“Yes what?” She smirks, and I roll my eyes.

“Yes, he has a big penis. Are you happy?”

“Not really, since his super-sized penis and hotness isn’t mine, but I’m happy for you.”

“Are you really?” I whisper, and her brown eyes soften.

“Very. He’s the only man I know who’s ever made you feel any kind of emotion besides your family. Any other guy, you couldn’t care less what they think. To me, that says a lot.”

“It’s way too fast.”

“Yeah.” She nods. “I mean, I thought you two would end up together, but I had no idea you’d marry him before actually dating him.”

“I didn’t plan it.”

“I bet not, Miss ADD, but then again, some of the best things in life are unplanned.”

“I guess we’ll find out. So how was your trip with Luka?”

“Amazing,” she breathes, resting her chin in the palm of her hands and I blink.

“Is that… Is that what I think it is?” I whisper, pointing at the giant rock on her finger.

“This little thing?” She holds up her hand, then screams, “I’m getting married!”

“Oh, my God, you finally said yes!” I shout, launching myself across the island and grabbing her hand. “Holy shit, he did good.” I study the large princess-cut diamond surrounded by smaller sapphires. It’s perfect for her.

“If you like it, then you better put a ring on it.” She giggles, and I laugh right along with her.

“You’re getting married.” Tears fill my eyes, and I move around the island, wrapping her in a hug. No one deserves happy more than she does. No one.

“Will you be my maid of honor?”

“If you even think of asking anyone else, I’ll kill you.”

“I would never.” She rocks me back and forth then pulls away. “I’m pissed I didn’t get to be at your wedding.”

“I don’t even really remember it, honestly.” I laugh, and she shakes her head then her eyes widen.

“Does your dad know you got married?”

“No one except Jax knows. I have no idea how I’m going to tell them,” I sigh, letting her go.

“Oh, God, I do not envy you right now. Your dad is going to lose his mind when he finds out his baby got married.” She’s right; my dad will lose his mind. He’s always been protective of me and has hated every guy I’ve ever dated.

“I know,” I huff, moving to sit on the stool next to hers. “Dillon told my mom that he and I are dating. I don’t know if my mom just hasn’t told my dad or what, but he hasn’t asked me about it when we’ve talked.”

“Knowing your mom and dad, she’s told him and he’s trying to figure out how he feels about it. He likes Dillon. They always talk whenever your family invites him to functions. He respects him.”

Sheesh, how could I forget that? Since almost the moment Dillon came into my life, he’s been at all of my family gatherings, and he and my dad do get along. They are always off chatting when they are together. It used to annoy me, but now I’m wondering if it is something that will work in my favor.

“You’re right.”

“I’m always right, and once again, I was right about you and Dillon. I told you he had the hot’s for you.”

She did tell me that all the damn time, and I always ignored it, never even wanting to think it was possibly true. “Whatever. So are you not working today?”

“I have a few showings this afternoon, and a closing at five. Why are you not at work?”

“This.” I lift my foot and her face scrunches up. The wound is healed, but the stitches are still in place, and the bruising has turned an ugly shade of yellow.

“What the hell happened?”

“Jax got in a fight with Dillon. They broke my lamp, and when I tried to break them up, I sliced my foot open.”

“Have we not spoken in the past week?” She frowns, and I shrug.

“We have, but not much.”


“So I’m guessing what Jenna said about Dillon’s ex was true?”

“Yeah, I don’t know.” I drop my head to the countertop. I completely forgot that a few months ago, Michelle told me Jenna, a mutual friend who works at the airport, helped the she-bitch from hell get on a flight back to New York after Dillon broke up with her. At the time, I didn’t believe it since Dillon never mentioned it and Jenna tends to lie about everything.

“It will be okay.” She rubs my back, and I turn my forehand on the counter to look at her.

“He told me that he has to explain to me about their relationship.”


“I don’t know. Every time he’s tried to bring it up, I’ve lost my mind. Like, literally… lost my mind. Even the mention of her name pisses me off and makes me see red.”

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