“You’re beautiful,” I breathe.

“I was thinking the same thing.” He places one knee on the bed and then the other, settling between my legs. His palms wrap around my face, and his fingers slowly slide back into my hair. “The first time I saw you, you took my breath away. I thought I dreamed you up. There was no other explanation for the most beautiful woman I’ve ever seen just falling through my window.” He grins, and I start to laugh. “I love that sound.”

My heart skips a beat on the word love, and I lean up, pressing my lips to his, not wanting him to see what he already means to me in such a short time.

He takes over the kiss, and we explore each other, using our hands, lips, teeth, and tongues. When I wrap my hand around his hard length, I listen to him hiss. “Fuck.”

“I need you,” I whisper against his lips.

“You’ve got me.” He thrusts into my hold. “Fuck, you’ve had me since the moment we met.” He leans back on his knees and rips open the condom packet with his teeth. He slides it down his length, and my pussy contracts in anticipation of having him inside me.

When he leans over me, his weight settling between my thighs and his fist by my head, I lift my hips. I feel the head of his cock where I need him most and moan. I can’t wait to feel him filling me. I can’t wait to feel all of him. He slides inside me slowly, breathing heavily, and when the tip of his cock hits my G-spot, I circle him with my legs. His body stills for a moment as I adjust to his size. He begins to move, his pace speeding up, and I urge him on, needing more.

“You’re going to kill me.” His breath whispers across my lips as his pace picks up.

I lift my hips to meet his thrusts and circle my hips. God, it’s never been this good. I have never felt anything like this before. I hold on to him with my arms and legs, accepting all of him, everything he wants to give me. I know I’m close again, and I know exactly what I need to get me there. I start to lower my hand between us, but he stops me, taking both my hands and pulling them up over my head. He kisses me again and leans down, pulling one nipple and then the other into his mouth. He grinds his hips into mine, his pubic bone rubbing my clit. I start to spasm around him, and he lets go of one of my hands, then moves his hand between us, rolling his thumb against my clit as he leans back and pounds into me with hard thrusts.

I cry out, “Tyler!” as my body arches off the bed. His cock hits my G-spot as his thumb rolls my clit. I come, and he comes with me, his thrusts turning erratic until he stills deep inside me, his weight pressing me into the bed. He buries his face against my neck, and I encircle him with all four of my limbs, holding him as tightly as I can.

His lips touch my neck, and he leans back, looking into my eyes. “You okay?”

“Yes.” I lift one hand to his jaw. He slowly pulls out, and I mewl from the sudden loss, and then I roll to my side and grab on to him when he starts to get off the bed.

Pausing, he looks at me over his shoulder, then turns to face me completely, with his gaze roaming my face and body. For the first time with him, I feel exposed and weak. Leaning down, he places his face close to mine and slides his palm up my hip, speaking quietly. “I’m not leaving. I just need to take care of this condom and get something to clean you up.”

“Oh . . . of course.” I lick my lips.

His expression softens, and he brushes his mouth against mine, then my bare shoulder. “Be right back.”

I nod and watch him walk naked to my bathroom and flip on the light. I roll to my back and look at the ceiling, pulling in a breath and wondering if this whole thing is too good to be true. When he comes back a few minutes later, he uses a washcloth to clean me up—something no one has ever done before. After he takes the cloth back to the bathroom, he comes back and gets into bed with me, pulling me against his warm chest.

“What time are your nephews getting here tomorrow?”

“Probably around ten.” I tip my head back to look at him.

“I gotta be at the jobsite by seven.”

“Okay,” I say as he rolls toward me.

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