“Who?” Trey demanded, wondering if he’d heard right.

“Zander.” As her initial shock seemed to wear off, she glared at the man on the floor. “He’s a rich, spoiled brat who thinks everything is a game for his entertainment.” Disgust dripped from her tone. “He’s Captain Jack. He created a fake identity to weasel onto my team at Soren Security. He’s been the source of all our problems.”

While Trey wanted to jump on the Zander-bashing bandwagon, he had something to tell her first. Relief filled him that she was all right, and he didn’t want another minute to go by without her knowing what she meant to him.

“Not all our problems.” He returned to her side and ushered her out of Zander’s presence and into the hallway. “The one I created, I need to solve. Right now.”

Clasping an arm around her waist, he pulled her against him. Her soothing scent of peppermint and peaches calmed him. He cupped her face and lifted her chin until her nervous gaze met his.

“Devon, all I want is you. As you are. If you don’t see kids in your future, then neither do I. If it’s just the two of us, that’s okay. Two still make a family. You’re part of me, and I can’t lose you.”

Tears filled her eyes. “I declined the job offer in Phoenix. I’m staying.”

“Good,” he said, choking up.

She traced his jaw with her fingertips. “I want to be a family with you, Trey. I love you. And if kids would make you happy, then that’s what I want, too.”

Her words wrapped around his heart, healing the brokenness inside him. He held her close. “I love you, Devon. More than life.”

Lost in a thick cloud of emotion, he barely noticed people filling the room in the periphery of his vision. The doctor handled the ambulance paramedics and left with them as they took Zander out on a stretcher. The verdict was the kid would be fine, and Devon had only inflicted a surface wound to his shoulder. A police officer, presumably Logan’s contact, cuffed Zander to the stretcher and read him his rights. As the emergency responders filed out, Liam and Adam rushed in with their biker friends who looked ready to kick ass and wipe the floor with their rival, so Cade filled them in on what happened.

Adam came over and hugged both him and Devon. “Everything good?”

She sniffed and nodded. “You can be proud now. Your SOS signal saved someone’s life.”

Adam smiled. “That is good news.”

“Better than good,” Trey said. “Devon’s part of the family now.”

“Glad to have you on our team, Dev.” Confirming his words, Adam gently squeezed her arm.

“I love this family.” A tear tracked down her cheek, and Trey smoothed it away with his thumb.

“We love you, too.” Cade approached them. “Let’s get out of this hole, give our statements to the police, and call it a night.”

“Cade always was the smart one,” Liam noted, tucking his hair behind his ears. “We’ll meet you at the station.”

The cousins left with their biker crew. Devon hugged Trey’s waist until he could barely breathe. “I’m not going anywhere,” he vowed. “You are my world.”

That world finally made sense. The pieces all clicked into place. She was the love of his life, his family, his future. The other half of his heart that made him whole.

And he couldn’t wait to begin the rest of their lives together.

“Marry me.”

She gave a watery laugh. “What?”

“Marry me. Be my wife. Let me love you and make a family with you, whatever that looks like. Even if it’s just the two of us.”

“Yes,” she whispered. Her eyes shone with love. Not a trace of uncertainty or fear lingered in her gaze.

Finally, she trusted him with her heart and her future. He swore he would never let her down.

Capturing her lips, he poured that promise into his kiss. Tasting her, treasuring her. His love. His future. His forever.


At the back of the room in a small alcove, Devon nervously twisted her engagement ring around her left finger. The scent of lilies and organ music filled the air, and an old anxiety flared in her chest.

Stealing a quick glance around the corner, she grinned and her nerves calmed a little. The preacher stood on a raised platform at the front. His slicked-back bouffant hairstyle, sunglasses, wingtip collar and flared white bellbottoms offered the comic relief she needed.

She was about to be married in Las Vegas by Elvis.

Clapping her hand over her mouth, she stifled a giggle of amusement and ducked back out of sight. Her mother would’ve appreciated the irreverence of having The King perform Devon’s second wedding. Elvis, after all, had been Mom’s idol.

When Trey had suggested ditching a big formal ceremony in favor of getting hitched with a quick, no frills event, she’d adored the idea. Honestly, she’d somewhat dreaded the thought of repeating all the lengthy, stressful planning of her first wedding for a groom who’d never shown. Trey’s suggestion had proven how well he knew her and how much he wanted to make her happy by removing any lingering worries or leftover doubts.

They’d spent the past two months overseeing the now complete home renovations, enjoying their well-publicized engagement, and looking at adoption websites. He’d constantly affirmed her attributes that would make her an excellent mother, easing her concerns and getting her excited about bringing a baby into their lives. They’d shared a bottle of wine some evenings, discussing how to create an ideal work and family balance. Trey was a natural at that, and she knew once they adopted a child, he’d be an amazing hands-on dad, a truly equal partner and parent, which made her fall in love with him all over again.

Moisture gathered along her lashes and she clutched her bouquet, filled with anticipation to join their lives together. With the assistance of Elvis, and family and friends as witnesses.

The organ music cranked up loudly, her cue to move to the open archway. When she stepped into view, she saw everyone. Allison and Logan. Cade, Adam and Liam. And Rick and Vivi Dunn. Everyone but Trey.

Panic seized her, and she froze. Where was Trey?

“Hey, gorgeous.”

She jumped, and spun around to see him standing in the annex, absolutely stunning in his tuxedo. She breathed a sigh of relief. “Hey, handsome.” Then she blinked. “What are you doing back here?”

His dark eyes sparkled. “After what you went through the last time you tried this, do you think I’d let you walk down the aisle alone?”

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