“You have a huge fucking family,” I inform her, ripping her shirt off over her head. “And we have a lot of friends. I thought they would never leave.”

“We have a huge family. They’re your family now, too.” She lifts her hips, panting, so I can drag her jeans shorts and panties down over her ass.

“I’ve been dying to be inside of you all night. I swear I was ready to kick everyone out hours ago.” I unhook her bra and toss it behind me.

“They care about you,” she hisses, as I cup her breasts and pinch her nipples.

“I know,” I agree, leaning back to help her pull my tee off. “But they could have waited a week or two before showing up,” I complain, and she laughs, cupping my cheek.

“Welcome to the family, honey. You will never be alone again.” She smiles, and I smile back. As much as I hate to admit it, that shit feels good. “Now stop talking,” she whispers, putting pressure on the back of my neck. Giving her what she wants, I kiss her then roam my hand down between her legs, finding her wet and ready for me.

“Ev,” she moans, riding my fingers while my mouth covers her breast.

“I’m right here, baby.”

“I need you inside of me.” Removing my fingers from her, I lick them clean then kick off my jeans and move back between her still spread legs.

“I don’t know if I can go soft,” I tell her, pushing her hair back away from her face.

“Why would you need to be soft?” she asks, wrapping her hand around my cock, sliding it up and down.

“The baby.”

“The baby is fine. Now, please, fuck me.” She lifts her hips, and I sink slowly inside her.

“Harder,” she begs, and I lean back, searching her eyes, picking up my pace. Her legs lift, wrapping me tight, and her back arches off the bed.

“Fuck,” I growl, picking up the pace at seeing that she’s close.

“Yesss.” Her nails dig into my back as her pussy convulses around me, taking me with her through her orgasm.

“Home,” I growl, looking into her beautiful eyes. “You are my home.” I slide out then back in, burying my face in her neck and my cock deep.

“You’re my home,” she whispers into my ear. “I love you.”

“I love you too, beautiful.” I lean back to look at her, knowing I may have fucked up, but there was no way I would ever lose her again.


Three months later

“You may now kiss the bride.”

At those words, I grab June around the waist, dip her backward, and cover her mouth with mine, while our family and friends cheer loudly. When I saw her coming down the aisle toward me, holding on to her dad’s arm, I had to clench my fist so I didn’t rush forward and drag her away from him toward the altar.

Ripping my mouth reluctantly from hers, I gaze down at her, knowing I’m the luckiest motherfucker on the planet. She’s always beautiful, but wearing her off-the-shoulder, form-fitting ivory dress, with her skin glowing from pregnancy, her hair tied up, showing off her face and neck, she’s breathtaking.

“I love you,” she breathes, running her fingers over my lips, while her eyes fill with tears.

“Always, beautiful, until the day I die.” I stand her with me, and a roar explodes around us. Lifting her up into my arms, I listen to her laugh while I carry her back down the aisle, hearing a few chuckles as we pass everyone without stopping.

“Where are we going?” June questions, as I head into the building, where we both got ready this afternoon.

“Your mom kept me from you last night. And today, I stayed away like she asked me to, but now you’re my wife, all bets are off,” I mutter, heading toward her dressing room. As soon as I reach her door, I growl, “Open it,” then kick the door closed and move across the room to the couch, laying her down gently. “How hard would it be for me to take this dress off you?” I question, running my hands up the lace covering her sides and the intricate buttons along her back.

“It took twenty minutes for my mom and sisters to get it all buttoned.” She laughs, tugging my face toward hers. “But we can make out.” She smiles against my mouth and I thrust my tongue between her parted lips, covering her body with mine.

“If you two don’t get out here right now, I swear I will break down this door!” November yells, breaking up our moment, and I look into June’s smiling eyes and mutter, “Your mom is a nut.”

“That’s not my mom. That’s Momzilla,” she whispers, shoving her face into my neck, laughing when November pounds again. This time harder.

“We better get out there before she realizes the door isn’t locked,” I grumble, looking toward the door, surprised it hasn’t opened already.

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