, making me want him to feel what I feel every time he touches me.

He pulls from my mouth with a pop and I cry out, “No!”

“I come inside of you.” He tosses my leg over his shoulder, and then he’s inside of me again, filling me, making me feel complete. His eyes lock on mine and his hands move, holding my hair away from my face, while his hips move slowly and his weight presses me into the bed.

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