“I won’t.” After Evan came back in from talking to my uncle, he didn’t mention Lane’s visit again. Even after he noticed that the back door had bite marks in the wood around the doorjamb and saliva all over the glass from Ninja’s barking, when he was trying to get inside, sensing in his doggie way that his mom was in trouble. When Evan saw the damage, I explained that Ninja had been outside when the doorbell rang. With us not having a doggie door and it being the middle of summer, I had shut the door, leaving Ninja out in the backyard, so I didn’t lose the cooled air in the house while he wandered the grass for hours. Something he loves to do. I could tell he was pissed, but he didn’t say anything about it until now.

“Your uncle is going to talk to the judge tomorrow about getting a restraining order. Now that he’s made contact, we’ve got a better chance of getting it approved,” he says, pulling me out of my thoughts. I sit up, putting my elbow into the bed, so I can look down at him.

“Do you think he’ll be back?” I ask, and his fingers run through my hair, sliding it over my bare shoulder.

“I want to say no, but I can’t guarantee he won’t.”

“Great.” I sigh, dropping to my back and covering my face.

His hands wrap around mine, pulling them from my face, and his eyes go hard. “It will be okay.”

“I believe you.” I lift my hands, running my fingers over his jaw, watching as his eyes soften. “As long as I have you, I have nothing to worry about. I know that, down to my soul,” I get out, before his head drops to mine and he kisses me, making me forget about everything.


“Oh…” My legs tense and my eyes blink open, seeing the early morning light spilling across the ceiling.


Looking down the length of my body, I catch Evan’s wicked grin before his face lowers between my legs and his hands cup my ass, bringing me deeper into his mouth. Waking primed and ready from his touch has become one of my favorite ways to start my day. The added fact that he seems to get off on it just as much as I do only makes me love it even more.

“Ev.” My teeth dig into my bottom lip and my hands fist in his hair, when one finger then another enters me slowly, and his tongue circles my clit. Raising my hips higher, I silently beg for more.

“What the fuck?” he growls, and my foggy mind takes a moment to register that the doorbell is going off.

“Don’t stop. They’ll go away,” I plead, not above begging.

“Make it fast, baby.” His fingers work faster, curling up to hit my G-spot, and his mouth latches on to my clit, pulling hard, sending me spiraling through a short but sweet orgasm while the doorbell continues to chime.

“I’m gonna kill whoever’s at the door.” He knifes out of bed, tossing the blanket over the lower half of my naked body.

“Okay,” I agree, and he grins with a shake of his head, roaming his eyes over me while pulling on his sweats.

“Don’t move,” he orders, growling, “Fuck,” when I raise my arms over my head to stretch.

“The door,” I remind him, as he stalks toward me.

“This better be good,” he grumbles, turning and leaving the room without another look at the bed, where I’m sprawled out.

“Bitch, get your ass out here!” JJ yells, and I sit up and swing my eyes to the clock on the bedside table. I knew it was early, judging by the light coming in through the blinds, but it’s not even 7:00 yet.

“What the hell?” Rolling out of bed, I rush to the bathroom and pull on my robe, tying it around my waist, then stop at my dresser and slip on a pair of panties before leaving the room. When I make it to the kitchen, Evan is standing near the coffeepot, watching JJ, who has made herself at home in the kitchen, where she is currently rummaging through the fridge.

“Is everything okay?” I ask, and her head pops up out of the fridge so she can glare at me.

“I don’t know.” She tosses some lunchmeat onto the counter, along with a jar of mayo, and then stomps to the breadbox, opening it up and pulling out a loaf of bread. “I haven’t seen or heard from you in three weeks, and I had to find out from Brew, of all people, that my girl is engaged. What the fuck?” she asks, putting her hands on her hips.

“I suck,” I mutter, feeling horrible for not calling her with my good news. But honestly there has been so much on my mind lately including the fact I found out a few days ago that I’m pregnant. I’m still in shock from seeing the two pink lines on the test I took and have been trying to find a way to tell Evan we’re going to have a baby.

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