He unbuttoned his suit coat and launched it toward his seat. It sailed through the air and landed in a heap, followed by his tie. He swiftly undid his cuffs, and the first four buttons of his pinstripe shirt, before she turned.

Her eyes widened seeing him half-undressed. “What are you doing?”

“You.” His shirt crumpled to the floor.

He hauled her into his arms and kissed her ravenously. He couldn’t get enough of her taste as he ate at her lips, swept deep inside her mouth. She was his, damn it. Lust surged to his cock, rock-hard against her hip.

She drew back, struggling for breath. “Logan.”

“Huh?” His mouth drew on her neck.

“The plane. It’s about to take off.”

“So am I.”

Her red jacket met the floor with a soft thump. Her breasts, trapped in a push-up bra she didn’t need, were the height of temptation he couldn’t deny.

“But…” He dragged his mouth down, sweeping his tongue into her cleavage. “Can we do this? Here?”

“It’s my plane. You’re my woman. I don’t see a problem.” He licked between her breasts.

Inhaling a shuddering breath, she said, “The pilot—”

“Can’t see a damn thing.”

She gulped. “Are you sure?”

He stared down at her through heavy lids, making his need known. One arm holding her tight to him, he cupped her face, tipping her head back until their eyes met and held. In the ambient cabin lighting, desire expanded her pupils.

That was all the permission he needed. As he backed her toward his seat, her toes barely touched the floor. With a flick of his fingers, the seat back reclined.

Then he flipped their positions. He landed on the chair, pulling her down with him. In his condition, he didn’t trust himself to be on top and be civilized.

Their mouths met again. He swirled his tongue around hers, making hot plunges like he was about to do inside another part of her. Her nails raked across his scalp. His hands fisted in her hair.

Nothing but her thong and his zipped fly separated the damp heat building between them. His belt buckle was undone in seconds. He hitched his hips, shoving his pants and boxer-briefs below his hips, leaving him throbbing and exposed.

The plane revved its engines.

The scent of sex surrounded them. He slid his fingers under her thong, and found wet bliss awaiting him. He stroked her soft flesh sliding against his touch. His fingers flicked, stroked, separated her. Her tongue twined around his, sucking him into her mouth. His moan echoed in her throat.

Lights whipped past the windows, yellow-white blurs. The plane neared max speed.

He couldn’t wait one more second.

Yanking her panties aside, he entered her with a deep thrust.

The plane took off, soaring into the air. He raised her to the tip of his shaft then plunged her down again. He buried himself to the hilt.

She threw her head back and rode him. Better than any fantasy, she was flesh and blood. And his.

She took him deeper with every plunge. He lunged his hips to meet the rhythm she set.

“Who do you belong to?” His words were darts of breath between clenched teeth. “Say it.”

A flash of wariness took over her sensual gaze. She hesitated.

He was too much in the throes of passion to consider it. He gripped and pumped her harder. “Tell me. Who are you going home with tonight? Every night?”

“You, Logan.” She shivered from her shoulders to her curled toes. “Only you.”

“Damn right.”

The plane rose at an incline, positioning her perfectly over him. He pulled down her satin camisole, tearing one strap. Her breasts spilled into his waiting hands. “God, you’re beautiful.” He nipped and laved her nipples that beaded against his tongue. His breath came in rapid-fire bursts. “So good, Allison.”

His words seemed to excite her. She moved feverishly up and down his cock.

Then his control snapped. He surged into her with enough force to launch a rocket. His lungs fought for air. He groaned, gasped. A curse roared from his chest. And he came. Hard. Harder than he ever had in his life. Pulsing inside her, he felt her spasms deep inside build to a crescendo. He swore he was still coming when she collapsed into blissful quivers in his arms.

The jet leveled to cruising altitude.

Their ragged breaths slowed. She breathed out, he breathed in. Their hearts beat in rhythm together. One arm draped across her shoulders, the other molded around her waist.

Perfection . He sighed.

He felt her lashes flutter against his bare chest, a whispering tickle. In his secure hold, her muscles relaxed like a gentle cascade. She snuggled into his embrace. He closed his eyes, amazed by how good it felt to hold her.

Her breath warmed his shoulder like the soft flex of butterfly wings. He didn’t move, didn’t dare. He held her close, kissed her cheek, smoothed her hair. Whispered things he couldn’t say when she was awake.

Give her time , he told himself.

But the refrain was getting old. He wanted her heart, her vows, their baby—everything. Right now.

The Thanksgiving holiday was coming up in less than two weeks. Maybe then, surrounded by his family and friends, she’d realize how serious he was about her becoming a permanent part of his life. Steph and Tracie knew about the baby. He’d told his sisters the day he found out. They couldn’t wait to meet her. The woman who’d managed to get their bachelor brother to give up all he had for everything he finally realized he needed.

He wanted Allison to feel welcome, like she belonged. Along with his sisters and husbands and their kids, Rick and Vivi and their four hellions would land at his place, as well as Devon. The tradition of Logan hosting Thanksgiving for the past few years was his way of immersing himself in the family he didn’t see often enough, along with the friends who were like family. Kids and chaos, great food and even better conversation. The precious, priceless things he’d believed he had to acquire vicariously.

Until Allison and the baby knocked him off course. And finally onto the right track.

Still, he wasn’t sure she could handle what he wanted from her, with her. He kissed her hair. “It’s a good thing I like a challenge, baby doll.”

He felt her lips curve. She said sleepily, “I like you, too.”

A smile glowed in his heart.


Where is Logan?

Tapping her fingers impatiently, Allison checked the clock again. He should’ve come by her office ten minutes ago. She was due for her first pregnancy exam at three-o’clock. The one Logan had arranged without investigating the options together, or even asking her if she’d be comfortable with a man instead of a woman.

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