“Oh, poor Cade,” she whimpered in sympathy.

“Yeah, he got the brunt of it. I lost count how many times he was asked if he modeled for a living. He attracted plenty of bi-curious women, too. I swear, that night he could’ve had a dozen threesomes every which way, if he’d wanted.”

“I’m sure you all had plenty of opportunity.” She resumed caressing his chest, running her palms up and down his arms, stoking the flame that burned low in his gut. “Did you catch the guy?”

“Yeah, and he put up one hell of a fight. Adam and Liam tackled Butch in the parking lot, a sight I’ll never forget.” He grinned.

Since the water had cooled during their conversation, he stood, stepped from the suds and whipped a towel around his waist. Then he took her hand and helped her from the tub. He grabbed a fluffy white towel and knelt before her, patting her pretty painted toenails dry. Slowly, he dragged the towel up her slender legs and hips. He pressed a kiss to the small feminine swell of her abdomen, then the tops of her breasts, as he stood and finished drying her.

She lifted her mouth and caught him off guard with a sultry kiss. The impulsive kiss and the seductive taste of her lips made him hard beneath his towel.

Damn, he wanted to bend her over the sink and take her from behind. His erection throbbed as he pictured watching her expressions of pleasure in the mirror facing him. But staying the night didn’t involve him satisfying his needs. He willed himself to ignore the pressure pitching a tent in his towel, withdrew his tongue and released her lips.

Wrapping her towel around her, he tucked it under her arms. Then he grabbed the bottle of lotion from the bathroom counter and joined her in the bedroom.

With a swift yank, he threw back the layers of covers. He gestured to the bed. “Lie on your stomach.”

A sexy grin tugged her lips. “I like when you order me around in the bedroom.”

His towel bobbed at his groin, and he stifled a moan. Gripping the bottle of lotion, he warmed it between his palms.

When she dropped her towel, he salivated at the sight of her gorgeous body. She crawled to the center of the mattress and stretched out on the bed. Propped on her elbows, she sent him a come-hither look over her shoulder. “Well?”

He cleared his throat. “I’m admiring the view.”

She wiggled her ass in front of him. “I don’t like waiting for what I want.”

Without moving a muscle, he grinned. “I’ll make it worth your while.”

Seduction in her eyes, she ran the tip of her tongue over her lips. “I have no doubt.”

Hell. She wasn’t making his self-restraint easy. He wanted to lift her hips, send her face into the pillow and shove himself into her heat.

Instead, he bit the insides of his cheeks and clasped her legs together. He popped the cap and drizzled lotion up her spine.

“Mmm.” She arched. “Your hidden talent is definitely foreplay.”

Without responding, he splayed his hands on her back, setting his thumbs along her spine. He rubbed in small, gradual circles. Eventually, he eased the knots of tension gathered there. He increased the pressure as he moved up her spine, circling, smoothing, caressing. The lotion heated under his hands, turning her skin slick and pliant beneath his touch. Her sighs and moans nearly undid him. Ignoring his own needs, he moved to the middle of her back. When his thumbs found twin stone-sized knots in her shoulder blades, she let out a groan that made him hard everywhere.

“Oh, my God,” she said on a moan. “You’re hired.”

A laugh rasped from his chest. Despite the sexual comebacks streaming through his mind, he didn’t reply. If he spoke right now, his words would turn into a heathen growl, and he’d be all over her in a heartbeat. He wanted her to feel relaxed and safe, not smothered.

Though his raging libido hated him for the effort.

Minutes later, the muscles along her spine released all tension, and her back rose and fell in steady, gentle motions. He paused and eventually smiled, realizing she was asleep.

Good. This was probably her first chance at restful sleep in days. He slid away from her, chucked towel to the floor and turned off the bedside lamp. Then he snuggled in beside her, pulling the covers around them. He gathered her in his arms and held her tight.

“Goodnight, beautiful,” he whispered, kissing her hair, amazed at the sense of rightness in his gut. He wanted this feeling to last tonight. All night. Maybe forever. He closed his eyes to absorb the sweet perfection of holding her.

When she shifted against him, he woke with a start out of a sound sleep. His hips thrust forward instinctively, and he realized he was inside her.

He blinked in the darkness, attempting to shake himself from the hazy place between dreaming and waking. Her wet warmth encased him, and her back arched.

A tremor ran through him and he thrust again, unable to stop or get his bearings. She lifted her knee higher on the mattress, and he came on top of her fully, his chest rasping against her back as he shifted, moved, rocked over her.

Threading their hands, he dragged her arms above her head as he pumped his hard erection into her.  He kissed the backs of her shoulders, then set his chin into the crook of her neck, scraping her skin as he rocked into her, murmuring phrases that didn’t make sense, but made her moan in pleasure. His forearms bracketed hers. He lifted his hips, angling into her more deeply.

Their moans echoed through the room. His heavy heat coasted in and out of her slick channel. Her fingers tightened around his, and her cries were muted by the pillow as she clenched him deep inside her.

When she shivered under him from head to toe, he whispered, “That’s my girl.”

The darkness robbed his sense of time, but she came again twice again before he felt the surge at the base of his sack. He plunged rough and hard and tumbled into a soul-shaking orgasm.

Slowly sinking back into the present, he released his clenched grip on her hands. “Did I hurt you?”

“No.” She shook her head. “That was amazing.”

He pulled out and rolled onto his back, tucking her against his side. She was a perfect fit alongside him, in his arms. He nudged her chin up and found her lips in the blackness. He savored their long, lingering kiss. “Good. That was some hot sex.”

“Mm-hmm,” she agreed, resting her cheek on his chest. “You should wake me up like that more often.”

A grin of satisfaction spread over his face. “More often” meant more of her. More of them. Together. Definitely a step in the direction he wanted. “I like the way you think.”

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