“I love you,” I breathe, wrapping my arms around his back, and my legs up high around his hips. “Oh, God, Evan.” My walls contract, and his hips jerk before pressing fully into me as he comes, leaving no space between us.

“Are you still drunk?” The soft words are spoken against my mouth, causing tears to pool in my eyes.

“No. Yes.” I shake my head and wrap myself tighter around him.

“Promise me that you’ll remember saying it.”

“I’ll remember. I’ve wanted to…” I pause to pull in a breath. “I tried to tell you.”

“You have told me. In your sleep, you tell me every night.”

“What?” I breathe, pulling back to search his face.

“When you fall asleep, when I pull you into me, you tell me you love me, but even if you didn’t say the words out loud, I would know.”

“I was going to write it down and give it to you in a note,” I tell him truthfully, and his body starts to shake above mine before he’s rolling us over, so that I’m draped half across his chest.

“You were going to write that you love me down on a piece of paper and give it to me?” he asks, still laughing, and I fight my own smile, because it really does sound crazy.

“It was April’s idea.”

“Was she drunk when she came up with that idea?”

“Um, no actually. It was before we even had dinner or anything to drink.”

“Hmm,” he murmurs, running his hand up my back.

“Did you really just rip my dress?” I ask, after a long moment of lying there, feeling his fingers run over my skin.


“Caveman,” I mutter, while smiling into the skin of his chest.

“Yep,” he mumbles back then rolls toward me. “I need to go let Ninja out. Do you want me to clean you up, or do you want to take off your makeup?” he asks, while running his fingers through my hair.

“I need to take off my makeup,” I whisper, then lean in and press my mouth to his in a soft touch, saying, “I love you.” I need to prove to myself the words that came out earlier weren’t a fluke.

“I know you do, baby,” he agrees against my mouth, before kissing me deep and long and so sweet that I feel it down to my soul.

Chapter 12


Looking across the open room of the compound, I watch Jordan talking to one of the new guys. Since Nico talked to me weeks ago about him, I’ve been keeping an eye on the guy and have noticed on more than one occasion that he has been working his way through the club, talking to recruits.

“That motherfucker is gonna end up in a ditch somewhere.” Harlen comes up at my side, and I turn to look at him. “I know you’ve been watching him too,” he mutters, taking a pull from his beer as his eyes slide to where Jordan is across the room. “I did some research and found out he was a member of another club, the Southern Stars, out of Nashville, just a few months ago. Word on the road is his dad is the vice president.”

He’s right. That is the exact intel I got from Nico, along with Brew, whose crew, the Wild Hogs, have had a few run-ins of their own with the Southern Stars over the last couple years. Unlike the Broken Eagles, the Wild Hogs do have dealings in the shadier side of the biker club lifestyle, but they also kept to themselves and have been known around town to do more good than bad. Or at least that’s the image they’ve portrayed to the public.

“I don’t trust him,” Harlen says, cutting into my thoughts.

“I don’t either,” I agree, looking across the room to where June and July are playing a game of pool. My eyes constantly seek her out, not that they need to. I know where she is without even looking for her. I swear my body is in tune with hers, like there is an invisible wire connecting us.

“Wes wants him out.”

Fuck. I turn on my stool to meet his gaze once more. If he’s out, Nico’s whole case goes under, and as much as it shits me to break my word to Nico, the only way I can keep the stupid fucker around is to talk to Wes and the rest of the guys about what’s happening.

“We need to talk, and we need to do that shit now,” I say, sliding off my stool. “Get the guys and meet me in the shop in five. I’m gonna get the girls out of here.”

“Sure,” he agrees, reading my tone.

I don’t even look back. I make a beeline across the room to June who is bent over the pool table taking a shot.

“Hey.” She smiles when she sees me, resting the end of her pool stick on the floor.

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