“You’re not a guest.” He set down his wine and poured the sparkling mineral water into her glass. “You need to get used to this.”

“To personal-chef dinners and being waited on hand and foot? Not likely.”

He stared at her beneath the shelf of his brow. “Like I said, get used to it.”

She refused to touch her food until he sat down across from her with his own steaming plate. He exhaled. “Allison, you’re eating for two. I don’t expect you to hold out on my account. I’ve heard about the ravenousness that takes hold when you least expect. You need to obey your body when it tells you you’re hungry.”

“I am so ready to obey.” She grabbed her fork and steak knife and attacked her dinner. As the juices soaked into her tongue, she rolled her eyes and groaned with her mouth full. “God, that’s good.”

He sent her a sly smile. “If you like dinner, wait until the next course.”

“Don’t bother me,” she joked, appreciating the complex tastes he’d created. “I’m busy consuming ecstasy.”

He stared at her through half-lowered lids. “And I just got started.”

While she unapologetically polished off her plate, he took unhurried bites. He watched her intently during dinner, seeming to take as much satisfaction from her response to his food as she did eating it.

Finally, she pushed her plate away with a sigh. “Spectacular.”

“Glad to hear.”

“I can’t remember the last time I appreciated food this much.”


She nodded. Her head lolled like she’d drunk a bottle of wine. “You are my favorite person in the world right now.”

He set his silverware down and pinned her with a stare. She blinked, swallowed. She knew that look. She should’ve heaped on a pile of excuses for why he should get those thoughts right out of his head. But she didn’t. Couldn’t. Her senses were delirious. Now that he’d conquered scent and taste, she wanted touch. She craved the desire she saw in his eyes.

When she said nothing, he stood. Coming behind her, he set his hands on the sides of her chair. Without effort, he picked it up and angled it away from the table.

Kneeling before her, he drew her face into his hands. “Now, I want dessert.”

For a hot second, he stared at her lips like a man who’d been wandering a wasteland and finally came to the well he sought. Then he kissed her thoroughly.

Different from his quick tender kiss in the hallway, this lip-lock was intense, passionate. He feasted on her. Then he fed her kisses, letting her pursue his mouth as he pulled away, kissed her, and pulled away again.

She curved her hand around his neck and pulled her to him. She wanted this, needed this. So much unspent sexual need and emotion. So long denied. No words.

When he snaked his arm around her back and dragged her to the edge of the chair, she came willingly. As he pressed her tight to him, she spread her legs. Escaping her high-heels, she curled her foot around his thigh.

He groaned and shot up to standing, taking her with him. Legs wrapped around his waist, she didn’t let him break their kiss as he moved toward his bedroom.

They didn’t make it that far.

Intoxicated with sensation, she didn’t care about tomorrow. This moment was her world. And she wanted Logan.

They landed against the wall.

He cushioned the impact, hand cradling her head. But nothing, no wall or emotional barrier, could contain their attraction.

Just like the first time.

His tongue dove deep, curling around hers, drawing out every latent desire until she was a heap of nerves and need in his arms. “Take me.”

His kiss went into overdrive. He tilted her head to give him supreme access and his tongue made deep relentless sweeps.

The ravaging kisses ignited restlessness. He set her nerve-endings ablaze. Anticipation pounded through her veins.

He broke their kiss to say, “You have no idea how much I want you.”

“Believe me, I do,” she whispered against his lips.

His mouth locked on hers again. His arms tightened. She gave in to the strength of his embrace. Her inner thighs gripped his waist.

With shockingly swift moves, he stripped her naked. Her feet never touched the floor. She responded by unbuttoning his shirt, peeling it off his muscular shoulders. He finished the job, tearing off his shirt and shucking his bottom layers. His need pulsed against her opening.

His hot breath coasted down her neck to her cleavage. He cupped her breast and sucked her nipple into his mouth, flicking and teasing the peak. She moaned.

“Did I mention,” he murmured, “I still fantasize about your amazing breasts?”

“I’m okay with that. Just don’t stop.”

A wicked glint stole into his eyes. “I fantasize about you saying that, too.”

She laughed then gasped as his teeth tugged the tight bud. He moved to her other breast, kneading and flicking the tip. Her head dropped back.

After a few minutes of sweet torture, he brought their faces level. His eyes gaze bored into hers. “I’m going to take you.”


“Here. Now.”

A powerful thrust sent him into her heat. Her inner muscles clung to him. He pulled out halfway and thrust again.

She sucked in a breath. Sensation tightened and centered in her core. The promise of ecstasy shivered through her.

Arms encircling her body, he pumped into her. She rode every inch of his hot length. Her moans encouraged his thrusts, deeper, harder. A sheen of sweat broke across his skin turning slippery under her touch. He maintained his secure hold as he buried his face against her neck and drove into her again and again. His mouth sucked. His body plunged.

They made love with a force untamed.

As her core tightened, all sensation centered where he moved, hard and slick inside her. White-hot tingles spread through her. She arched, moaned with pleasure. She tightened around him. Then she unwound in ecstasy. Shivering, shaking in his arms, she gave over to the sparks of sensation exploding through her.

When her core spasmed around him, he shuddered. Clutching her, he came hard, spilling himself inside her.

A curse seethed through his clenched teeth. His cock throbbed, convulsions that drew out her orgasm beyond natural limits. He took her to a height beyond their one night together. How can this be better than that one perfect night?

Could sex get better each time, with the right person?

Wonderment left her dizzy at the thought.

He eased out of her, lowering her carefully until her feet met the hardwood floor. Her legs trembled. He swept her with a possessive, sexually-charged glance. “Don’t move. I’ll be right back.”

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