“Yes.” My eyes flare, and I try to turn my head to see if anyone is in the kitchen, but his free hand grabs my jaw, stopping me.

“Spread your legs a little. Let me feel how wet you are for myself.”


“Now,” he cuts me off, and my legs open ever so slightly. I am instantly rewarded with a flick to my swollen clit, making me gasp.

“You have no idea how badly I want to eat you right now,” he groans, plunging one thick finger inside of me, and my breath gets trapped in my lungs. “I can practically taste your hot little cunt on my tongue.” His dirty words vibrate against my ear as one finger becomes two and his thumb begins to circle my clit. “Does that feel good?”

“Yes.” I hold my coffee cup tighter, afraid I’ll spill the contents all over us, as my hips instinctively rock against his magical fingers.

“You’re so fucking wet. If you were laid out in front of me, your juices would be soaking the bed and my face,” he growls, nipping my neck hard enough to sting. Closing my eyes, my core clenches around his fingers and my body starts to tie itself up into a tight knot. “As soon as I finish making you come, I want you to get up, go upstairs, then get undressed and spread your legs for me on the bed. Do you understand?” he questions, licking up the column of my throat.

“Yes,” I pant, riding his fingers that are plunging in and out of me.

“First, I’m going to clean you up with my mouth,” he groans as my pussy spasms. “Then, I’m going to fuck you on your hands and knees until you come.


“I know, baby.” His fingers speed up, and I pray no one is watching us. There is no way they won’t know what we are doing. “Once you come on my cock, I want you on your knees in front of me, sucking me off until I come down your throat.”

“Yes,” I cry out as the knot inside of me suddenly unravels, and I fly apart in his arms. My teeth clench, my body shakes, and my mind empties of everything as one of the most spectacular orgasms I’ve ever had in my life rocks through me, leaving me with nothing but the feeling of him and me together.

“You’re always so fucking beautiful when you come.” Turning my head, I find his lips with mine and kiss him as his fingers move from between my legs. Pulling his mouth away, I watch his fingers disappear between his lips and his eyes slide closed, only to snap back open. “Up.”


“Up. Get your ass upstairs and do what I told you to do.”

“You were serious?” I breathe as my legs start to shake.

“I never joke when it comes to you.”

Blood rushes to the surface of my skin, and I quickly get off his lap and drop my coffee cup to the edge of the fireplace.

“See you upstairs,” I murmur, rushing inside, catching his smile as I go.

“Fuck, baby.”

Lifting my eyes to Dillon’s gorgeous face looking down at me, I moan around his cock. Watching his muscles flex and his jaw tighten, I feel my core convulse. He may be the one fucking into my mouth, but I’m the one with the power right now. Dropping my hand from his thigh, I slide it between my legs. My clit is so sensitive and swollen; not only did he eat me like he promised to do, he did it until I came three times, without giving me a chance to recover.

“Jesus fucking Christ. Beautiful, so fucking beautiful,” he growls, raking his hands carefully through my hair and pulling the heavy strands back away from my face. “Are you wet again?” he asks, and I nod, keeping the rhythm of my mouth around his length and my fingers between my legs. “Give me your fingers. Let me taste you.”

With a whine, I reluctantly pull my fingers away from my clit and raise my hand. Grabbing my wrist, he lifts my fingers to his mouth and sucks them clean.

“I should make you stop touching yourself. This should be about me getting off, not you. But I fucking love how you look with my cock in your mouth and your fingers between your legs.” Gliding my tongue around the tip of his cock, I suck hard, and he releases my wrist with a snarled, “Fuck.”

Sliding his fingers softly through my hair once more, his head drops back, face toward the ceiling, and his stomach muscles contract. Working him faster, I suck and lick, using my hand and mouth in sync to bring him close to the edge, and then squeak as he suddenly pulls away from me and jerks me up off the ground with his hands under my arms.

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