I can’t get enough, and judging by his hands roaming over me and his lips exploring mine, he feels the same. I’ve never been kissed like he’s kissing me. I’ve never felt every single cell in my body light up and come alive from a kiss. I knew I liked him, but his telling me that he was giving me a chance to get to know him is the sweetest thing anyone has ever said to me before. What I’ve found out these last few days with him wouldn’t have been possible if we’d been doing what we’re doing now. Lord knows I wouldn’t have even thought about getting to know him, because I would have only been concerned with getting his mouth on mine and his hands on my body.

“I’m glad you placed us in the friend zone.” I grind against him, feeling his hard length between us. As happy as I am about that, I’m happier that I get to feel his lips and touch, that I get to experience all of him now.

“We were never in the friend zone, baby.” He drags my top off over my head and then pulls down the cups of my lace bra until my breasts are exposed. He drinks me in, and his eyes grow darker. “My thoughts about you were never friendly.” He captures one nipple between his lips, sucking hard and causing my back to arch and my head to fall back toward my shoulders. When he moves to my neglected nipple, I cry out, clutching his shoulders while rolling my hips into his. He releases my nipple and cups both my breasts in his big hands, and his thumbs skim over the tightened buds.

I focus on his face, and when our eyes lock, I whisper, “Please take me to bed.” At this point, I’m not above begging him for what I need.

Without a word, he lifts us both off the couch with his hands under my ass. A thrill of desire and excitement courses through me, and I lock my legs around his hips. Our mouths meet again as he carries me down the hallway toward my bedroom, this kiss slower than the previous ones on the couch. My back lowers to the bed, and he comes down on top of me with his heavy weight.

I move, adjusting my arms so I can slide my hands up the back of his shirt. I’m greeted with warm skin that’s soft compared to the muscles underneath. He pulls his mouth from mine and leans back, looking into my eyes once more as he slips his hands behind my back and unhooks my bra, while I pull up his shirt until he’s forced to lean back to remove it. I take in every detail of him—his wide, hard chest, defined abs, and the small trail of hair that disappears into the waistband of his jeans. My hands shake as I place them against his skin and slide them down over the contoured muscles.

He pops the button on my jeans, then releases the zipper, and his fingers slide across my stomach just under the edge of my panties. My muscles contract, and more wet heat pools between my legs. I lift my hips as he pulls my jeans and panties off, tossing them out of the way. Completely naked and exposed, I don’t feel vulnerable or nervous. My body is on fire, and my mind is foggy with need.

When his hands slide up to my knees, I open for him. His head drops forward while his light touch moves up my inner thighs. I don’t have a moment to prepare for his mouth on me, his hot, wet tongue sliding up before his lips close around my clit. My eyes roll back into my head, and my fingers lace into his hair, holding him exactly where he is. My feet dig into the mattress, and he groans as I grind myself against him while he flicks my clit and sucks it hard.

As he slips two fingers inside me, rubbing them against my G-spot, my head thrashes, and stars begin dancing behind my closed eyelids as I come. Still on the high from my orgasm, I feel his lips trail to my knee, and I slowly open my eyes. I watch him with my chest heaving as he gets off the bed to remove his boots and take off his jeans and boxers.

He takes out a foil packet from his wallet, then tosses the wallet to my bedside table, where it slides across the smooth surface before landing on the floor. When my gaze meets his, I watch his eyes roam over me as he wraps his hand around his hard length. My mouth waters. He’s perfect everywhere; even his cock is perfect, long and thick, the veins defined as they stand out.

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