“How are you feeling?” The rough edge of his voice slides over my skin, making me shiver. Turning my head, my eyes connect with his and my core pulses.

“Fine,” I whisper, and he nods then takes off his suit jacket as he starts toward me. Instinctively taking a step back from the predatory look in his eyes, I bump into the counter then look left, debating if I should run.

“I wouldn’t do that if I were you.” My head swings back toward him, and I realize it’s too late. He’s too close for me to run now.

“Wh-what are you doing?” I stutter out, feeling my nipples harden and the space between my legs flood with heat as his hands rest against my hips and slide up under my shirt along my sides.

“I’m going to fuck you.” He nips my neck before my shirt is ripped over my head and tossed to the floor at our feet. “I’m going to remind myself that you are mine.” His hands span my waist then slide softly down, pushing my shorts and panties off my hips, and they fall to the floor. “And that no one else will ever get to touch you.” Grabbing onto his shoulders, I start to pant as he lifts me to the top of the island and pushes my legs roughly apart with his hands on my knees. “Take off your bra,” he commands, then groans as his fingers slide between my spread legs and over my clit.

“So fucking wet for me. Does making me crazy jealous turn you on?” he asks, pinching my clit. My head shakes side-to-side as my bra slides from my shoulders. “I think it does. You’re drenched and I’ve barely touched you.” His fingers that were between my legs raise, and I watch him slide them into his mouth and close his eyes. “Lay back, heels to the counter, and spread your legs.”

“Dil—” His name gets lodged in my throat as he presses his hand against my chest and forces me back against the cold marble.

“Now spread your legs,” he growls. Moaning, my legs fall apart and my eyes snap closed as his fingers begin to toy with me. “You’re so perfect,” he praises, palming my breast while his fingers fuck into me, leaving me breathless and my body begging for him. Forcing my eyes open when he stops, I watch him free himself from his slacks then take a deep breath as he pulls my ass to the edge off the counter and lines himself up with my entrance. “Who do you belong to?”

“You,” I breathe, wrapping my legs around his waist, using my heels to pull him closer to where I need him.

“Only me.” He thrusts forward hard, and my mind screams with pleasure as his hands wrap around my hips to keep me in place. “You’re mine.”

“Yes,” I cry out, arching my back, feeling heat spread from my core throughout my entire body.

Sliding one hand up my stomach then between my breasts, he wraps it around the back of my neck and lifts me forward, gently, until we are sharing the same breath. Leaning up, I nip his bottom lip then whimper when he takes my mouth like he owns it, thrusting his tongue against mine in sync with each hard blow as he pounds into me ruthlessly. “Fuck,” he snarls down my throat while slamming into me over and over, sending me closer to the edge. Overheating, every inch of me starts to sing with pleasure and my core begins to clamp down around him.

“I’m so close,” I breathe into his mouth, then wrap my arms around his back, pull my mouth from his, and bite down on his shoulder as my body ignites and fireworks explode behind my closed eyelids.


“Dillon,” I whimper, locking my legs tighter around his hips as my orgasm starts to come back to life.

“This time, you wait for me,” he groans as my nails dig into his skin and my core tightens.

“I don’t…” The words end as he thrusts hard, making my breath catch.

“You will wait for me.” He thrusts hard again and again, and my body begins to shake as I tighten my limbs around him and fight back my release. “God, fucking dammit,” he roars, then growls, “Come.” And just like that, I let go and fly over the edge, clinging to him with every single inch of me as I do. “You will always be mine,” he whispers, and my eyes fill with tears. Isla may know more about him than I do, but she will never have this. She will never know what it feels like to have all of him.

Chapter 9


Sitting across from Dillon, I use my chopsticks to pick up a piece of sushi then dip it in my wasabi and soy sauce mixture before shoving the whole thing into my mouth, moaning in happiness as the taste explodes on my tongue.

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