“Proposing already, darling?” He grabbed her hand and pulled her along after him.

“One day you might want to make an honest man of yourself.”


“Never say never.”

He grunted, then jerked her to him. “Shit. My agent’s looking this way!” They ducked behind the first column. Glancing around the column, he scanned the room. “All clear.”

“Let’s go,” she said, picking up the hem of her dress.

They ran again, dodging servers and potted plants.

“My brother!”

“Faster, love.”

This time she pulled Christian behind the third column and kissed him. Fingers tangling in his hair as she devoured him. Good God, they had to get to his room soon.

All too soon she broke their kiss and tugged him after her. This time he’d barely gotten to the fifth column before his hands were on her ass and her tongue was in his mouth. “Two more, baby.” He rocked against her, pleased to hear her moan. “Can you make it?”

She undid his tie and unbuttoned his shirt, her fingers spreading the material apart. “Keeping up with you won’t be a problem.” Then her very wicked tongue traced the outline of his tattoo and he groaned. “But you might not be able to keep up with me.”

“Ah, the hell with it.” He lifted her in his arms, running for the door and not caring who saw them. Nothing would stop him.

Chapter Three

The door opened, smacking against the wall.

He fell against it, holding Amber in his arms, her dress hiked to her hips and legs wrapped around his waist. Somewhere along the way he’d lost his mask.

She pushed at his jacket, then unbuttoned his pants, never breaking their kiss. He wanted to tell her to slow down, that they had all the time in the world, but her hand wrapped around his c**k and he growled instead.

She tore her mouth away and whispered, “Condom.” Then she bit down on the lobe of his ear until he hissed, her hand still stroking him.

“Do that again, only lower.”

Licking the juncture between his throat and shoulder, she asked, “Here?”

“Yes.” Her teeth clamped down on him. “Harder.” His eyes popped open, then practically rolled with the pleasure of it as he dug into his trouser pocket and pulled out a condom. Tearing it open with his teeth, he spit out the foil and shoved her hand aside. After sheathing himself, he turned them, propping her against the wall.

Her arm shot out, closing the door with a slam and she giggled into his mouth. “That was loud.”

“I’ve never had a woman laugh while kissing me,” he said, “My ego might not survive.” And neither would he if he didn’t get inside of her right this instant. “Unwrap one of your legs from around me.”

She did as he asked and he slid his c**k against her, watching her dark eyes glazed over with passion as rubbed her clit. “Chri—Ian, I want—”

“Christian.” He kissed her again, hard and deep. “Say it as much as you want.” Then he pushed his c**k inside of her and was immediately pushed back out. Jesus. She was tight as hell and felt like heaven. “Love, you have to relax.”

She whimpered. “I’m trying, but I’ve never done this before.”

“Have sex with a man you’ve just met? Shocking,” he teased, earning a quivering smile from her. Rubbing his knuckles against her satiny skin, he gently kissed her and let his other hand travel from around her hip to where he wanted to be the most.

At his first touch, she gasped and arched her back. She was so very wet and hot. Sliding a finger inside of her, he clenched his teeth. Her inner muscles had clamped down on him.

As her hands relaxed their death grip on him, he added a second finger, then began to move. All the while his thumb caressed her clit.

“Christian.” Her hips jerked as she whispered his name.

He slid in deeper, easier than he had on the balcony. Not until his fingers were slick with her did he stop. Gently removing them, he coated her lips with her juices. A pink tongue darted out to lick at his finger, before sucking the digit inside. Her dark eyes gazed into his as he felt her swirl her tongue over and around his skin.

“Fuck me,” he growled. He couldn’t get his fingers out of the way fast enough. He couldn’t put his mouth on hers fast enough, his tongue between her lips, showing her exactly what he would be doing with his cock.

Steadying her hips, he pushed inside of her. Hard. Crying out his name, she undulated against him and her head fell back. Once more her hands had a death grip on his biceps.

“Relax, sweetheart, relax.”

Taking a deep breath, she exhaled and he slid the smallest of distances. Withdrawing slightly, he rocked back inside of her and was rewarded with a moan. Encouraged, he repeated the action, over and over until her hands fell to her sides and he was balls deep.

He stroked her, watching as his c**k disappeared inside of her. His balls drew tight against his body as he sank inside of her. As he rubbed her swollen clit. He let his forehead fall against the wall. Nothing had ever felt like this, so right and perfect, like she was made for him alone. Nothing would ever feel this good again.

“Don’t stop, don’t stop,” she chanted.

“Never,” he promised, moving faster now. Whatever she wanted, whenever she wanted it, she would have it. “Say my name.”



Whimpering, she moved her leg higher around him and damn if he didn’t slid in another inch. “Christian.” She pressed her mouth against his throat and he shivered. “I’m unhn… oh God, again. Christian.”

Sensation after sensation inundated him as she orgasmed, as her inner muscles clenched at him, until he couldn’t hold back anymore. One last desperate surge inside of her and he came with a guttural shout of her name.

Rocking against her, he waited for his heart to calm, his breathing to return to normal and for this feeling of rightness and perfection to pass. All of those things eventually came to pass—except his feelings.

Leaning back he found her eyes closed and her mouth parted. “Open your eyes,” he said, not moving a muscle as she held him within her, in a grip not even the tightest fist could make. Brown eyes framed by spiky lashes blinked open and he smiled, though it wasn’t the easiest thing to do at the time. He wished like hell she’d take off her mask.

Amber smiled back, lovely and sweet. Yet there was vulnerability in her gaze he hadn’t seen before, as if she expected him to thank her and be on his way. Which wasn’t that far off from his usual MO. But this time, this time…nothing on Earth would make him leave her side.

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