As he lifts me up, my legs automatically swing around his hips and my ankles lock behind his back as he impales me on his hard length. Walking the three steps to the closet, he opens the door, closes it behind us, and then shoves me up against the wall. “You. Make me crazy,” he growls, finding my clit with his thumb before pulling out and thrusting in hard. His thumb working me over and his cock thrusting in and out so hard sends me spiraling closer to the edge once more. I know this time when I come there will be no way for me to recover. As I dig my nails into his back, he buries his face in my neck.

“Come with me,” he commands, and I do. My body tightens around his, my legs and arms holding him as tightly as I can as I fall over the edge, moaning his name and hearing him groan mine against my skin as he plants himself deep inside of me. Sliding us to the ground, I keep myself attached to him, not even a little ready to let him go.

“I love having your family here, but I can’t wait until we have the house to ourselves again,” I whisper once our breathing has returned to normal and my heartbeat has slowed down.

“Me too,” he agrees, then pulls me back and searches my face. “How are you feeling?”

“Tired.” I laugh, dropping my forehead to his chest. “I feel like I could sleep for the rest of the day.”

“I wish I could let you sleep, but people will be here in about an hour, so you need to shower and dress before then,” he murmurs, kissing my forehead, and I pull back and frown at him.

“Who’s coming over?” I ask, and he sighs.

“Please don’t ask a million quest—”

“What the heck is going on, Dillon?” I interrupt, glaring at him, and his hands slide up my waist.

“Do you love me?” Knowing that’s a trick question, I press my lips tightly together in refusal then feel his hand slide up to cup my breast. “You better answer that with a yes.” He pinches my nipples, and I jerk back, covering my chest, glaring at him even harder. “Tell me you love me,” he repeats on a growl, pulling me tightly against him.

I hiss, “You know I love you. Now tell me what’s going on.”

“I’m not telling you, so stop asking.”


“Quiet,” he barks, taking my mouth in a deep kiss, cutting me off.

Forty minutes later, my body and mind are so lost in a state of euphoria that I don’t even care that he told me to be quiet, remember about people coming over, or question him again about dinner as he puts me in the shower.

Chapter 12


I can’t believe I thought this was a fucking good idea. Shaking my head to myself, I walk across the open second floor landing to the bedroom where I hear the sound of women talking and laughing. It kills me to share Ashlyn, so I don’t know why I thought today would be a good idea, or why I let her mom talk me into having all the girls over to hang out and help her get ready, when I knew it would mean I’d get zero time alone with her. Looking around our room as I enter, I scan until my eyes land on my wife sitting on a chair in front of the bed with her feet tucked under her, and Kim standing behind her, putting her hair up in some kind of elaborate style.

I head across the wood floors toward her, and she pulls her attention from her cousins that are sitting on the bed as her eyes come to me. “Hey.” Her face softens as our gazes connect. Seeing the happiness in her eyes, the annoyance I’ve been feeling all day washes away instantly.

“Hey, baby.” I get down on my haunches at her side, rest my hand on the side of her neck, and lower my voice, “I’m going to ride with Parker and the boys over to the restaurant, and your mom is going to drive you over once you’re done getting ready.”

“Oh, I thought I’d be riding with you.” She pouts, making me smile.

“I know, but you’re gonna be a bit, and the boys are getting antsy,” I lie, running my thumb along her jaw before tugging her chin toward me so I can kiss her. “I want you to wear this.” I pull out a blindfold and she opens her mouth, but I cut her off before she can ask why or protest. “Please.”

Staring at me, she nods, but I can tell it’s killing her not to ask the million questions swirling around in her head. “I’ll see you soon.”

“Okay, we shouldn’t be much longer,” she murmurs, taking ahold of the edge of my suit jacket and pulling me back toward her. I fight myself, knowing there are people watching us and pull away before I’m ready, when her lips hit mine. Fuck, but today cannot be over soon enough.