“Come with me,” I mutter, taking the stick from her hand and setting it on the table. Looking at July, I point at the ground. “Don’t move from here. She’ll be right back.”

“Uhh. Okay.” July frowns, and I tug June’s hand, lead her halfway down the hall, and press her to the wall.

“What are you doing?” she asks breathlessly, running her hands up my chest to my shoulders.

Leaning closer, I move my mouth to her ear. “Get July and take her to our house. You girls stay there until I come home,” I instruct, moving my hands up the back of her shirt and running them along her smooth skin.

“Wh-what?” She leans back, running her eyes over my face.

“Get July and take her to our house. I need to talk to the guys, which means no one I trust will be able to look out for you two for a few.”

“Is everything okay?”

“Everything’s fine. I just want you girls out of here for a while.”

“Okay.” She frowns then tilts her head to the side. “Are you sure everything is okay?”

“I’m sure.”

“Promise?” she asks softly, and my forehead drops to rest against hers.

“I promise, baby.” I mummer and her body relaxes.

“Okay,” she agrees. I touch my mouth to hers before taking her back toward the pool tables, where July is now standing with Wes.

“The girls are heading to our place,” I tell him quietly, gaining a chin lift before he looks at July and leads her out the door toward the parking lot, muttering, “Stay with June, text when you get to her house.”

“You know I hate it when you keep me out of the loop,” she gripes, and he grins then leans in, saying something I can’t hear before kissing her pouting mouth. “You’re annoying,” she says when he releases her, and I look at June, handing her the keys to my truck since I drove us here.

“Text when you get home and set the alarm,” I tell her, kissing her forehead then her lips.

“I know, I know,” she sighs, then climbs up into the truck, which looks way too big for her, as July gets into the passenger side seat.

“Drive careful.”

“Maybe.” She smiles, starting up The Beast, slamming the door, and then rolling down the window. “I’ve never driven a truck this big. Maybe we’ll skip going home and take this thing off-roading and see what it can do.”

“If you feel like getting spanked, have at it, baby.” I smirk, and her eyes light with mischief, which makes me shake my head. My girl’s a freak, and I fucking love that about her. “Be good,” I mutter. I watch her wave and back out of the parking lot. As soon as the truck is out of sight, I move to Wes. “Let’s go.”

We head for the shop next to the compound. When we enter, all eyes come to us, and I move with Wes to the office while everyone follows.

“What’s going on?” Wes asks, breaking the silence as Harlen, Everett, Zee, Mic, Blaze, and Jinx move around the room in a circle.

“Nico approached me a couple weeks ago at June’s parents’ house and asked me to help him out with a case he’s working on,” I confess, and watch the guys look around the room. They all know June’s uncle. They all respect him and know what he does, so I’m sure they know exactly what I’m going to say next. “I told him I didn’t feel comfortable doing shit behind your backs, but he insisted I keep this to myself, and I agreed under the circumstances that I would unless shit got out of hand.” I pause and look at Wes.

“Harlen told me tonight that you want Jordan out. That shit can’t happen.”

“Pardon?” Wes asks, and I move my eyes through the men in the room to meet his once more.

“Jordan has been sent into the club to recruit the lower-ranking members and eventually take over by offering them a different kind of lifestyle.”

“You have got to be shitting me,” Wes growls.

“Nico knew you’d be pissed.”

“If he knew that, then he should have fucking talked to me about it.”

“He couldn’t, and if you think about it, you’d agree that he couldn’t. You would have lost your mind and blown his case. I know you don’t want the dirt Jordan is bringing into the club, but it’s already here and spreading. I know for a fact he’s gotten to a few of the guys, and he’s been putting feelers out to a few of you to see what you think and to test your loyalty to Wes,” I say, looking around, and a few of them nod.

“He approached me and Jinx a week ago,” Blaze says, and Wes frowns at him. “He didn’t go into detail. He just asked a few questions about our thoughts on making more money for the club.”

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