“I’m sitting right fucking here,” he growls, and she smiles, shrugging, then takes a sip of the chocolate shake in front of her.

“Have your parents talked to you?” she asks, and I move my eyes back to her, fighting back laughter as Wes does something to her under the table that makes her eyes widen.

No, they haven’t—not about that anyway. My dad still sends me messages daily that simply say “I love you,” and my mom does the same. It’s been a week since they found out, and I really don’t know how much more time I should give them. It’s getting old. Yes, I should have told them I got married, but it’s not as if I went to a nunnery, got the nuns drunk, and filmed an episode of Nuns Gone Wild in the middle of Sunday mass. I got married to a man I love. Okay, so I didn’t know I was in love with him when I married him, but I am in love with him, and I know he loves me. We’re happy, really fucking happy, and they should be happy for me.

“No.” I shrug, and her face softens.

“They’ll come around. Just give them time,” she murmurs as I take a giant bite of my hamburger and wash it down with some Coke.

“Everyone keeps saying they’ll come around, and I know they will, but to be honest, I’m kind of getting pissed off at them.”

“You’re their only daughter,” Wes puts in, and I look at him, with his dark messy hair, blue eyes, stubble-covered jaw, and faded black tee that is molded to the muscles of his arms and chest like a second skin. My cousin might think Dillon is hot, but seriously, her husband is totally gorgeous in that dark and wild kind of way.

“Yes, and that’s kind of my point.” I point my fry at him. “They can be mad, but really, what is the point? God forbid I walk out into the road and get hit by a car,” I state, and he raises a brow. “They’ll feel guilty for doing this, for making this into a giant deal, when it is really just semantics.” Now that Dillon and I have been together for a while, I know we were supposed to be together. “What would it have mattered if we dated for a week, or a year, before he popped the question?”

“Your dad would have known about it. That’s the difference,” he says softly, and I nod.

“Yeah, but the outcome would have been the same,” I tell him, sitting back and feeling sick. I shouldn’t have eaten so much, but then again, I always eat too much when I come here.

“Enough about me. How are things with you guys?” I ask, looking between the two of them. For a while now they have been trying to have a baby with no luck. I know one day it will happen for them, I just hope it’s soon. I hate seeing my cousin disappointed each month, and I know Wes hates it even more than I do.

“Good. We leave in three weeks for Barbados. You and Dillon should come along. It’ll be fun.”

“I wish,” I mutter, taking a sip of Coke. “Things have been getting really busy at the office. We’re actually looking into hiring another receptionist and two more techs to help out.” I sigh. I really do want to take a vacation, but I know I can’t right now.

“Dillon really is a big deal in the dental world, isn’t he?”

“He is,” I agree with a nod. I used to think he was just being pompous, but he really is amazing at what he does. “And since he remolded the office and updated everything, we are constantly getting new patient requests which is great, but with only him and I on staff it doesn’t make it easy to get away.”

“Even with how great the office looks, I still hate going there.” July shakes her head, and I roll my eyes.

“You’re a wuss.” I giggle, and she kicks me under the table, making me laugh harder.

“I can’t help it that I don’t have a high pain tolerance.”

“I still love you.” Wes kisses her cheek, and she turns her head to smile at him, resting her hand against his jaw. Watching the two of them, I wonder if Dillon and I look as sappy as they do right now.

“I really should get back to the office. Thank you guys for stopping by to invite me to lunch.”

“Anytime, and seriously, think about Barbados.”

“I will,” I agree. And I will think about it, but I know there is no way for me to pull a trip like that off. Not right now, unless I went without Dillon, and I’m definitely not going without him. I reach into my bag for money, but Wes slides his card to the waitress as she passes the table. “Next time, my treat,” I say, looking at him, only to have him shake his head in denial. “Whatever.” I roll my eyes then scoot out of the booth and lean over to kiss each of their cheeks. “Call me. We need to set up a girls’ night soon,” I tell July.

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